Fear mongering … x10 / Republicans

People …

stop listening to the likes of Mitch mcconnell and John boehner  … is it just me or do we see the same people continue to use fear as the only way to break the Presidents progress …btw why is liz cheney out in the media … no one cares what she has to say as a former anything …

why do people vote for politicians who obviously are not willing to be a part of the solutions .. the party of no continues to put fear into people … We the People voted for change …

Congress creates and or passes laws … The President needs Congress to do their jobs for the People of the United States … are the Republicans that hateful that they would try to break Obama… one of them stated that HealthCare would be his water-loo …

such comments by the old guys such as Mcconnell, Boehner , Shelby, King, Hatch,Newt, r Limbaugh is an example of self-interested people and politicians who are possibly still upset the American People voted for a man of colour.         Which includes the Birther people… are afraid … lou dobbs, liz cheney, demint, john campbell, mike castle …

are these the kind of Politicians you want for America?

to be continued


Guns … consealed weapons? crossing state lines…

EDIT: 7/22/09 Congress decided to vote down this effort by 2 votes !!!!!

Congress should not be voting yes to allow people to carry guns across state lines … the Police should be the only people being able to cross state lines with a gun !!! and assault weapons should never never be in the hands of civilians at all

no civilian should be able to carry a gun across state lines … legally or not … this is just an absurd idea !!!

the money trail? … Michael Jackson’s

**heard debbie rowe was cut off from spousal funds a long time ago … yet she stated that she only wanted the money she and Michael agreed to … which is true?

** what percentage does the Jackson estate get after AEG sells the video? movie or pay-per-view?

**is Sony and the Jackson executors in any association? partnership etc.

**didn’t AEG have an enormous insurance policy on MJ and how much would or did they get

**love child? Bhatti’s mom should be honest about she and MJ

**Grace was MJ’s GF and nanny? true or not, heard she did some things that may not have been in his best interest… such as stating the  rent for a rental MJ paid for was 100thousand when it really was 25thousand … true?

**do dermatologists usually perform facial fillers…give out Demerol for pain for facial work? i totally get helping MJ but he had money … why not just get a great plastic surgeon to repair the nose damage … or was he another dr who gave out extra?

unmasked … ?

in what started out as a disappointing night watching ET for interviewing ian halperin …and it was …  it was also surprising and somewhat comforting to see diane diamond counter the statements ian halperin was so bold to make regarding MICHAEL JACKSON … true or not? who knows …

not even slightly interested in buying his book and hope others won’t either… why? i question the facts

the interview Entertainment Tonight decided to do offended me …  interviewing ian halperin is their right, though after hearing the allegations he threw out there made me worry for him…

with or without the glasses  i had a hard time taking him serious, again…  this man is  trying to sell his book…he has been on CBS, HLN now ET and didn’t see him as one who cared about MJ but he did want us to question the morals of MJ

also, halperin seems to have a misunderstanding of family and that bothers me … the whole family entertained at one time then that changed … MJ continued to do well and took care of his family, specifically his mom … that is how it is … at least in most famous families … and yes, there are fights and contradictions … this family is no different than any other … unless you have experienced a huge family with different opinions, ideas, some with money, others without money,  control or  passive behavior you’ll never know… the Jacksons are a family grieving with many things to consider and accept… people need to respect their right to privacy and  no family is always united in difficult situations … or perfect…

Lastly,  helperin’s  website had a picture of will smith and tom cruise..  the caption on it seems to question their sexuality.. could care less about what they do behind closed doors but get the facts right…  he seems to misuse photos to suggest things and that is my complaint about this guy, he clearly likes pushing the envelope with the allegations he makes… so,  is he misusing celebrity photos and or writing and saying things that may not be completely true?

and …    is one man’s truth(ian halperin’s) and allegations of the various things MJ did, said and or was  a another man’s(though dead) slander and or defamation of character?

jus wonderin

the night is young and summer is on

E news and MJ …i still have questions…

watched and listened to numerous specials on Michael Jackson… not sure when they were done but most of them sounded like not only did they dislike MJ but most seemed intent on destroying MJ … during his memorial… it was noted by at least one reporter that the lapd did not like MJ…  the enews show sounded like not only were reporters after him with malice but the lapd, specifically Santa Barbara seemed to be just as determined to take MJ down, chase him out of town , whatever it took to get him out of their district, well, kids and parents do lie, people do extort, people do take advantage of the rich and some of them could have been friends … i agree that MJ made bad choices and no i would not let my child stay there either because age does matter but i am still suspicious of the claims …  prosecutors seemed to be working with others to bring this man down…. how can we trust that lapd will uphold their duties? after his death…   i have to wonder how biased feelings make people behave.

it took over a half hour for MJ to get help from the time of the call, how long was it from when he quit breathing… where did the Doctor go, why didn’t security say MJ?, or the address?  then the ambulance did not come right away … why didn’t they lock-down the property?

it’s 2009 and you can still hear the anger in the voices of various reporters and journalists who thought they knew this man and the life he led… depicted him as a pervert, freak and other stupid things … an investigative journalist stated the people of Cali did not like MJ … the police, some political folks wanted his family to pay for services normally taken care of by the City … the acting mayor stated a need for donations because the city didn’t have the money, now we find out the mayor was out of town, came back and put a stop to the website…wasn’t anyone else offended by it all?  why did the acting mayor ask for money?, a councilman demands AEG pay for it all and some others  show such animosity? all well before the memorial … unbelievable

gotta wonder how the past of a man the police, prosecutors, reporters and others so determined to nail as guilty guide their own behavior toward a man dying or dead.

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