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Today, the President will sign the reconciliation part of HCR and the education reform bill into law; I am hopeful that when people actually read both bills instead of listening to the noise that Republicans are hoping will block out the facts… like, this Bill could possibly help more than 32million people because HCR is also a Jobs Bill; it’s not talked about but the number of people needed to handle all the people who will now be eligible for coverage will increase our labour force.  As far as the education reform bill ? What person would think saving money is a bad thing; the money from the educational reform bill will be re-invested and more Pell grants given instead of becoming bank merit raises.   I don’ t know anyone sane who would vote or be against that, who would be against students being covered by their parents insurance until 26, who in their right mind doesn’t want what our Congress is already getting? the plans might be a little different but ask any former state, city or federal worker and you will see that HCR is in fact similar.  There is also news that repeal/replace is just another smoke screen Republicans plan to feed Americans.  Repeal/Replace can not be done without a majority vote in Congress to help bring it down; people need to do more fact checking for themselves before assuming leaders in the Republican Party truly are telling the … truth. Our Congress is still on Easter Break, though cable coverage of right wing behavior toward representatives and their reactions have been in the news quite often.  Is it just me or does it appear as if cable prefers to cover not only the negative side of Democrats but it also has been questioning just exactly what is the meaning behind the protests, the nasty signs and word or spitting and name calling instead of doing what might seem like a common sense approach … question is what is the common sense approach.

Other News …

**Washington State waits to see if the threat of a Garbage strike becomes a reality; as talks continue, most companies are lining what Unions call scabs:the conflict? wage increases vs health-care benefits; King and Snohomish counties will be affected;local unions authorized the strike.

**The Vatican believes they are not liable for the recent or past child abuse cases;this situation is not over or solved and will be revisited by many

**Seattle Public Schools; 9 districts in Washington; received Federal grants for needed improvements in Education

**President Obama stated that he wants to sign the financial reform bill by May/feels it’s an absolutely realistic time frame

**China tries to smooth over relations  with US …and agrees to push Iran/Tehran to accept proposals…and the G8 calls for stronger Iran measures

**Washington State*** for full article… The announcement comes on the same day Gov. Chris Gregoire signed an education reform bill — the substance behind Washington’s own bid for the federal cash — into law. Coming directly from the bill signing ceremony, many involved in the shaping of this year’s legislation expressed renewed optimism about the state’s chances in round two

**UW expert: McKenna health care lawsuit ‘meritless’
Stewart Jay, the University of Washington law professor and constitutional expert, has this to say about Attorney General Rob McKenna’s lawsuit over the new federal health care law: “If it’s not frivolous, it’s close to frivolous.”.

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President to Sign Health Care & Ed. Reconciliation Bill into Law. Pres. Obama will sign the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, which includes provisions to help with student loans, in a ceremony at Northern Virginia Community College. He is also expected to speak on the goals that will make higher education Pres. Remarks: From Earlier

Conference Emphasizes Patient Physician Relationship. U.S. Surgeon Gen. Regina Benjamin will be the keynote speaker before the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, a coalition of health care stakeholders that seek to improve the American medical system. Dr. Benjamin will discuss her priorities as Surgeon General and address the summit’s theme, cultivating long-term relationships between patients and physicians.

Pres. Obama and French Pres. Sarkozy held joint press conference. President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy wrapped up a joint press conference at the White House. Later, the two leaders will dine with their wives at the White House. In a speech yesterday, President Sarkozy said he would urge President Obama to press harder for global regulation of the financial markets.

Fmr. UN Amb. Discusses the State of U.S. Sovereignty.  In an address at the Heritage Foundation, fmr. U.N. Amb. John Bolton (2005-06) claims that national sovereignty is undermined by the partnership between the United Nations and the Obama Administration. Mr. Bolton argues that policies made under the U.N. impose a foreign influence that weakens America’s ability to govern itself.