Don’t let them scare Scientists into silence

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We can’t let politicians or ideologues scare scientists into silence.

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When Dr. Shaun Marcott published a groundbreaking paper showing the world is warmer today than it has been for thousands of years, climate deniers started a smear campaign.1 They sent him hate mail and spread misinformation—which some reporters bought into.

When Dr. Joseph Skorupa found that phosphate mines were poisoning fish, his supervisors at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service threatened repercussions if he took his research on The Daily Show. Skorupa says they told him agency leaders would “make your life hell” and even punish his colleagues.2 He declined the show’s invitation.

As you’re considering your year-end charitable giving, think about the researchers who will be targeted in 2014. Think about the critical research that will be suppressed. And know that a gift you make today can help provide scientists the support to fight back. It’s not an easy job, but UCS members know what’s right isn’t always easy.

Help us defend science and scientists! Make a tax-deductible year-end gift today to reach our ambitious $400,000 goal for December.

Your gift today will help equip scientists to dive into the most pressing policy debates of our time—our ailing food system, dirty energy production, and a changing global climate. Because of you, more scientists will be able to fight the misleading rhetoric of industries and front groups.

Our Science Network gives 20,000 scientists and technical experts the chance to connect with policy makers and directly impact laws and policies that affect our families and our planet. We teach scientists how to clearly communicate their research to the public. And how to respond to attacks.

Please make a tax-deductible gift now and help defend scientists from attacks.

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UCS has received Charity Navigator‘s esteemed 4-star rating for the last seven straight years—an honor shared by only 2 percent of charities, and we were named one of the most effective organizations working on climate change by Guidestar‘s Philanthropedia.

UCS supporters are people from all walks of life—parents and businesspeople, biologists and physicists, teachers and students—more than 350,000 citizens and scientists who are committed to defending science, year in and year out. Thank you for being part of this powerful community.

Kathleen Rest Sincerely, Kathleen Rest Kathleen Rest, PhD, MPA Executive Director

1. 2.

don’t Deport

 ICE: Please Don’t Deport My Mother, Gloria Pedroza 

  By joe sotelo
                                                San Antonio, Texas

My Mother came to this country to give us a better future, but is being prosecuted and will be deported in February 2014. On top of that they want to give her a 10year no entry into the U.S . As a 6 1/2 year service vet with 2 deployments to Afghanistan I find this appalling. I was born here in the U.S, server my country, and they wont let my mother stay.

The only crime here is her not being allowed to stay after she raised us to be the best that she could, which she accomplished. We all have successful jobs as Managers, History majors, Pottery/Art teachers and even in the Military.

But now they want to deport her because she dose not have papers after 26 years of being in this country, which was founded on immigrants who came to this new world in hopes of a better life. She even has a Daughter who depends on her due to having Liver failure cause by a UCLA Hospital due to them giving her the wrong medication. My sister needs my mother for moral and finacial support. She even has grandkids, and still they wont consider this as sufficient to let her stay.

So I’m asking for your help to help me fight this and help keep my mom here so she can watch her grandkids grow and see them have kids of there own.

Thank you for your time. Spc. Sotelo, Joe

In August … we got Updates on Voting Rights Act

Dear Friend,


repost: Why? Where are they NOW ?

It’s been a busy summer here at the White House, with no shortage of exciting and important announcements. In light of this, I’m writing to let you know we will be having more regular updates to this list. During the month of August we find ourselves reflecting and commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in 1963.  During that summer the country reflected on the economic and racial equality of others and today we continue to act on that legacy.

This past week the President met with civil rights leaders to discuss securing the Vote for All Americans. Please take some time to read this weekend and share with family and friends.


Heather Foster Office of Public Engagement


the Vote


All Americans”

Monday, President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez met with civil rights leaders, and state and local elected officials at the White House to discuss how to safeguard every eligible American’s right to vote in light of the recent Supreme Court decision on Shelby County vs. Holder.

President Barack Obama meets with Civil Rights Leaders in the Roosevelt Room

President Barack Obama meets with Civil Rights Leaders in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, July 29, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

The Supreme Court’s decision invalidating one of the Voting Rights Act’s core provisions, upsets decades of well-established practices that help make sure voting is fair, especially in places where voting discrimination has been historically prevalent.

President Obama acknowledged that for nearly 50 years, the Voting Rights Act has helped secure the right to vote for millions of Americans, and expressed deep disappointment about the recent decision.  He asked the leaders in the room for their ideas on how to strengthen voting rights, and also encouraged them to continue educating their communities on the Voting Rights Act, and how to exercise voting rights.

We’ve seen much progress towards guaranteeing every American the right to vote.  But, as the Supreme Court recognized, voting discrimination still exists.  And while the decision is a setback, it doesn’t represent the end of either our efforts to end voting discrimination, or our basic right to vote.

Since the decision, President Obama has called on Congress to pass legislation to ensure every American has equal access to the polls.  The Voting Rights Act has been reauthorized repeatedly by wide bipartisan margins in Congress, and signed into law by Republican presidents.  In addition, every single American should have an interest in ensuring that every eligible American is able to exercise his or her right to vote.  So we remain hopeful that we will find a legislative solution to ensure a fair and equal voting process.

Monday’s meeting was another step forward to protect the vote, and we will continue to do everything in our power to secure this most basic right for all Americans.

Monday’s participants included:

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Make history with us

Help us finish building the Museum

Help us finish building the Museum
Please accept my sincere thank you for all you’ve done to support this year’s progress towards the grand opening of our Museum.
This year we saw many exciting developments including the installation of two signature objects in the Museum at our Constitution Avenue construction site: a Southern Railway railroad car (segregated) and a 1930s guard tower from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.
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We now have nearly 23,000 artifacts in our collection!
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The foundation of the Museum has been poured and the structure is beginning to take shape.

All of this growth is proof of the commitment to making sure the Museum opens its doors in just a few short years. We still have a long way to go, and meeting our financial goal is one of our greatest objectives. That is why I encourage you to support us today.
Together we are building a museum where exhibitions and public programs will inspire and educate generations to come. Visitors from the U.S. and around the world will be exposed to the art, the music, the achievements, and the great contributions African Americans have made from the very beginnings of our nation. That is such an important part of our mission — showing how the African American experience is not separate from America‘s history, it is America’s history!
Please make history with us and donate today to make sure this important Museum takes its place in the world-renowned Smithsonian family of museums.
Thank you for your support.

Lonnie G. Bunch Sincerely, Signature Lonnie G. Bunch Director