The Road Travelled …

I am writing to you not knowing what side of the political table you sit at hoping some of you will be voting for Barack Obama for a 2nd term. If not, so be it. I want you to know that I am fundraising for the Democratic Party . We have at least six weeks to go before Nov.6 there are fellow Americans participating in early voting as we speak. In some parts of the Country, Voter Suppression is rearing its ugly head. As a woman, mom, business owner and person of colour, I am beyond disheartened at what has transpired. I do not usually ask for money but given what Mr. Romney and Paul Ryan are offering. I have to step up and at least try to find people to stand up speak out and give Barack Obama a second term. I hope some of you feel this way as well.  So, I am formally asking for a Contribution to help the Democratic Party continue what we aspired and started in 2008 and was ignored by the Republican party who met the same night Barack was sworn in. Some in the Republican Party stated compromise was a dirty word while others turned toward race and fear in 2010; it was the turning point. The extreme right gained control and exacted out record numbers of filibustering as well as obstructing major legislation that would have shortened our recession.

If, you are so inclined to donate and vote for Barack Obama to fight against the unlimited money taking over politics today click on the link below:

I support Obama because he represents the bold and drastic changes we need NOW action not the lip service we received from the last administration. The President of the United States knows and understands we need to pay attention to our debt deficit, our environment, that we need to narrow the gap between the haves and have none and we all know we need better health-care.

Last, our future is our children and that means better educational opportunities…

Thank you for your time