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Recall! …from BoldProgressives.org

Today, we’re turning up the heat in Wisconsin — with a powerful new TV ad that captures the magic of the campaign to “Recall the Republicans.”

This ad shows people of all ages coming together to reject the Republican war on the middle class. We loved the energy in Wisconsin while we were filming the ad. We think you’ll love it too!


Our first Wisconsin ad got rave reviews. When we were filming this new ad in Wisconsin last week, people stopped us on the street and said “Thank you!” for giving voice to what so many people are thinking.

We’re working with our friends at Democracy for America on this ad and other tactics that will defeat Republicans and hold them accountable for their war on the middle class.

Click below to check out the new ad — and if you like it, please donate $3 to put it on Wisconsin TV.


Then, please pass this email to others! Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Jason Rosenbaum, Michael Snook, Amanda Johnson, and the PCCC team

UPDATE: Wisconsin Recall

Wow! Folks chipped in over $100,000 since Friday to help us recall Wisconsin Republican senators. Tomorrow, we’ll make some big decisions about how many TV, radio, and online ads we can afford. Can you chip in $3 and help us reach $150,000 by tomorrow? — Adam



This is Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson — and today, I’m heading home to Wisconsin to join the fight in person.

The last three weeks have shown what progressive strength and worker solidarity look like.

My fellow senators and I know that thousands of PCCC members in Wisconsin and across the nation have been fighting right alongside us — attending rallies, making phone calls, donating to some great TV ads, and telling your friends about the Republican war on workers.

I want to say thank you. I also want to let you know that the fight’s not over.

Republicans need to learn what accountability feels like. It’s time for Republican senators to be recalled from office.

Wisconsin Republicans brazenly stampeded over the will of the people as they engaged in their right-wing attack on workers.

They shut down the public hearings, they shut down the legislative hotline, they shut down debate in the Assembly in the middle of the night, and they tried to lock citizens out of the Capitol. And on Wednesday night, when they had their last chance at redemption, Republican senators chose to bend the rules and join Governor Walker’s war on working families.

The citizens of Wisconsin are rising up and engaging in the democratic process like never before. Recalls of the Republicans are kicking into high gear as clipboards begin to replace protest signs in neighborhoods across the state.

Governor Walker and Republican senators refused to listen to the public — but now the people will be heard all across the state at the ballot box.

Thanks again for standing with us in solidarity, and for being a bold progressive.

— Senator Chris Larson, Wisconsin’s 7th District  ( Twitter.com/ChrisJLarson)   below


BREAKING: Wisconsin …CodeRed from the PCCC team

CODE RED: Wisconsin‘s Republican senators just voted to pass Gov. Walker’s anti-worker bill — without Democrats present.

They are bending the rules in order to break Wisconsin unions, and they need to be punished for this undemocratic action.

We plan on working all night to prepare new online ads and radio ads — and we’ll buy more TV ads in the districts of Republican senators up for recall.



8 Republican senators are facing recall elections. Voters need to know what happened in Madison tonight. This was wrong.


Now more than ever — please consider chipping in $3 to help us punish Republicans for their war on working families and their undemocratic actions. Click here.

Then, please pass this email to others! Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Jason Rosenbaum, Amanda Johnson, and the PCCC team