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Harassing scientists needs to stop — now


The Virginia Supreme court just agreed to hear a disturbing case. The question: whether to hand over the private emails of climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann to people who have been trying to destroy him professionally for a decade—all because they disagree with his research.1

When Dr. Mann’s scientific findings angered the oil industry, an industry “think tank” sued for access to Dr. Mann’s private correspondence.2 Another “think tank” compared him to a convicted child molester.3 His research has been twisted again and again by the media.

Researchers are often ill-equipped to deal with media or politicians. That’s where we come in—to help them defend their science in the court of public opinion. Thanks to you, UCS is the first place many scientists turn when they’re targeted.

There are only a few days left, and we need you with us to help provide scientists the training and resources they need to stand up to attacks and effectively counter misinformation in 2014. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Sadly, Dr. Mann is just one of many scientists under threat. Luckily, they can count on UCS members to have their backs. In fact, thanks to you, we’re often the first group scientists turn to when dragged into court or defamed in the media:

  • Climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe was called a “babe” by Rush Limbaugh and sued by a Koch-affiliated group for access to her emails.4 We provided Dr. Hayhoe with extensive media training in order to handle the firestorm she faced.
  • Researcher Dr. Shaun Marcott was sent hate mail and online bloggers twisted his groundbreaking findings to obscure the facts.5 We helped Dr. Marcott overcome the misreports and take his actual findings directly to Congressional leaders.

For Dr. Mann, we were able to fact check the court filings in his case. We’re here to support researchers as they defend their work—and these scientists are counting on you to stand with them.

Help do even more for scientists in 2014—make your year-end gift before December 31!

The climate deniers aren’t resting—so neither can we. Almost every day, there’s a new need to stand up for scientific facts or to expose the money and influence behind a lobbyist, ideologue, or corporation out to undermine scientists in pursuit of their own private interest. That won’t change in the New Year, so I’m glad you’re on our side.

Kathleen Rest Sincerely, Kathleen Rest Kathleen Rest, PhD, MPA Executive Director

P.S. I wanted to share something Dr. Hayoe told us: “I received a lot of advice about how to respond to the attacks, but the Union of Concerned Scientists was the group that had my best interests as a scientist at heart.” Hearing that scientists value our work always inspires me, and I hope you understand the powerful impact you have as a part of this community. Thank you for considering a year-end gift today.

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Climate change pushes Groundhog Day to January

The Union of Concerned Scientists and the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania announced today that Groundhog Day will be pushed forward eight days to January 25 in 2012 in recognition of the impact climate change has had in the region.

Spring Comes Eight Days Earlier

Groundhog Day will be pushed forward eight days in recognition of the impact climate change has had on the region.

The change is based on analysis by UCS scientists who found that, since 1997, spring has come an average of eight days earlier to western Pennsylvaniahttp://action.ucsusa.org/site/R?i=Oc_Z2zW4KEenBjrF0nMi9g..

“We hope that the change in date will bring needed attention to the consequences of climate change in Pennsylvania and the importance of investing in a clean energy economy,” said Dr. Phil DeGraeve, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University.

Read more about the analysis behind the Groundhog Day change and learn how various elected officials are reacting to the news.



Michael Halpern

National Field Organizer