Congress : Health Care

National Women's Law Center
Members of Congress should get the same health coverage as other Americans. Seems obvious, right? Well, it isn’t obvious for some anti-choice lawmakers. They want Congress to get the same health insurance options as all Americans — except when it comes to abortion coverage.
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is asking the public for comments on new regulations implementing a rule in Obamacare, also known as the health care law, requiring Members of Congress and their staff to get the same coverage from the same place millions of other Americans will — the new health insurance marketplaces.
We need your help today! The deadline to submit your comments is this Monday:  Tell OPM to follow the law and ensure Congress gets the same health insurance options as millions of other Americans.
Anti-choice Members of Congress claim they want themselves and their staff “to live under the same laws as the rest of the country,” except when they don’t.
Thank you for everything you do for women and their families.
Judy Waxman Judy Waxman Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights National Women’s Law Center