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The Most Racist Ad Of 2010 And More…

Don't Be A Cabron 

The 3 Part VOTE spots that had
an impact on Latino press.
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Don't Silence The Vote 

Cuéntame’s “Don’t Silence The Vote” Music Video.
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Most Racist Ad 

Cuéntame takes on one of this year’s most racist Ad.
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Election Day: What’s your plan?

Reform Immigration FOR America Share This Message:
What’s your plan?
We’re 1 week away!
We asked you why voting matters to you.
You’ve told us great stories from all across the country. People everywhere are excited about making their voices heard and standing up for their communities. 

This allows me to give a voice to the voiceless and be the change I want to see! – Cyndi in Grand Rapids, MI
I care about voting because I care about immigration reform and I want elected officials who share my dream! – Jennifer in Napa, CA

Your reasons for voting are inspiring. Your voice matters. Watch our video and then tell us about your Election Day plans.

What time are you going to vote? How are you getting to the polls? Will you bring a friend with you? Watch our video & make your plan for this Election Day, and we’ll help you stick to it.

Your power is going to make a difference this November 2nd. Stand up for what’s right.

Thank you,
Marissa Graciosa
Reform Immigration FOR America

We’re fighting to fix our broken immigration system, but we can’t win without you!
contribute $30 today to sponsor 80 faxes and 100 calls to Congress.

Latinos Not Wanted?

Brave New Foundation
Click here to help 

Latinos4Reform, a conservative group, has produced a new ad encouraging Latinos in Nevada NOT TO VOTE! They are exploiting our community and trying to convince us to stay home and NOT exercise our right to vote. This is all just to further their political agenda. This is undemocratic and un-American. 


Cuéntame wants to fight back by producing a counter-advertisement illustrating the importance of the Latino vote. Can you help us by donating $10 so that we can create the advertisement AND buy Facebook ads so thousands of people will get the message?

Please donate TODAY to help us ensure that Latinos4Reform and other groups like them DO NOT succeed in cheating Latinos out of their votes.

To donate, click here or text ‘BNF CABRON’ to 85944 to donate $10 via phone.

Thanks for your support.


Robert Greenwald, Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yanez
and the rest of the Cuentame team.

Video: You look Asian, Sharron Angle tells Latinos (via Anderson Cooper 360)

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via Anderson Cooper 360