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In Memory: an Official Google blog honoring -the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day …TODAY 2011

In honor of the UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day , we’re partnering with Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem-based center for remembering the Holocaust‘s victims and survivors, to bring their collections of photographs and documents to the web.

Click on the link below …Explore Yad Vashem’s Holocaust archives online
January 26, 2011


On a trip to Jerusalem three years ago, Jonathan Rosenberg visited Yad Vashem. Struck by the museum’s vast historical record housed within the physical building, he hoped Google could do something powerful to showcase this information. Inspired by the challenge, a few of us, in our “20% time,” started working with Yad Vashem and eventually grew our effort into a full project, introducing a YouTube channel in 2008 and now this collections site.

Within the archive you will find more than 130,000 images in full resolution. You can search for them via a custom search engine on Yad Vashem’s collections site. And by using experimental optical character recognition (OCR), we’ve transcribed the text on many images, making them even more discoverable on the web. This means that if you search for the name of a family member who was in the Holocaust, you might find a link to an image on the Yad Vashem site.

To experience the new archive features yourself, try searching for the term [rena weiser], the name of a Jewish refugee. You’ll find a link to a visa issued to her by the Consulate of Chile in France. OCR technology made this picture discoverable to those searching for her.

Yad Vashem encourages you to add personal stories about images that have meaning for you in the “share your thoughts” section below each item. Doron Avni, a fellow Googler, has already added a story. He found a photograph of his grandfather taken immediately after his release from a Nazi prison. His grandfather had vowed that if he should survive, he would immediately have his picture taken to preserve the memory of his experience in the Holocaust. He stitched the photo into his coat, an act that later saved his life. After hiding in the forest for a year, Russian soldiers mistook him for a German enemy, but released him once they saw this picture.



Doron’s grandfather

The Yad Vashem partnership is part of our larger effort to bring important cultural and historical collections online. We’ve been involved in similar projects in the past including digitizing major libraries in Europe, collections at the Prado Museum in Madrid, and the LIFE photo archive. We encourage organizations interested in partnering with us in our archiving efforts to enter their information in this form.

We’re proud to be launching this significant archive that will allow people to discover images that are part of their heritage, and will aid people worldwide researching the Holocaust.

Posted by Eyal Fink, Software Engineer and Yossi Matias, Head of Israel R&D Center

Does Google support ALEC

Dear MoveOn member,

Stunning news: Google supports a right-wing front group that pushes anti-environment, anti-education and anti-worker policies. That’s why I started a petition on MoveOn.org to Google CEO Larry Page. The petition says:

The anti-environment, anti-education and anti-worker agenda of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) is the antithesis of what Google claims to stand for.Please end your support for ALEC and its extremist policies today!

Sign Marisol’s petition

I’m Marisol Garcia, a teacher and MoveOn member in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve witnessed ALEC’s dangerous agenda firsthand.

ALEC has repeatedly tried to dismantle our public schools by rerouting taxpayer funds toward private and for-profit institutions, attacking the reduced price school lunch program and attempting an end-run around teachers’ unions. On top of that, ALEC has repeatedly pushed voter suppression efforts, discouraged policies that would expand alternative energy use, and promoted the dangerous “Stand Your Ground” law in states across America.

Google has a great reputation and I couldn’t be happier about the recent investments my school made to bring tools like Chrome and Google Docs to my students—but that makes Google’s involvement with ALEC even more disappointing. Please join me in asking Google to end its support for ALEC.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Marisol Garcia

Official Google blog …

Conquer the Lonely Mountain in Chrome

In “The Hobbit,” a company of Dwarves tries to reclaim the lost kingdom of Erebor from Smaug the Terrible, a fire-breathing Dragon. While the Dwarves’ quest is fraught with danger, your journey to Erebor is just a click away in “A Journey Through Middle-earth,” the Chrome Experiment released a few weeks ago from Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures (MGM).
You can now follow the Dwarves’ journey to Erebor and try to outsmart Smaug on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. But it might be wise to first pay a little visit to the folks who live in nearby Thranduil’s Hall and Lake-town—locations that recently became accessible in this Chrome Experiment—just in case you need their help against the mighty Dragon.

To best equip you on your journey, you may want to stop by Google Play. There you’ll find all sorts of Hobbit-related apps, games, books, music and films*. Together with the recent recording of a Google+ Hangout with director Peter Jackson and actors Evangeline Lilly and Richard Armitage, these can also help you get up to speed for the upcoming release in theaters of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”
And for those of you more interested in web development than Dragon-slaying, check out the second technical case study on “A Journey Through Middle-earth” (the first one is already available on HTML5 Rocks). You can also watch a Hangout with North Kingdom, the team of designers and hackers who built it, on December 18. We’ll be posting more updates for the developer community on +Google Chrome Developers.
Posted by Adrian Soghoian, Product Marketing Manager & a Fool of a Took
*Available content and promotions vary by country.

Give back with the first-ever donatable Hangout-a-thon on Google+

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 06:00 AM PST

As the holidays approach and our calendars become full, it can be hard to find time to give back to the causes you care about most. Tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday—an annual one-day event that encourages people to make donations to their favorite charities—we’re making it easier for you to connect with a worthy cause through the first-ever “Hangout-a-thon” on Google+.
Starting at 9 a.m. EST tomorrow on the Giving Tuesday Google+ page, you can join nonprofit organizations working to improve clean water access, eliminate bullying, and provide disaster relief in the Philippines. Learn more about their work, ask questions and connect directly to the people they’re helping. Celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush will stop by to join in on the fun, and you can also donate to the charity of your choice while watching the Hangout.

Here’s a preview of what you can do:

  • Connect with people engaging in relief efforts on the ground in the Philippines through Save the Children and UNICEF
  • Join conversations with the founders of Warby Parker and TOMS about gifts that give back, moderated by our partner Mashable
  • Get inspired during a morning yoga tutorial with the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya
  • Hear how the Malala Fund is working to promote education as a peace-building tool in developing nations
  • Participate in a quick coding lesson from Code.org, Girls Who Code and Code2040 and learn what you can do to support digital literacy

We hope you’ll participate by watching the Hangout-a-thon, donating to a cause you care about and posting about the event with #givingtuesday on Google+. And to keep the giving going throughout the holiday season, download One Today, our Android app that lets you donate to a different nonprofit every day.
Posted by Ramya Raghavan, Head of Politics and Causes for Google+

Small business and ACA

Hangout with the SBA and Cover Oregon to find out

The third in a series of three Google+ Hangouts brought to you by the SBA and Cover Oregon will discuss what small businesses need to know about Oregon’s Health Care Marketplace, Cover Oregon, and how they will access coverage through the web portal. Cover Oregon will address specific small business needs including:

  • How to request real-time carrier quotes including available plans and rates
  • The process to search for and select a medical plan and dental plan for employees
  • How to set up the open enrollment period for employees
  • The process for e-signature and carrier submission

Have additional questions about how the health care law will impact your business in Oregon? Watch the earlier Hangouts that covered specific topics of the Affordable Care Act like the Marketplace and the Small Business Tax Credit.

The first Hangout described the new Health Care Marketplace in Oregon, Cover Oregon. Through Cover Oregon, employers and individuals will be able to shop for health insurance plans and access financial assistance to help pay for coverage. The second Hangout covered the small business tax credit available under ACA and the eligibility requirements to qualify for it.

Join us September 17, 2013, 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. and learn how Cover Oregon can help you.

Registration is not required for these Hangouts.  Simply click on SBA’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/sba or Google+ Page www.google.com/+sbagov and tweet your questions using the hashtag #CoverOregon.