Students Speak: The Power of STEM

Earlier this month, President Obama met with 40 of the Nation’s top scientists and engineers—discoverers of new drug candidates to treat common cancers; inventors of tools to help surgeons in the operating room; developers of complex algorithms that can help robots navigate; and more. All of these innovators were finalists in the 2013 Intel Science Talent Search competition, and all of them are in still in high school.


5 thoughts on “Students Speak: The Power of STEM”

  1. I love love love your post especially the video of these kids. My fear however is that these Pharmacological companies are going to screw with them when they are hired and use their inventions and research to future profit and not give people what they need to beat cancers and other medical problems.

    We need to find another way to help each other – Large corporations are not the answer. But I loved your post so much I reblogged.

    Thanks for posting this – gave me a little bump in the faith direction 🙂



    1. I agree, hopefully these kids are well aware of past indiscretions re: the industry


      1. I’m afraid they are not aware however in time they will become so. The problem with pharms is that they don’t care about the people they are sworn to serve. It’s a sad time we live in in so far that we have technology; the sad is how we tend to use it so no one benefits.


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