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Everything we’ve worked for is on the line….contribute before midnight Saturday

In just a few hours I need to wire to the field the money for our massive Get Out The Vote push this weekend.

The math is simple: This election will come down to who turns out. And, our voter turnout operations are second to none. But, the number of voters I can get to the polls depends upon how much money I can wire tonight. And that depends entirely on you.

We need $100,000 for tonight’s wire transfer. There is no tomorrow. I’m counting on your support today.

Contribute $5, $10 or more right now to help us make this weekend’s Get Out The Vote effort the key to victory in too-close-to-call House races.

Our Democratic challengers are surging against their Republican opponents. And our incumbents are holding off fierce attacks from extreme tea party Republican challengers.

In Massachusetts‘ 10th district, our Democratic candidate Bill Keating is ahead by just four points. Like so many Republican candidates, his opponent, Jeff Perry, is completely unfit for office. While working as a police officer, Republican Perry stood by while a 14-year old girl was illegally strip searched by another officer.

We simply cannot let people like Perry win on Tuesday.

Contribute $5, $10 or more right now to help us make this weekend’s Get Out The Vote effort the key to victory in too-close-to-call House races.

Everything we’ve worked for is on the line. You helped elect the first female Speaker of the House. You helped put President Obama in the White House. But, we risk it all if we don’t hold our majority on Tuesday.

If you’ve already contributed to the campaign, I need you to make another generous contribution. If you haven’t contributed yet, now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Contribute Today.

Onward to Victory,

Jon Vogel
Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director

What does waffling look like? VIDEO …a message from Rep.Barney Frank

Barney Frank for Congress 2010

My opponent, who is now raising tens of thousands of dollars a day through his appearances on right-wing radio and television, and thanks to his endorsement by Sarah Palin, has offered a textbook case of waffling.  The subject is Roe v. Wade.

For those who wish to see waffling in its barest form, you can watch the four-minute video here.  For those who prefer straight talk on this issue, please consider contributing to my campaign.

Here is a partial transcript of the back-and-forth between my opponent, Sean Bielat, and the editorial board of the Gatehouse newspapers:

BIELAT: “Roe v. Wade has been in effect since before I was born so it’s a moot point.”

EDITOR: “So do you choose to answer the question.”

BIELAT:  “I think I did answer.”

EDITOR: “But we’re looking for your personal view.  Or do you pass?


See the entire video for more dodging and squirming.  In terms of waffling, it is a textbook case.

Because of my opponent’s stand on this issue, he has won the endorsement of an anti-choice organization, which is spending considerable money this election in an effort to defeat me.

If you would like someone in Congress who speaks frankly about this and many other issues, I would be grateful for your generous contribution to my campaign.

Barney Frank

FORECAST: Right-wing money to rain on Mass – severe flooding expected

Barney Frank for Congress 2010

Today, the Washington Post reported that “the final two weeks of the campaign will not be for the faint of heart.  A torrent of money, much of it from outside groups whose donors are not disclosed, will rain down on states and congressional districts, disproportionately for Republican candidates. The money will underwrite a barrage of ads, almost all of them wholly negative and highly personal.”

The congressional district I represent will not escape this gloomy forecast of right-wing “rain.”  Yesterday, a shadowy political organization based in Nevada announced that it will spend approximately $200,000 to defeat me and one of my Democratic colleagues in Massachusetts.  Last week, the Tea Party Express announced that I would be one of their top targets in the entire country.  Can outside right-wing organizations rain enough money on Massachusetts to alter the outcome of an election?  Sadly, they can.

You can help me fight this dark, threatening storm which threatens free elections.

The right is not only trying to defeat me personally; it wants to undermine many of the things I have spent my career fighting for.  It would like to roll back a new law to prevent abusive practices by credit card companies, eliminate safeguards against predatory lending, revoke new regulations on risky practices by large financial firms, block new rules on executive compensation, privatize Social Security, prevent reductions in excessive military spending, and restrict a woman’s right to choose.

Please help me ride out this storm so I can continue to fight for the things we care about most.  I will be grateful for your help.
Barney Frank


Never underestimate the big money

Barney Frank for Congress 2010

Earlier this year, I realized that a powerful coalition of right-wing organizations would target me in the upcoming election.  Now this has become a reality.

My opponent, a virtual unknown in Massachusetts, has suddenly been heavily promoted by a national coalition of right-wing forces.  He raised four hundred thousand dollars last month alone and he says that he is expecting a wave of independent expenditures from outside organizations — despite election rules against collaborating with them.

I need your help to oppose these powerful forces.

Last summer at a town hall meeting, I stood up to right-wing activists who outrageously compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler.  The Right has never forgiven me for this, and they are now mounting a coordinated attack against me in order to put fear in the heart of anyone show dares stand up to them.  I have been named me one of the top “Tea Party Targets” in the country.

The Right desperately wants to defeat me not only because I am outspoken, but because I am effective.  Recently, I led successful efforts to pass what the Washington Post called “the most sweeping reform of Wall Street since the Great Depression.”   The bill creates strong consumer protections and establishes a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which will be headed by Elizabeth Warren.  We passed this law over the opposition of almost every Republican in Congress and of some of the most powerful institutions in the country.

Now these forces want me to pay for that success.  You can help stop them.

We should not underestimate the power of a movement that is fueled by and is the servant of big money. It will use the immense power of negative advertising  to convince good and decent Americans that I and other Democrats are actually the cause of many problems that are the product of right-wing engineering.  If we do nothing, their lies will take hold.

This election will mark a turning point in our lives. Let us not regret that we did not go to the mat and give all we can for the things we believe.

I will be grateful for your generous support.

Barney Frank

Did you miss Barney on Leno?

Barney Frank for U.S. Congress

Watch Barney on Jay Leno

Barney Frank on Jay Leno

Barney Frank was on Jay Leno last night. In case you missed it, watch Barney talk about his plans to improve the economy and REDUCE THE DEFICIT.
Please help Barney continue his fight for jobs by making a contribution today.

Remember, you can always keep track of what Barney’s been doing on his campaign website.

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