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Don’t let them scare Scientists into silence

Union of Concerned Scientists

We can’t let politicians or ideologues scare scientists into silence.

Give scientists the tools to stand strong. Make a tax-deductible gift today.


When Dr. Shaun Marcott published a groundbreaking paper showing the world is warmer today than it has been for thousands of years, climate deniers started a smear campaign.1 They sent him hate mail and spread misinformation—which some reporters bought into.

When Dr. Joseph Skorupa found that phosphate mines were poisoning fish, his supervisors at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service threatened repercussions if he took his research on The Daily Show. Skorupa says they told him agency leaders would “make your life hell” and even punish his colleagues.2 He declined the show’s invitation.

As you’re considering your year-end charitable giving, think about the researchers who will be targeted in 2014. Think about the critical research that will be suppressed. And know that a gift you make today can help provide scientists the support to fight back. It’s not an easy job, but UCS members know what’s right isn’t always easy.

Help us defend science and scientists! Make a tax-deductible year-end gift today to reach our ambitious $400,000 goal for December.

Your gift today will help equip scientists to dive into the most pressing policy debates of our time—our ailing food system, dirty energy production, and a changing global climate. Because of you, more scientists will be able to fight the misleading rhetoric of industries and front groups.

Our Science Network gives 20,000 scientists and technical experts the chance to connect with policy makers and directly impact laws and policies that affect our families and our planet. We teach scientists how to clearly communicate their research to the public. And how to respond to attacks.

Please make a tax-deductible gift now and help defend scientists from attacks.

When you donate today, you’re making a wise investment.

UCS has received Charity Navigator‘s esteemed 4-star rating for the last seven straight years—an honor shared by only 2 percent of charities, and we were named one of the most effective organizations working on climate change by Guidestar‘s Philanthropedia.

UCS supporters are people from all walks of life—parents and businesspeople, biologists and physicists, teachers and students—more than 350,000 citizens and scientists who are committed to defending science, year in and year out. Thank you for being part of this powerful community.

Kathleen Rest Sincerely, Kathleen Rest Kathleen Rest, PhD, MPA Executive Director

1. http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2013/03/response-by-marcott-et-al/ 2. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/vergano/2013/04/06/hansen-federal-scientists-communication/2053077/

What’s saving Grace? a word from Helene D. Gayle, CARE

“The corn should be this high now,” Grace Orwa says, holding her hand far above her head. “But the rains came late.”

In Grace’s village in western Kenya, rain was scarce this year and the corn crop — which villagers depend on for food and income — will be meager, if it comes in at all.

The good news is that Grace and her neighbors formed a CARE community savings and loan group, which provides a vital financial safety net during tough times. Even if the crop fails, the villagers have the means to make it through to the next harvest. Thanks to her group, Grace has enough money to keep her children in school.

Your tax-deductible gift today can help poor people access tools and resources to become as resilient and self-sufficient as Grace is today. Here are some ways your gift can help change lives:
$75 can provide three village savings and loan groups with a lock box, ledger and other start-up supplies to help them manage loans and help start small businesses
$115 can provide a community mobilizer with a bicycle to reach village savings and loan groups in remote villages
$150 can provide a farmers’ association with soil testing equipment to help improve harvests
With the price of food skyrocketing, many families are struggling to afford food — and experts predict prices will continue to rise in the future. Veronica Okongo was worried that the increasing cost of food would jeopardize her ability to pay her children’s school tuition. So she moved her life savings from a bank to a CARE-created community savings and loan group where she earns more interest.

 Unlike banks, CARE’s community savings and loan groups are owned by their members, and interest earned from repaid loans is shared among group members. The more money Veronica saves, the more interest she earns! Today, Veronica is confident that her children will be able to stay in school and she will be able to afford the food they need to stay healthy and focused on their studies.

Your tax-deductible donation to CARE today will help women like Veronica and Grace build a brighter future for themselves, their families and entire communities.

 Thank you for all you do to help empower women and girls to escape hunger and poverty — for good.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE

We ate only once a day

CARE -- You can help mothers earn their way out of poverty -- Donate now

Don't delay! Donate by December 31 to help women like Marie experience new beginnings in 2011! -- Make a tax-deductible gift  

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Marie is a mother of three and a widow living in the Androy region of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. She struggled to support her family for many years with farming, but only earned 75 cents a day — an amount you can imagine wasn’t enough to feed her family.

Marie explains, “In the lean season, we ate only once a day — at night. During the day, we had only mangoes and cactus fruit as substitutes for meals.”

Marie’s options expanded once she began participating in a CARE-supported farmers’ association and exercised her right to 25 acres of her family’s farm. Now, she feeds her children three meals a day. Marie also earns as much as $5 a day at the market by selling the wider variety of crops she learned to grow.

You can help mothers like Marie improve their skills, feed their families and earn their way out of poverty by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Here are some ways your support can make a difference:

  • $56 can give 7 women like Marie seed packets to start their own garden and increase their family’s income.
  • $92 can supply 2 women like Dedicaciona in Peru with garden tool kits — including a spade, watering can and more — to cultivate their crops.
  • $150 can provide a woman like Farida in Bangladesh with a soil testing kit so that she can improve her harvest and help her community.

Please remember, a gift to CARE goes beyond tangible goods. Our comprehensive programs inspire confidence and bring hope to poor girls and women so that they can chart their way out of poverty for good.

Marie says, “I have many goals I want to achieve in the future. I want to improve my family’s lives and save for my children.”

You are one of the keys that can help unlock Marie’s dreams. Please don’t delay making your tax-deductible gift — and help women like Marie, their families and their communities experience powerful new beginnings in 2011.

Thank you for your support.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE

On Friday, you bought your iPad. Today, feed the poor

CARE -- It's Cyber Monday -- give the gift that gives back.
Your son wants an iPad. Your daughter wants new Uggs

Anisa wants to be able to go to school and learn to earn her way out of poverty.

You can do something for all of them when you make a gift to CARE this holiday season.

Make a gift in honor of your son or daughter, mom or dad, aunt or uncle. They’ll get a cool e-card — and students like Anisa will get the help they need to pay school fees in Afghanistan and around the world. You’ll get the satisfaction of doing good, plus a tax deduction. (And you also can get your kids the iPad and the Uggs!)

Get started now.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE
$49 can send a girl like Hadia to school for a year so she can learn and chart her way out of poverty... $62 can train a community health worker like Elida to provide lifesaving care to pregnant mothers... $125 can help 10 families like Scherlande's receive emergency kits following a natural disaster.