Don’t let Republicans Cut Your Social Security!

Right now, some politicians in Washington are considering cramming cuts to our Social Security benefits into a last-minute budget deal.
Please sign the petition today! Don’t Let Washington Cut Your Social Security Check!

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Between now and the holidays, the President and Congress are considering a deal that would change Social Security cost of living increase calculations and lower benefits by $112 billion in the next 10 years alone. That’s money directly out of the pockets of those American’s who need it the most.

The proposal assumes that when the cost of something you normally buy goes up, you will substitute a lower-cost item. Many seniors, though, spend much of their money on prescription drugs, utilities and heath care costs that don’t have a lower-cost substitute.

It’s time Congress took a serious look at how short-sighted budget deals like this will affect seniors across America.

Take action today: Urge your representative not to make devastating changes to Social Security as part of a last minute budget deal!

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