Jon Soltz,
Did you watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night?

From reforming immigration and education to a focus on job creation and an overdue drawdown in Afghanistan, the president laid out a vision for the next four years that we can all be proud of.

But if the divided ovations were any indication, the work ahead won’t be easy.

There is one issue, however, that has overwhelming public support among Democrats and Republicans: taking common sense action to reduce gun violence in America.

If you’re ready to stand with in this fight, make a $5 contribution today and help us organize veterans in support of legislation to prevent gun violence in the United States.

Veterans make extremely powerful messengers on this issue, and the president needs us if he’s going to sign a bill.

Veterans have seen, first hand, the carnage that assault weapons cause. We’ve had to go through background checks to get into the military and handle a weapon.

Our troops in combat aren’t even authorized to attach magazines with more than 30 rounds to their semi-automatic weapons. There’s no reason we should authorize it for anyone here at home.

We’re going to engage on this one, and I’m thankful that we’ll be in it together.

Thanks for your support.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran



Reject the Status Quo …


just another rant …

My question for all you mostly sane people today is: What would your neighborhood look like without Teachers, Police, EMTs, Firefighters and other public service workers if the Democratic Party had not passed bill HR1586.  Two years ago folks like Bachman, Boehner called HR1586 a bailout and as the President’s 2nd term moves forward Republicans continue using Americans as pawns in their mission to make PBO look bad and make no mistake they are still willing to throw ALL of us under the bus! Hello … this includes you constituents who voted right of center and seem to be complacent about it all which by definition is: To be content and satisfied with your life and surroundings, even when something which may destroy these conditions is imminent.

We cannot be complacent with the status quo!

The leadership we need from folks in Congress … a willingness to act in a bipartisan way … put People ahead of Party! know that the sequester; a congressional act was not well thought out and will hurt ALL Americans, accept that cutting spending means austerity , be selfless and think about how to better the current status of the middle and lower classes because the rich are doing just fine, think globally, environmentally, respect Public Service workers, support education, allow more stem research, respect a woman’s right to choose, equal wages for women, safe and affordable health care for all families.

The fact is President Obama has gotten Congress to pass legislation that will be good for middle class families but to get the change 53% of we voted for we need democrats on the floor of Congress to step up.

It is important that we do not repeat history by understanding the past stop the current austerity program republicans keep shoving Americans into; remember that trust, respect and the votes Republicans are soliciting cannot be seasonal…

Climate Reality …

What I Love -- Share it with your friends


“It starts out like a good trip, then ends with a jolt of reality. Warm and fuzzy, beautiful, manipulative, and disconcerting all at once. This is brilliant.”

We launched our new digital experience, What I Love, last week, and within hours, users like the one above were sharing their excitement.

Around the world, thousands of people have been visiting the site to encounter the things they love — whether it’s a steaming cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning … a long walk surrounded by trees in a nearby forest … the smell of a pie or freshly baked cookies — and to learn about their uncertain futures.

Most of all, users keep telling us that the experience transforms how they see climate change. Renee W., a Climate Reality supporter, wrote “this is a very valuable site … to see what you love and how the climate changes are affecting what you love” is so important. Helen D. says that What I Love “brings it all home.”

So many others are discovering the experience … but we noticed that you haven’t quite yet. Perhaps you’ve been outside raking newly fallen leaves, or have had your nose buried in a good book. No matter what you’re up to, something you love is being affected by climate change.

Remember what’s most important and find out how those things are being affected by climate change … and how you can protect them.

It’s not too late. But without you protecting the things you love … one day it could be.

Thanks for your help,

The Climate Reality Team