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Friday hypocrisy

So, Today is a day to close your eyes breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply then release your breath slowly exhale through your mouth… be still stay calm  repeat if needed

just another rant …

It has been a big week and or month for what seems to be a comeback of the tea party, gaining a lot of airtime and most of the interviews have them spewing a conspiracy theory about not only who should get impeached, but how the FBI our government law enforcement is now tainted. I guess this should not surprise anyone but the idea that Republicans in Congress who used to be respected at some point have chosen to ignore the obvious paper trail or digital one and the words coming outta the mouths of respected career service workers just seems too coincidental for me.  I want to know what if any association do these folks have to all things done said acted upon by the trump admin.  In 2013, only 18% of the public identified themselves as members of the tea party, but in this era of trump it seems they are back showing their true colours very loudly but have now transformed into something worse?

Republicans still believe or want voters to believe the BS about President Obama and as we move through the impeachment process and Presidential Primaries then the election, kooks who were voted into office now appear more unqualified than ever before and need to be voted out asap what with all the hearings, voters got a chance to see exactly what they voted for and seriously the democratic party did a great job in selecting members of Congress during midterm2018 …  a tidal wave.

The notion that any republican member of Congress should remain seated in Congress while backing alternative facts and spewing what sounds like foreign propaganda is offensive. The old Tea Party was angry and misinformed but this new group of tea partiers or trumpist is much more willing to ignore the obvious including congressional duties, regular order, norms the rule of law and seemingly have been spitting on Our Constitution on the regular.

It’s tough to believe these people are actually buying that trump is actually governing with the constitution and rule of law in mind. It has got to be something else going on especially since he hasn’t really done anything for his constituents but to them.   I understand being upset about the politics of it all in general, but the fact is some  were mad that 53% voted an African American into the office POTUS and if you were watching the impeachment debates etc it was clear republicans are still blame him while others continue to incite fear, promote exclusion and have crossed the lines of sanity

I will say it again, most if not all of the new group of Republican members of congress seem like misinformed trump operatives, others are racists and then there is a small group of misguided individuals.   There are quite a few solutions including impeaching trump but registering new voters and getting out the vote is important, remember that the mid-term elections have always been a no big deal vote and that got changed as Midterm2018 tidal wave switched out republicans in Congress for the democratic party as the fight for the right to vote beat out gerrymandering in the courts, yet the battle continues on. The struggle is real.


Happy holidays, Democratic House Majority PAC

Before you head out for the holidays, we just wanted to send you a note
thanking you for all you’ve done this year to help stop the Tea Party.
Your support has been nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a quick card we put together highlighting all the times the Tea Party of “NO” has stood in the way in the last year. Click here to see the graphic and then share it on Facebook. Hope you enjoy it!

From all of us at House Majority PAC, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season spent with friends and family.

Happy holidays,


HILARIOUS “12 Days of Congress”


Do you have 44 seconds to spare?

You HAVE to watch this hilarious, holiday-themed takedown of what Republicans have been up to this year.

We’ve been watching it all day in the office and trust us — you’re
going to want to pass this one along to your friends who don’t mind a
good swipe at the Tea Party.

out our “12 Days of Congress” site where you can download the song
(featuring Bowzer from Sha Na Na) for free and put in on your holiday
mix. You can even get it as a ringtone!

From Big Oil subsidies to bonuses for bigwigs, the GOP has stuffed some
extra special goodies in the stockings of corporations and the
ultra-wealthy this year, while giving the rest of us a lump of coal. And
don’t get us started on Republicans’ idea of outreach to women.


DCCC Video

Nancy Pelosi … can we count on you

Today marks just over a month before our country could face another Tea Party GOP shutdown.

We saw what happened last time: uncertainty, instability and a cost to our economy of $24 billion. That’s why as of 10 a.m. today, over 250,000 of our top Democratic activists have announced they’re standing with President Obama to send a clear message to Tea Party Republicans: no more shutdowns. Will you join them?
Friends, with so much at stake, we’ve got to stand up and defeat the Tea Party’s radical and reckless agenda here and now. Will you become one of the One Million Americans standing up to GOP recklessness? Add your name today and make it clear: no more shutdowns.
President Obama said it best when he declared that we need to stop governing from crisis to crisis and start working together. Enough of the Tea Party recklessness!
Add your name and join the One Million Americans who are standing up to the Tea Party and their brand of extremism.
Let’s kick the reckless Tea Party out of the House Republican Caucus once and for all.

Chris Matthews calls out Eric Hovde for attacking Tammy Baldwin

You know what we’re up against in this campaign – it’s the worst-of-Washington. Two DC insiders and a deluge of corporate-funded Tea Party Super PACs. They’re attacking me personally, our progressive values, and running negative campaigns to avoid talking about the issues that matter to Wisconsin voters.

Theirs is such extreme rhetoric that it’s not just setting our debate back, it threatens to send our country back – back to the 1950’s! I need your help TODAY in countering the attacks and the smears. Help us reach our $250,000 goal by the deadline on Saturday. Click here to contribute today.

This race is not about how wild, and frankly desperate, my opponents’ accusations will get. Or about how many millions the self-funders and special interests throw in to attack our campaign.

It’s about which candidate stands with the people of Wisconsin. It’s about our progressive fight to make sure everyone pays their fair share and the middle class gets its fair shot.

But to continue that fight, I need everyone’s help. We’re inches away from hitting $250,000 in our Fighters Fund! With less than two days to go and $22,625 needed, I know we can do this! Click here to give right now.

At midnight on June 30, the numbers will be tallied and for days after the pundits will weigh our strength against our opponents. We need to show Wisconsin and the nation the strength I know our grassroots network holds.

We can’t do it without you. Give today.

Thanks for joining my fight,