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The rainforests of Indonesia are being bulldozed, burned and replaced by palm oil plantations

The rainforests of Indonesia are being bulldozed, burned and replaced by palm oil plantations.
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greenpeace“Holy….!” That was the first thought that went through my head while looking out the window during a recent flight over Indonesia. Where there was supposed to be rainforest, rows of palm trees stretched to the horizon.
The forest was gone — bulldozed, burned and replaced with palm oil plantations. The destruction was unimaginable.
It was that moment I realized it was going to take a global effort on a massive scale to transform the palm oil industry from the rainforest’s biggest threat to a partner in its protection. I work for Greenpeace because I know it’s possible. But not without your support.
Help stop rainforest destruction for dirty palm oil. Please give what you can to support Greenpeace’s work to save the Indonesian  rainforest and fight on the frontlines of environmental destruction  everywhere.

We are almost to our goal of raising $150,000 by Dec. 31. Joao Talocchi Greenpeace Palm Oil Campaigner
My flight above the palm oil plantations had been a shock, but nothing prepared me for the forest destruction on the ground. I arrived in one of the most crucial regions of Indonesian rainforest to find miles of forest burned or cleared. Not even in use just destroyed and empty.
What had been habitat for endangered orangutans, tigers and even elephants just months before was now burnt stumps and fallen logs. Every step I took raised a small cloud of ash.
Even though many patches of rainforest like the one I visited are cleared illegally, the Indonesian government often doesn’t have the power or resources to investigate.
Greenpeace does, though only through the support of people like you. Make a gift now and add the power that makes our campaign to stop rainforest destruction, and all of our work, possible.
We are on the ground finding answers, monitoring for new areas of forest destruction from satellite, and holding palm oil companies and their customers accountable even when authorities fail to do so.
And the progress we’ve made since my first visit has blown me away. The largest trader of palm oil in the world committed to only buy traceable zero-deforestation palm oil after Greenpeace exposed their connection to forest destruction this year. Big companies like Unilever and Nestle have made policies to only buy no deforestation palm oil.
We haven’t won yet. But we’re making progress. Now is an absolutely critical time.
2014 could be a turning point for the rainforests of Indonesia. Make a donation today to our efforts to save the rainforest and protect the environment worldwide. We have almost reached our goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31, and every gift makes a difference.
Greenpeace is completely independent. We don’t take a dime for corporations or governments. It’s what allows us to hold those responsible for rainforest destruction accountable and to do what’s right for the environment. It also means that without the support of people like you, none of it is possible.
Let’s make 2014 an even better year than this year for rainforests in Indonesia. For the endangered animals that live there. For the climate. And for our future.
Thank you,
Joao Talocchi Greenpeace Palm Oil Campaigner
P.S. Please make a donation today to our work on environmental frontlines around the world. We have almost reached our goal of $150,000 by Dec. 31st, and every gift counts.

Humans Vs the rainforest and Orangutan

This young orangutan was evacuated from his forest home right before it was destroyed. Others aren’t so lucky.
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The rainforest is a dangerous place for orangutan mothers and their young. Tigers and leopards are their natural predators. They’ve been dealing with these for centuries.
It’s the people with bulldozers, or even lighters, that these orangutan mothers have to fear the most.
This September, one young orangutan (pictured) and his mother were found and rescued just before their entire patch of forest was razed — with them inside it. All to expand a palm oil plantation.
Endangered orangutans have already been driven off 80% of their original habitat. The rest is set to disappear soon if nothing changes. Their last chance at survival is vanishing fast.
Help us ensure that orangutan mothers have a safe place to raise their young and support all the work we do to protect the environment by making your most generous year-end donation today. We are almost halfway to our goal of raising $150,000 by December 31st.
Tearing down rainforest for palm oil plantations doesn’t just mean trouble for endangered species like the orangutan. It’s bad news for all of us. The same trees and peatlands orangutans roam hold vast supplies of carbon that keep our climate stable.
Burning or bulldozing the forest releases massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere — driving climate change and leading to more extreme weather events right here in the US. Rainforest destruction affects us and our communities, thousands of miles away.
That’s why our campaign to stop forest destruction in Indonesia is so urgent. For the forests and for the climate. Please make your most generous year-end donation today. Your gift will support our campaign and all the work we do to protect the environment.
People, governments and corporations are beginning to recognize how important it is to turn the palm oil industry into a truly sustainable and responsible industry that benefits Indonesia’s people as well as forests. Just this week, the United Nations Environment Programme announced that it supports major action to transform the palm oil industry in order to ensure the survival of apes like the orangutan.
But to stop rainforest destruction before it’s too late, we can’t wait for others to catch up. That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to demand that consumer companies only use palm oil not linked deforestation. But it won’t be successful unless we have the support of people like you. Please make a donation to support this work, and all of Greenpeace’s campaigns, today.
Already in 2013, Greenpeace has exposed international corporations that buy palm oil grown on former orangutan habitat. And supporters like you have sent tens of thousands of messages demanding that major companies commit to no deforestation policies.
It’s not enough to fight deforestation from afar. We are also on the ground, working with other local and international groups — even the Indonesian government — to identify and monitor rainforest areas with the greatest need for protection: both for endangered species and for our climate.
Because we are watching, when crucial rainforest areas are under attack, we can find out who is responsible and hold them accountable to the public. Even when the government can’t.
This vital work, and all of Greenpeace’s campaigns, rest on your support. Please make a generous year-end gift today to help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 by December 31.
For our planet to thrive, we must end forest destruction in Indonesia and across the globe. It would be impossible alone, but I know that we can do it — together.
For the forests,
Joao Talocchi Greenpeace Palm Oil Campaigner
PS. We are almost halfway to reaching our $150,000 goal before December 31. Make your urgent year-end gift on our secure website.

