Giving Tuesday: Your Chance to Save the Asian Elephant

On Giving Tuesday — a worldwide effort to act for the common good — you can do something amazing.

You can save the Asian elephant. And, working together, it may be our last chance.
With their populations already endangered due to human expansion, deaths by high speed railroad trains are driving elephants over the brink.
On November 13, a high-speed train in the Jalpaiguri district slammed into a herd of elephants crossing India‘s wider faster “Killer Tracks.” Five adult elephants and two calves were slaughtered and 10 more were severely injured, their bodies so demolished that at first officials could not take an accurate death toll.
With thousands of miles of railroad tracks passing through areas inhabited by elephants, train deaths are mounting and the NYTimes reports that activists and wildlife officials have repeatedly met with transportation officials in hope of minimizing collisions.
Now, Earth Day Network’s India office has launched a large-scale emergency campaign to save the Asian elephant.
Community leaders, lawyers, school children, elephant experts, teachers, and local government officials have joined with Earth Day Network in this ambitious effort.
With your help, we will:

  • Implement a simple but effective early warning system to prevent elephant deaths from railway accidents.
  • Initiate a citizen suit to eliminate the environmental impact exemption for railways.
  • Build and mobilize a broad national citizens’ movement to support environmental impact requirements and protect Asian elephants.
  • Work to develop a lasting stewardship program among local community leaders.

But we can’t do it without you. Please act now to save the Asian elephant!
Celebrate Giving Tuesday by making a donation to help save one of the world’s most incredible species.
Thanks for your support,
– The Earth Day Network Team