President Obama and OFA

President Obama talked about you the other day — and I wanted to make sure you heard all the good things he had to say:

“What we want is to make sure that the voices of the people who put me here continue to be heard — that they’re not just heard during election time, that they’re not just heard in terms of dollar solicitations, that we are helping to build or sustain a network of citizens who have a voice in the most critical debates that are going to be taking place over the next year, year and a half, and if it works, potentially beyond.”

Pretty exciting stuff, right? That’s our mission at Organizing for Action — and you’re making it happen.

Check out this video of President Obama’s speech at last week’s Founder’s Summit and say you’re standing with the President for the work ahead:

President Obama on why OFA matters.

When President Obama talked about the work we’re doing, he made it clear: It’s not about electing anyone, and it’s not about gearing up for the next elections.

It’s about the governing part of our movement — after the polls close, and when the real job of passing legislation that represents our principles and values begins.

Already, your work as part of Organizing for Action has begun to turn heads.

In a nutshell, it meant the hundreds of events across the country to make sure Congress knows we’re serious about reducing gun violence.

It’s thousands of people, many who hadn’t ever used Twitter before, getting online and tweeting their representatives to make their voices heard.

It’s the more than 500,000 people who have added their names to tell Congress to reduce the deficit and pass a budget that doesn’t hurt the middle class.

It’s the more than 1 million OFA supporters who have already taken action as part of this organization — yes, more than 1 million.

And it’s the more than 400 Action Planning Sessions that folks are holding across the country this week and next to plan our actions for the next few months ahead.

I want to share one last line from President Obama’s speech that really drives home the work we’re doing:

“I’ve always said that I am representing people, and that change comes about because people are activated, people are involved. People shape the agenda. People determine the framework for debate. People let their members of Congress know what is that they believe. And when those voices are heard, you can’t stop it. That’s when change happens.”

You’re part of it,

Watch the rest of President Obama’s remarks, and say you’re in for Organizing for Action’s work today:

Thank you,


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

Enough is Enough !


National Women's Law Center
  Take Action: Write your Representative today!  
  Urge your Representative to vote NO on Rep. Ryan’s budget.  
  Take Action  

We’ve had enough.

For the third year in a row, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed a plan that balances the federal budget on the backs of women and families.

The Ryan budget is an unfair and irresponsible plan that would undermine key programs women and families count on — while giving tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

Action is needed now! The House of Representatives could vote as early as tomorrow on the Ryan budget. Tell your Representative to vote NO on the Ryan Budget.

Wondering if you should take action? Think about this.

Ryan’s budget would:

  • Deny millions of women and families access to affordable health insurance by repealing the Affordable Care Act.
  • Significantly cut funding for programs like child care assistance and Head Start, which help women work and children learn.
  • Undermine core safety net programs that women count on by slashing Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) and turning them into block grants.
  • Slash funding for K-12 education, Pell Grants, job training, and domestic violence prevention.

And, to add insult to injury, Ryan’s budget would, at the same time:

Time is running out! Please urge your Representative to vote NO on the Ryan budget.

Thank you for all you do for women and families.


Joan Entmacher
Vice President for Family Economic Security
National Women’s Law Center
  Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center
  Helen Blank
Director of Child Care and Early Learning
National Women’s Law Center

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Natura Pet Products is voluntarily recalling specific lots of dry pet food because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. No Salmonella-related illnesses have been reported. Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.
On February 28, 2013, Vascular Solutions Zerusa Ltd., a subsidiary of Vascular Solutions, Inc., initiated a nationwide recall of Guardian II and Guardian II NC hemostasis valves used in catheterization procedures. Specific lots of the products have been recalled because they pose a slightly increased risk of air leakage that may lead to an air embolism, which could result in serious injury or death.
Pro-Amino International Inc. is recalling protein bars which may contain Salmonella. The product is the ProtiDiet High Protein Chocolate Dream Bar, sold in 210 gram (7.4 oz.) packages, 7 bars per package, bearing UPC 6 21498 42238 1, lot code CR 18 13B, and Best Before date of 2015-08.
Clinical Specialties is voluntarily recalling Avastin unit dose syringes. The product has or potentially could result in an infection within the eye.

Have you looked at all the new words added in February …

Braggadocious? Never. Just excited about the Oxford Dictionaries February 2013 update!


by Oxford Dictionaries Online

“Having a mare of a week? With hump day over, the weekend is in sight and it’s time to start thinking about getting blootered on appletinis! Or do you prefer to put on your schlumpy clothes and curl up with a tray bake? My tortie has a more tweetable Friday night than that. But you could take one for the team and be our DD for the night; we’ll call you on your dumbphone later. Thx!”

These are a few examples of the new words that have been added to Oxford Dictionaries as part of our February 2013 update. Contemporary culture and social media both continue to influence the English language, and newly added words in these categories include gossip mill, friend zone, tweetable, and social sharing. The language of technology has also influenced this update, with cruft, dumbphone, touchless, SSD, and FOSS all included.

It is an exciting time for sport, and a number of words in our update have been inspired by recent sporting events, with Olympic flame, Olympic torch, and torch relay, and all added to Oxford Dictionaries. Sportspersons represented in this update are tennis rivals Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal, as well as cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Words in the category of food and drink are also well represented in this update, and include appletini, burrata, flexitarian, and tray bake.

Here is a selection of new words from the February 2013 quarterly update

Baggy Green
cane corso
friend zone
hump day
metabolic syndrome
range anxiety
social sharing
tray bake


Competitions and Quizzes

Iraq …


On March 19, 2003 then President Bush announces that America has invaded Iraq.

Over nine years have passed and Saddam gone.

Yet, Americans are still asking; where are the WMD , why weren’t our soldiers given state of the art equipment ,was there a real plan, why are Iraqis’ still having trouble with electricity, water, the military spoke little English, some say were improperly trained if at all and while we all know their leadership was difficult to communicate with. There are and will always be questions because the truth has yet to be uncovered and since we are now a full Administration ahead questions like:  why did they build such a humongous building(embassy) only to abandon it will probably go unanswered

As we honor and reflect upon the sacrifices that millions of Men and Women as well as their family’s made for this war, but bringing this war to a responsible end was a cause that sparked many Americans to get involved in the political process for the first time. Upon reflection of just what transpired before and since the Iraqis War, it is an important reminder that we all have a stake in our country’s future, and a say in the direction we choose

Early Sunday morning, the last of our troops left Iraq. 12/20/11

Thank you

President Barack Obama