connections, questions and more

can’t seem to shake that eerie feeling,  somethin aint right …

the stories … of Paris being born at a sleep clinic, the connection of dr conrad to this sleep clinic as well as the connection between dr klein,  debbie rowe and now dr conrad is connected to both… has me worried … why did d.rowe go to a sleep clinic to have a child? and was dr conrad involved?  and why did d.rowe go to  dr klein’s office so close to the hearing …some say timing is everything

knowing everyone is innocent until proven guilty… gotta wonder what is going to happen in September…  here’s hoping that tmz and others will continue to look for the connections …

people are wondering why d.r. didn’t ask for additional money and gave permanent custody to kj…  so they said, last time the courts stated she could not because of Cali state laws… so,  what changed? is klein going to ask for what he may think is due to him?

i watched dr klein plant his seed of doubt on larry king live now he has an attorney get him on the record at the hearing … disgusting … this guy  is begging for someone to ask him why was his lawyer really at the custody hearing … what’s his motive?

we all know blood does NOT always matter  … this is not over by a long shot …

to be continued

BofA pays $33M SEC fine over Merrill bonuses


WASHINGTON — Bank of America Corp. has agreed to pay a $33 million penalty to settle government charges that it misled investors about Merrill Lynch’s plans to pay bonuses to its executives, regulators said Monday.

to read his complete article go to: Finance

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