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Happy holidays, Democratic House Majority PAC

Before you head out for the holidays, we just wanted to send you a note
thanking you for all you’ve done this year to help stop the Tea Party.
Your support has been nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a quick card we put together highlighting all the times the Tea Party of “NO” has stood in the way in the last year. Click here to see the graphic and then share it on Facebook. Hope you enjoy it!

From all of us at House Majority PAC, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season spent with friends and family.

Happy holidays,


Two Fake Right-Wing “Wars” And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Media Matters for America
The right pushes the fake War on Christmas while trying to scam their own readers into buying ridiculous things. They say there’s a “war on men” when a women gets equal pay for equal work. They insist fictional characters must be white. We need your help to stand against these lies, smears, and distortions.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Holiday Grifts

Right-Wing Christmas GiftsWhen the right isn’t busy telling their audience there’s a “War on Christmas,” they’re busy trying to scam them out of money. We rounded up some of what the right is pushing for holiday gifts, starting with a $1,500 metal box that can allegedly help you survive an electromagnetic pulse attack: http://mm4a.org/19fe0hn

The Right’s Other Fake War

Rosie RiveterPundits like James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal would have you believe there is an ongoing “war on men.” But this fake “war” is just a way for these pundits to complain about things such as equal pay for equal work and ensuring that women receive adequate health care: http://mm4a.org/19xSXER

White Santa And Megyn Kelly

Megyn KellyMegyn Kelly has a long history of using race to stoke fear of minorities. So it was hollow when she blamed those who “race bait” for outrage over her remarks about Santa Claus and Jesus being white. http://mm4a.org/1bKNiL7 Related: You know you screwed up when Bill O’Reilly rushes in to defend your cultural commentary: http://mm4a.org/1dkrTaQ The usual suspects are circling the wagons around Kelly: http://mm4a.org/18WUy6v


SantaThe only way to handle the fake “War on Christmas” shenanigans is to have a bit of fun. Here’s our quick video on how the right sells this lie: http://youtu.be/0nDE3Qc41d8


MMFA We’re in the midst of our year-end fundraiser. Fighting conservative misinformation is a big job – and we can’t do it without you. You can support our work here: http://bit.ly/1h2JGpL


60 MinutesRather than produce a hard-hitting, investigative segment about the NSA, 60 Minutes ran what has rightly been described as a “puff piece.” http://mm4a.org/1dkuZvi


Pope Francis
Pope Francis Speaks Out

Get Elastic : Bloggers Digest July 2011

Bloggers Digest July 2011

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Bloggers Digest is our monthly ritual that highlight posts from other blogs that are of value and interest to online retailers and Internet marketers.

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On Friday, you bought your iPad. Today, feed the poor

CARE -- It's Cyber Monday -- give the gift that gives back.
Your son wants an iPad. Your daughter wants new Uggs

Anisa wants to be able to go to school and learn to earn her way out of poverty.

You can do something for all of them when you make a gift to CARE this holiday season.

Make a gift in honor of your son or daughter, mom or dad, aunt or uncle. They’ll get a cool e-card — and students like Anisa will get the help they need to pay school fees in Afghanistan and around the world. You’ll get the satisfaction of doing good, plus a tax deduction. (And you also can get your kids the iPad and the Uggs!)

Get started now.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE
$49 can send a girl like Hadia to school for a year so she can learn and chart her way out of poverty... $62 can train a community health worker like Elida to provide lifesaving care to pregnant mothers... $125 can help 10 families like Scherlande's receive emergency kits following a natural disaster.


Get your rainforest-safe gift guide

Rainforest Action Network

Don’t buy children’s books that destroy rainforests.

Books make incredible gifts for children. As the winter holidays approach, RAN and Tiki The Tiger want to help you make sure rainforest paper isn’t part of the present.

Shockingly, many U.S. publishers have released at least one children’s book that tested positive for paper fiber linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction. With one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, Indonesia‘s rainforests- and the communities and endangered wildlife that live there- are disappearing rapidly.

We want to make sure that you and your gifts don’t get wrapped up in rainforest destruction this holiday season. Introducing our new pocket-sized Rainforest-Safe Kids’ Books Shopping Guide….

Download the pocket guide Share the pocket guide online Sign up to handout guides in bookstores

Print out the guide and pop it in your wallet. Share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also join RAN and Tiki The Tiger for our national Roar At The Store week of action where hundreds across North America will hand out rainforest-safe guides in front of their favorite bookstore.

Thanks for helping to keep Indonesia’s rainforests off your shopping list this holiday season and beyond.

Robin Averbeck

For Indonesia’s Rainforests,

Robin Averbeck
Forest Campaigner