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from 2011 to 2018 it’s all the same

In 2012, GOP Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty came right out and said that, in his opinion, doctors who perform abortions should be sent to prison. Now, he’s running again but for Governor of Minnesota …we all know republicans are disappointing everyone at this point

So, women should not have to worry about being deprived of cancer screenings … health services by anti-abortion crusaders.

Turns out Republicans aren’t giving up their ideological agenda to end Medicare — an agenda that helps the nation’s wealthiest at the expense of seniors.

Garett Reppenhagen, VoteVets.org … the NRA


As an Iraq War veteran and Colorado resident, I was happy to see over 90% of VoteVets supporters choose to fight back against the NRA-backed recalls and stand up for State Senator John Morse in Colorado.

So that’s what we’re going to do.

Election Day is in three weeks, and we’re on the air in a big way in Colorado defending John Morse, who has been a champion for veterans throughout his time in office.

Watch the ad and help keep us on the air.


These recall elections are a chance to show legislators across the country that we’ll stand with those who take action to reduce gun violence.

If we beat the NRA here, we’ll send a message that begins to dismantle the culture of fear the NRA has fostered in Congress and state capitals around the country. That’s why we’re asking people to vote NO on this recall.

Thank you for standing with us,

Garett Reppenhagen
Iraq War Veteran

Stand with Wisconsin



Wisconsinites need our help in recalling Gov. Scott Walker and other extreme lawmakers.
Click here now to sign up for our free online tool to help in the recall effort.

Wisconsin holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in the suburbs outside Milwaukee in a small town called Mequon. Though my family moved to Michigan when I was in high school, I still consider Wisconsin home in many ways and I want to see its people succeed.

When Gov. Scott Walker launched his attack on working families and Wisconsin communities last year, I wanted to find ways I could help. That’s why I will be using the new Friends and Neighbors (FAN) tool in the coming weeks to get the word out to friends and other Wisconsinites about recalling Walker and other anti-working family candidates on June 5.

Will you join me in signing up for free for the FAN tool to make calls from home to help stop the destructive Walker agenda?

A recent poll shows the race is a dead heat1 and it is going to come down to the side that turns out the most people from now until June 5.

Walker and his political allies are relying on millions in out-of-state donations from corporate donors and right-wing billionaires to blanket the state with misleading ads.

They may have unlimited money, but we can cut through the noise by having real conversations with Wisconsinites about how Walker’s policies are wrong for them and their communities.

Click here now to sign up for the FAN and get started connecting with Wisconsin voters.

Let’s show Walker in these final weeks leading up to the recall elections on June 5 that working families in Wisconsin and across the country are more united than ever and ready to stand against the extreme policies that are leading our country in the wrong direction.

In Solidarity,

Andy Richards
New Media Strategist, AFL-CIO

P..S. Need some more motivation? Check out this video that recently surfaced of Walker talking about his strategy to “divide and conquer” working families.

1 http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/wisconsin-democrats-say-polling-shows-a-dead-heat/2012/05/22/gIQAWKediU_blog.html

Wisconsin update – almost there … Nick Passanante, Democracy for America

Wisconsin has been the front line in the War on Working Families for over a year now.

Right-wing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was the first governor in the country to launch an attack on unions and middle class families last year. Republican governors across the country — in Indiana, Florida and Ohio — soon followed his lead.

This summer, we have the chance to end the War on Working Families in Wisconsin and recall Scott Walker. There are three Democrats running in the primary to beat Scott Walker and polls show all three are beating Walker or polling inside the margin of error.

We have the momentum in Wisconsin. We’re almost there in raising the money we need to win, but we still need to raise $27,683 by the end of the month to fully fund our Wisconsin recall campaign.

Can you chip in $10 to the DFA Wisconsin recall campaign right now?

We’re not just recalling Walker, either — we have the opportunity to recall four of his right-wing cronies in the State Senate, too.

These are the same right-wingers who voted lockstep on Walker’s agenda to smash unions and middle class families, defund Planned Parenthood and pass a harsh new voter ID law disenfranchising students, the elderly and the poor.

We can end the War on Working Families in Wisconsin and send a message to Republicans everywhere — attack working families and you will lose. But we can’t do it without your support.

We can beat right-wing Gov. Scott Walker and take back the Wisconsin State Senate with your help — Please contribute $10 to the DFA Wisconsin recall campaign now.

Thank you for everything you do.


Nick Passanante, Deputy Political Director
Democracy for America

P.S. These recall elections are set to happen this summer. The State Senate recalls are happening as early as May, so we need the resources to start building our campaign now. Please contribute $10 today.

a message from Jim Dean … Wisconsin and Gov. Scott Walker

Last year, hundreds of thousands of teachers, nurses and regular, hard-working Americans took to the streets of Wisconsin to demand an end to right-wing Gov. Scott Walker‘s War on Working Families.

Wisconsin Democrats heard them loud and clear. All 14 State Senate Democrats left the state to stop the Republican legislature from jamming through a bill to smash unions and middle class families.

Then, a coalition of working people came together over the spring and summer to beat two State Senate Republicans in recall elections in deep red districts for their votes to kill unions. It was a huge blow to Wisconsin Republicans.

Now, it’s time to finish the job.

Over one million Wisconsinites signed on to recall Scott Walker and four more Republican State Senators for pushing their outrageous right-wing agenda on Wisconsin — smashing unions, defunding Planned Parenthood, pushing a harsh new voter ID law that hurts the poor and elderly, and so much more. These are just some of the things at stake. That’s why we absolutely must win these recall elections.

 Please contribute $4 right now to recall Scott Walker and his four cronies and stop their right-wing agenda once and for all.

We’ve seen Republicans push these sorts of extreme right-wing agendas at the state level all across the country — Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, Montana, and a dozen other states.

Wisconsin is our first chance to fight back. These recall elections are happening this summer — not as part of the November elections.

A big win here this summer will be a shot in the arm to Democrats across the country. The progressive base will be fired up and we can keep the momentum going into November, reelecting President Obama, electing bold progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to the Senate, and taking back the House from John Boehner and the Tea Partiers.

We have a chance to stop these right-wingers in Wisconsin right here, right now — and to give progressives the momentum they need to win big in November.

But to win big, we must support the folks working on the ground in Wisconsin right now. Please contribute $4 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party right now.

Thank you for everything you do.


Jim Dean, Chair  Democracy for America