Stop the big oil giveaway fueling our enemies

Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering gutting one of the most important policies put in place to limit the amount of fossil fuels we burn and lower our dependence on foreign oil.

It’s called the Renewable Fuel Standard and it ensures a minimum number of renewable fuels are used for transportation in the United States.

As veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters, we have a unique understanding about the cost of our dependence on foreign oil. It’s not just measured in the price at the pump, or a changing climate, but also in the lives lost and changed through deployments to protect the flow of oil in the Middle East.

VoteVets is participating in the Environmental Protection Agency’s public comment period on this issue. It ends in a few weeks, and we’d love it if you added your name to ours before we submit. You can do that here:

This is an important issue and a very real chance for you to make a difference. The EPA traditionally takes these comments very seriously, but our voices are at risk of being drowned out by big oil interests running astroturf campaigns.

That’s why your petition signature is so important. I hope you’ll add your name to mine today.

All the best,

General (Ret.) Wesley Clark
Board Member,

The rainforests of Indonesia are being bulldozed, burned and replaced by palm oil plantations

The rainforests of Indonesia are being bulldozed, burned and replaced by palm oil plantations.
Help stop rainforest destruction!
Donate today to help end rainforest destruction and protect the environment worldwide. If you have been waiting for the right time to make your first gift to Greenpeace, this is it. We have almost reached our goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31, and every gift makes a difference.
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greenpeace“Holy….!” That was the first thought that went through my head while looking out the window during a recent flight over Indonesia. Where there was supposed to be rainforest, rows of palm trees stretched to the horizon.
The forest was gone — bulldozed, burned and replaced with palm oil plantations. The destruction was unimaginable.
It was that moment I realized it was going to take a global effort on a massive scale to transform the palm oil industry from the rainforest’s biggest threat to a partner in its protection. I work for Greenpeace because I know it’s possible. But not without your support.
Help stop rainforest destruction for dirty palm oil. Please give what you can to support Greenpeace’s work to save the Indonesian  rainforest and fight on the frontlines of environmental destruction  everywhere.

We are almost to our goal of raising $150,000 by Dec. 31. Joao Talocchi Greenpeace Palm Oil Campaigner
My flight above the palm oil plantations had been a shock, but nothing prepared me for the forest destruction on the ground. I arrived in one of the most crucial regions of Indonesian rainforest to find miles of forest burned or cleared. Not even in use just destroyed and empty.
What had been habitat for endangered orangutans, tigers and even elephants just months before was now burnt stumps and fallen logs. Every step I took raised a small cloud of ash.
Even though many patches of rainforest like the one I visited are cleared illegally, the Indonesian government often doesn’t have the power or resources to investigate.
Greenpeace does, though only through the support of people like you. Make a gift now and add the power that makes our campaign to stop rainforest destruction, and all of our work, possible.
We are on the ground finding answers, monitoring for new areas of forest destruction from satellite, and holding palm oil companies and their customers accountable even when authorities fail to do so.
And the progress we’ve made since my first visit has blown me away. The largest trader of palm oil in the world committed to only buy traceable zero-deforestation palm oil after Greenpeace exposed their connection to forest destruction this year. Big companies like Unilever and Nestle have made policies to only buy no deforestation palm oil.
We haven’t won yet. But we’re making progress. Now is an absolutely critical time.
2014 could be a turning point for the rainforests of Indonesia. Make a donation today to our efforts to save the rainforest and protect the environment worldwide. We have almost reached our goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31, and every gift makes a difference.
Greenpeace is completely independent. We don’t take a dime for corporations or governments. It’s what allows us to hold those responsible for rainforest destruction accountable and to do what’s right for the environment. It also means that without the support of people like you, none of it is possible.
Let’s make 2014 an even better year than this year for rainforests in Indonesia. For the endangered animals that live there. For the climate. And for our future.
Thank you,
Joao Talocchi Greenpeace Palm Oil Campaigner
P.S. Please make a donation today to our work on environmental frontlines around the world. We have almost reached our goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31st, and every gift counts.

Happy holidays, Democratic House Majority PAC

Before you head out for the holidays, we just wanted to send you a note
thanking you for all you’ve done this year to help stop the Tea Party.
Your support has been nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a quick card we put together highlighting all the times the Tea Party of “NO” has stood in the way in the last year. Click here to see the graphic and then share it on Facebook. Hope you enjoy it!

From all of us at House Majority PAC, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season spent with friends and family.

Happy holidays,


Her fight is our own

Amazon Watch
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Mayalú Txucarramãe
Mayalú Txucarramãe – © Cacá MeirellesDear Carmen,Last week we reminded you just how proud we are of our courageous partner in the Brazilian Amazon, Kayapó warrior Mayalú Txucarramãe. We told you the story of how Mayalú has become a powerful leader in the fight to stop the destructive Belo Monte dam. Her home, community, family, culture, and very survival depend on it.

Mayalu is your partner, too. Your support of Amazon Watch directly empowers Mayalú and the campaign to stop the Belo Monte dam and rainforest destruction. The fight to protect her home is ultimately our fight for a better world and future on this planet that we share.

Mayalú’s fight is not just about stopping one of the largest dam complexes in the world – it’s about turning the tide against destructive development projects across the Amazon and acknowledging that we have a responsibility that goes beyond ourselves when it comes to issues that affect the global climate.

How we address issues that contribute to the climate crisis will define us in the future. How firmly we stand with those on the front lines of today’s climate battle, women like Mayalú, will decide our collective fate. It will be part of our legacy when we consider what we actually did to better the world.

Support Mayalú and her community by donating today to stop destructive dams in the Amazon and to protect our planetary life support systems. Please give and give generously so that Amazon Watch can continue its work with Mayalú and others fighting for a better future – for the Amazon, for the planet.

If not you, then who?

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Director of Engagement

Two Fake Right-Wing “Wars” And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Media Matters for America
The right pushes the fake War on Christmas while trying to scam their own readers into buying ridiculous things. They say there’s a “war on men” when a women gets equal pay for equal work. They insist fictional characters must be white. We need your help to stand against these lies, smears, and distortions.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Holiday Grifts

Right-Wing Christmas GiftsWhen the right isn’t busy telling their audience there’s a “War on Christmas,” they’re busy trying to scam them out of money. We rounded up some of what the right is pushing for holiday gifts, starting with a $1,500 metal box that can allegedly help you survive an electromagnetic pulse attack:

The Right’s Other Fake War

Rosie RiveterPundits like James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal would have you believe there is an ongoing “war on men.” But this fake “war” is just a way for these pundits to complain about things such as equal pay for equal work and ensuring that women receive adequate health care:

White Santa And Megyn Kelly

Megyn KellyMegyn Kelly has a long history of using race to stoke fear of minorities. So it was hollow when she blamed those who “race bait” for outrage over her remarks about Santa Claus and Jesus being white. Related: You know you screwed up when Bill O’Reilly rushes in to defend your cultural commentary: The usual suspects are circling the wagons around Kelly:


SantaThe only way to handle the fake “War on Christmas” shenanigans is to have a bit of fun. Here’s our quick video on how the right sells this lie:


MMFA We’re in the midst of our year-end fundraiser. Fighting conservative misinformation is a big job – and we can’t do it without you. You can support our work here:


60 MinutesRather than produce a hard-hitting, investigative segment about the NSA, 60 Minutes ran what has rightly been described as a “puff piece.”


Pope Francis
Pope Francis Speaks Out