Extinction for palm oil

We must act fast to stop rainforest destruction and save the last home of the Sumatran tiger.
Donate today to save the Sumatran tiger
Make an urgent gift today to help us reach our goal of $150,000 by December 31st and support all the work we do to protect the environment. Donate button EOY

A century ago, thousands of Javan, Bali and Sumatran tigers roamed the rainforests of Indonesia.
Not any more. The Javan and Bali tigers have been driven to extinction. And only a few hundred Sumatran tigers — the last survivors of their kind — remain. Every day they have less forest to hunt, to raise their cubs, to evade poachers. Every day brings them closer to extinction.
But we have the power to swing the balance back in the tigers’ favor. 
Greenpeace just launched a new campaign to transform the single biggest threat to Indonesia’s rainforests: the palm oil industry. Changing the industry means saving the Sumatran tiger’s remaining habitat from the bulldozer. Reversing this century of destruction can only happen with your support.
Carmen, if you have been waiting for the right time to make your first gift to Greenpeace, this is it. Please chip in 5 dollars or whatever you can today. Make an urgent gift to help us reach our goal of $150,000 by December 31st to support our campaigns to stop environmental destruction worldwide. Help save the last home of the Sumatran tiger.
In just two years, an area of Sumatran tiger habitat twice the size of Los Angeles has been destroyed to make way for palm oil and pulp and paper plantations. The companies behind the destruction are only thinking about profit and have been allowed to get away with it, no questions asked. Until now.
With your help, Greenpeace is exposing companies that buy palm oil linked to rainforest destruction. And using public pressure to convince these companies to end their role in deforestation. So you never have to wonder if the palm oil in your cookies or your shampoo was grown on former tiger habitat.
After the progress we’ve made this year, it’s clear that we are on the verge of something BIG. Just last week, Wilmar — a company that buys and sells over a third of the world’s palm oil committed to stop trading palm oil linked to rainforest destruction because of Greenpeace’s research and campaigning. This, less than a month after major company Mondelez (formerly Kraft) committed to a zero-deforestation palm oil policy for its products.
But we are only part way there. We need more big companies to start demanding accountabilityin order to change the palm oil industry as a whole. This is a pivotal moment for the forests of Indonesia. We can’t back down now. For Greenpeace to keep the pressure up, we need your help.
Help us protect the Indonesian rainforest and home of the endangered Sumatran tiger by making an urgent donation in support of our campaigns to end forest destruction and all the work we do to protect the environment. Our goal is to raise $150,000 by December 31st.
Greenpeace is dedicated to doing whatever it takes in 2014 to reverse the march towards extinction for the tigers of Indonesia, and to save the crucial rainforests there from destruction.
We are committed to tracking dirty palm oil from its source on destroyed rainforest land in Indonesia all the way to your supermarket shelf. And then exposing the supply chain so that everyone from the palm oil trader, to the consumer company, to the customer knows that a product is tied to habitat destruction. Make a donation to help us expose rainforest destruction in products we use everyday, and for all our work protecting the environment.
But it isn’t enough just to shine the spotlight on dirty deeds. Just last week, almost 50,000 supporters sent messages to the Consumer Goods Forum — an organization of over 400 consumer goods companies — demanding that the organization require its member companies to end their part in deforestation. And we won’t stop putting palm oil companies and consumer companies in the hot seat until they commit to no deforestation palm oil.
The rainforests in Indonesia, like all forests around the world, are critical for our planet to thrive. The species that live in forests — and the carbon that the forests hold — keep our world rich with life and our climate stable.
2014 can be a year for action and promise for our world’s forests. But only if you join in.
Make a donation today to support all of Greenpeace’s work on the frontlines of environmental injustice, and to help stop the destruction of tiger habitat for palm oil.
Greenpeace has a goal of zero global deforestation by 2020. It’s ambitious, but with your support I know it’s possible. Thanks for all you do.
For the tigers,
Dr. Amy Moas Greenpeace Senior Forests Campaigner
P.S. Time is running out to save the Indonesian rainforest and the Sumatran tiger. Donate today to Greenpeace’s campaigns to protect the environment and stop rainforest destruction.

