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If a doctor said your loved one required major surgery to survive, but it would be very difficult to complete, would you take “No, it’s too hard” for an answer?

We didn’t think so. So when climate deniers claim, “Shifting over to clean energy would be too hard and shut down the economy,” we here at The Climate Reality Project politely beg to differ.

Maybe you do too.

We put a man on the moon. We eradicated smallpox. We built a computer that can fit in your pocket. These accomplishments — and so many more — were possible because groups of like-minded, passionate individuals (much like you) saw the future they wanted and worked hard to make it happen.

Big Oil and Big Coal spread big lies claiming that changing to clean energy would cause economic turmoil and finding sustainable solutions to the climate crisis “is too hard.”

But that’s just not the case. We’re already seeing that shifting to clean energy is a whole lot easier than they think. In 2012, renewables accounted for slightly over half of new electric generating capacity worldwide. In the U.S, we’re installing a new solar power system every four minutes. Meanwhile, global investment in clean energy topped out at $244 billion worldwide. In 2009, global investment was just $178 billion — so in just three years that’s a 37 percent climb, and nearly ten times the investment made in 2004.

As we reach the end of August, we need your help to keep the pressure on climate deniers by using Reality Drop. We’re less than 1,000 away from our end-of-month goal of sharing the truth 50,000 times on key articles across the net.

We know the transition to clean energy won’t happen overnight. But it will happen and you can bet it will be sooner rather than later.

With your help, we can get there. Thank you for all your hard work,
The Climate Reality Team

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