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SierraRise -- Why stand apart, when we can rise together?
Share this image and spread the word: Monsanto can’t buy us out! We deserve to know what’s in our food!
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Monsanto and their friends just broke a record.
But it’s not the New York marathon — it’s the record for most money spent on an initiative in Washington state’s history. [1] That’s how scared they are of labeling — not banning, just labeling — their GMO food. What are they hiding? 
Americans like outlaw star Willie Nelson are sick of it. Willie, a long-time friend to both family farmers and progressive causes, is just one of millions of citizens raising his voice.
That’s why the tide is turning. Just last month, you helped defeat the deceptive Monsanto Protection Act in Congress. And while Monsanto may have squeaked out a win in Washington state, an initiative is already planned for Oregon next.  States throughout the northeast, from New York to Maine, are also considering GMO legislation.  Folks across the country are learning about GMOs and they don’t like what they’re hearing.
Monsanto can’t buy us out. Together, we can get the truth out there and bring more support to the fight for our food!
Share this inspiring message from Willie Nelson and invite more people to join the fight for our food!
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From great songs like “On the Road Again” to his pioneering work on behalf of family farmers with Farm Aid, everyone can agree that Willie is an American icon. With your help and an inspiring message from the Red Headed Stranger, we can get people’s attention and let them know the truth about GMOs. Together, we can grow the movement for a future where our food is grown by farmers, not in a laboratory!
Will you spread the word to your friends and family by sharing this great image? Monsanto might be able to drop millions, but we have something better — you.
In it together,
Ashley Allison SierraRise Senior Campaigner
P.S. Forward this email to your friends and together let’s build the movement to save our food.

[1] Le, Phuong (2013 October 29). “Record-breaking sums of money pour into state’s food labeling fight.“KOMONews.com.

Tell Walmart: Say no to GMO

Who wants genetically engineered (GE) sweet corn in our grocery stores?Surely Walmart doesn’t want it…right? Our friends at Food & Water Watch have waged a campaign to stop genetically engineered sweet corn from making it to the stores and your dinner table with tremendous success from a number of food suppliers, but Walmart has yet to reply.

Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and General Mills have all pledged to not use it, why hasn’t Walmart done the same?
Take action with our friends at Food & Water Watch and tell Walmart to reject GE sweet corn!
Thanks, your friends at Greenpeace _____________________________

Ask Walmart to Reject Genetically Engineered Sweet Corn
Sign the Petition to Tell Walmart You Won’t Buy GE Sweet Corn
                 Dear friend,
Genetically engineered Monsanto sweet corn is approved and could be on your plate this year. Monsanto’s sweet corn could be planted this spring, but Walmart can refuse to accept it, protecting consumers from this untested and unlabeled product. Can you sign our petition asking Walmart to reject genetically engineered sweet corn?              Why should you ask Walmart to reject Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered (GE) Sweet Corn?
1) Whether you shop at Walmart or not, they are the largest U.S. food retailer, and if they won’t sell genetically engineered sweet corn, it’s likely that farmers won’t plant it.
2) Genetically engineered sweet corn will not be labeled, so you won’t know what you’re buying.
3) Monsanto’s GE sweet corn hasn’t been tested for human safety, and it contains three different genetically engineered traits that haven’t been used in food eaten directly by people.
Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and General Mills have already agreed not to use GE sweet corn in any of their products, but we need other stores to follow their lead to end the market for this untested sweet corn.
As you already know, genetically engineered foods are not required to be   labeled, so we have no way of knowing if a food contains GE ingredients. We believe labeling should  be  required so that people can choose whether or not they want to eat GE   foods. Unfortunately GE sweet corn, will not be labeled, and doesn’t   look any different from regular sweet corn.
Help make sure GE Sweet Corn is not sold by signing our petition to Walmart.  We’ll be delivering this petition to Walmart next month in an attempt to stop GE Sweet Corn from reaching your  plate.
Thanks for taking action,
Wenonah Hauter

7 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Beginning Farmers

By Lauren Ware, About.com Guide

7 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Beginning Gardens http://slclk.about.com/?zi=1/veX

When I saw those crocuses, I thought: “Hey! Why don’t I have any of those in my yard?” Then I realized that you actually have to plant crocuses to get crocuses. (Seems mean.)


Monsanto and Scott McAllister

SierraRise -- Why stand apart, when we can rise together?

GMO mega-corporation Monsanto wants special treatment from Congress. Make sure they don’t get it!

Tell your senators: Protect our health — not Monsanto’s profits!
No corporation is above the law!
Take action today!

Take action today!

Scott McAllister lost everything — his farm, his home, his savings. The stress attacked his heart, on top of the Parkinson’s disease he already had. All because of one giant corporation: Monsanto.
Every year, Monsanto uses a team of 75 lawyers to attack food safety and small farmers like Scott.[1] Most farmers’ only “crime”? Reusing seeds from the year before. And now this greedy corporation — the maker of Agent Orange, no less — is demanding Washington pass the Monsanto Protection Act. This bill would effectively block folks like you and me from suing them if their unregulated GMO foods make us sick.[2]
Over 2 million people from across the globe have spoken out against genetically modified seeds (GMOs) and Monsanto’s dirty tactics.[3] Will you join this powerful grassroots movement and tell our government to put our health and environment before Monsanto’s corporate profits?
Tell Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray that no corporation is above the law. Together, we can raise 50,000 SierraRise voices against the Monsanto Protection Act by Monday!
Monsanto is a ruthless company that will stop at nothing to stay on top, even if it means destroying family farmers and selling toxic chemicals. It’s little surprise, then, that they would get an anonymous congressman to introduce their bill for them, with no debate and no transparency.
Monsanto has a deadly history. They’re the producer of chemicals so toxic they are known by name alone: killers like Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs. Now, Monsanto is looking to dominate our food system with genetically modified seeds — even though a study found their corn seeds caused cancer in lab rats.[4]
Is this really a corporation we can trust with the food we give our families and put in school lunches?
Tell the Senate to put public health above Monsanto’s profits by stopping the Monsanto Protection Act today!
Our nation’s process for confirming the safety of GMO foods is already too weak — requiring little review and fraught with industry influence. If passed, the Monsanto Protection Act will only make things worse, temporarily stripping our courts of the power to stop Monsanto from selling GMO seeds recently found to be potentially dangerous. [5,6]
Monsanto is the biggest bully in agri-business. It is clear from their tactics that they value their corporate profit over the safety of our food, our environment, and our nation’s farmers.
It is time to take a stand against Monsanto and tell our leaders that the people come before corporate bottom lines.

Tell your senators to stop the Monsanto Protection Act now!
In it together,
Ashley Allison
SierraRise Senior Campaigner

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Unauthoriz​ed Monsanto Alfalfa in Washington State

A farmer’s alfalfa crop in Washington State was just rejected for export after genetic modification was discovered. You have a right to know what’s in your food.
We need GE product labeling!
Show your support for labeling genetically engineered food by pledging to vote ‘yes’ on Initiative 522!
take action today