Nicky Davies, Greenpeace

Deja Vu

Shell has just announced that it will attempt to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic again next year.
Take action today!
Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s permits and save the Arctic by taking action today.
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Shell is heading to the pristine Alaskan Arctic next year to drill for oil. 
There’s a reason this sounds familiar. The company tried the same thing back in 2012 until a series of mishaps, general incompetence and the activism of millions of people from around the world put an end to its plans.
Shell will stop at nothing to get at the oil it believes is under the Arctic. As a senior Shell official reminded the world last week, drilling for oil in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea is “the single largest exploration prospect in the Shell Group.” The stakes couldn’t be higher for Shell or the environment.
Stopping Shell is simple: President Obama has the power to pull Shell’s drilling permits any time he wants. But it’s going to take overwhelming public support for the President to do the right thing and stand up to Big Oil.
Help us send 75,000 messages before Thanksgiving by taking action right now demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.
The destruction of one of the last pristine places on Earth and the prospect of runaway climate change mean little to companies like Shell and its Arctic drilling Russian counterpart Gazprom. It’s all about the financial bottom-line.
These companies will go to great lengths to silence opposition. Nowhere is this clearer than in Russia where 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists are currently facing lengthy prison sentences for peacefully protesting Arctic drilling.
We can’t back down. No matter how far those in power go to silence the people who speak out against Arctic oil drilling and environmental destruction. You can stand with these activists in Russia by taking action today demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits to drill in the Arctic.
I believe the campaign to save the Arctic will be one of the defining environmental fights of this generation.
It’s an opportunity to say ‘enough.’ Enough to environmental destruction in the name of profit. Enough to our reliance on fossil fuels that is driving runaway climate change. Enough to the corporate control of our democracy.
Together we can do something big and it starts with keeping Shell out of the Alaskan Arctic in 2014.
For the Arctic and its people,
Nicky Davies Greenpeace USA Campaigns Director
PS. Shell just announced plans to drill in the Arctic next summer. If we want to stop runaway climate change and protect one of the last unspoiled places on Earth, that can’t happen. Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s drilling permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.

Released – but not free … Ben Ayliffe, Greenpeace

        “This is the most lovely news I’ve got in the last two months, but  justice will only be done when all the absurd charges are dropped. A  person who only does good for the planet, like my daughter, must be  recognized by their actions, not unjustly accused. This is the only way  we can keep the faith in the future.”
Yesterday, the mother of Brazilian activist Ana Paula heard that her  daughter will be released on bail. It’s amazing news, but Ana Paula and her fellow peaceful activists  could still spend years behind bars if convicted for a crime they didn’t  commit. 
Below is a picture of Miguel Hernan hearing that he also has been granted bail. We need for him and the rest of the Arctic 30 to know that the we are not giving up.

This isn’t over. Send a message now to demand freedom and justice for all the Arctic 30.            Send a message - this isn't over                                                                 After two months of unjust imprisonment, it seems the Russian courts are finally heeding the call of millions of voices around the world. So far, 17 of the Arctic 30 have been granted bail, including Peter Wilcox, the Captain of the Arctic Sunrise. But the 28 Greenpeace International activists, a photographer and a videographer remain accused of piracy and hooliganism after a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling.
While the bail is great news, we can’t celebrate yet. Unlike the others, Colin, an activist from Australia, was denied bail and had his detention extended for three more months. And all of the Arctic 30 still face extremely serious accusations. They could have a long wait for a trial, and face years in prison if convicted on these absurd charges.
We need your help to let the world know this isn’t over yet. We must keep fighting to free our friends and bring them home to their families. We need more than bail, we need these ridiculous charges against peaceful activists dropped for good, putting an end to this madness.
Send a message to the Russian embassy: this isn’t over until charges are dropped. Click here.
Since the ship and entire crew of the Arctic Sunrise were detained exactly two months ago, a huge movement has grown to support their freedom. Thousands of people have protested in hundreds of cities worldwide with marches, vigils, demonstrations, and festivals. Activists took to the Eiffel Tower, the Sagrada Familia, and the corporate offices of oil giant Gazprom and its partner Shell to protest this injustice.
Meanwhile over 2 million messages have been sent to Russian embassies. Support has flowed in from 13 Nobel laureates, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi. Global leaders like Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff, and David Cameron have asked for diplomatic solutions, while celebrities like Paul McCartney, Madonna, and Jude Law added their support.
The Arctic 30 went to the Arctic to bear witness to the threat caused by oil companies in this fragile environment, and peacefully protest to protect the home of the polar bears. If you believe, like I do, that these people are heroes, and not criminals, then help bring them home. Click here.
Thank you for everything,