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Nicky Davies, Greenpeace

Deja Vu

Shell has just announced that it will attempt to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic again next year.
Take action today!
Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s permits and save the Arctic by taking action today.
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Shell is heading to the pristine Alaskan Arctic next year to drill for oil. 
There’s a reason this sounds familiar. The company tried the same thing back in 2012 until a series of mishaps, general incompetence and the activism of millions of people from around the world put an end to its plans.
Shell will stop at nothing to get at the oil it believes is under the Arctic. As a senior Shell official reminded the world last week, drilling for oil in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea is “the single largest exploration prospect in the Shell Group.” The stakes couldn’t be higher for Shell or the environment.
Stopping Shell is simple: President Obama has the power to pull Shell’s drilling permits any time he wants. But it’s going to take overwhelming public support for the President to do the right thing and stand up to Big Oil.
Help us send 75,000 messages before Thanksgiving by taking action right now demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.
The destruction of one of the last pristine places on Earth and the prospect of runaway climate change mean little to companies like Shell and its Arctic drilling Russian counterpart Gazprom. It’s all about the financial bottom-line.
These companies will go to great lengths to silence opposition. Nowhere is this clearer than in Russia where 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists are currently facing lengthy prison sentences for peacefully protesting Arctic drilling.
We can’t back down. No matter how far those in power go to silence the people who speak out against Arctic oil drilling and environmental destruction. You can stand with these activists in Russia by taking action today demanding that President Obama pull Shell’s permits to drill in the Arctic.
I believe the campaign to save the Arctic will be one of the defining environmental fights of this generation.
It’s an opportunity to say ‘enough.’ Enough to environmental destruction in the name of profit. Enough to our reliance on fossil fuels that is driving runaway climate change. Enough to the corporate control of our democracy.
Together we can do something big and it starts with keeping Shell out of the Alaskan Arctic in 2014.
For the Arctic and its people,
Nicky Davies Greenpeace USA Campaigns Director
PS. Shell just announced plans to drill in the Arctic next summer. If we want to stop runaway climate change and protect one of the last unspoiled places on Earth, that can’t happen. Tell President Obama to pull Shell’s drilling permits and keep oil companies out of the Arctic for good.

Shell: Speak Out and Help Get My Dad Out of Jail!

By Natasha Willcox, Greenpeace USA
, Conn

My dad, Peter Willcox, is currently being held in a Russian jail, arrested following a peaceful protest against the Russian oil company Gazprom — a key corporate partner for Shell — to try and protect the Arctic from environmental disaster.

He’s in jail because of Gazprom — during the protest, the company made a call to Russian security forces to intervene. 24 hours later, armed commandos had illegally boarded the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise and arrested all 30 people on board, including my dad.

But to break open the Russian Arctic, Gazprom needs Shell. They’ve just done a deal, so Shell will bring its money and expertise and Gazprom will bring its access to the Russian Arctic.

When it comes to Arctic drilling they’re in it together now, up to their necks. That puts Shell in a hugely powerful position to influence Gazprom. If Shell wanted to help my dad come home, they could push their friends at Gazprom to make the call.

Peter Voser is Shell’s CEO, and Charles Holliday is the chair of its corporate and social responsibility committee — surely the most relevant aspect of Shell’s work for this situation.

Please join me in calling on Shell to take their corporate responsibility seriously, and speak out to free my dad!

Trapped in a Russian jail


Ana Paula and 29 of her Greenpeace crewmates are trapped in a Russian jail for trying to save the Arctic from oil drilling. But our community could set them free if we help Greenpeace build a massive global outcry targeting Russia’s biggest global partners. Let’s reach 1 million to free the Arctic 30 — sign now by clicking below:


Ana Paula is a 31-year old from Brazil who wanted to peacefully protest Russia’s plans to drill the Arctic. Now she, along with her 29 crewmates from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, is locked in a Russian jail with no release in sight. But we can throw her and the rest of her crew a lifeline.

The Greenpeace staff, some in solitary confinement, are now facing fifteen years in prison on trumped up charges of piracy. Their crime? Hanging a banner on a Russian oil rig to protest dangerous deepwater drilling in one of the earth’s most beautiful and fragile places. Many western governments have already spoken out, but now Ana Paula and Greenpeace are asking the Avaaz community to help build a truly global outcry. 

Together we can call on some of Russia’s strongest trade and political partners — Brazil, India, South Africa and the EU — to call for the release of the Arctic 30. Let’s reach 1 million to free Ana Paula and her friends. Once we hit that mark, Avaaz will project their faces in key public places to keep this story at the top of the news:


This is what Ana Paula’s sister said about her: “In many ways, my sister is a typical Brazilian — talkative, friendly, and full of life. But she’s also simply extraordinary, passionate about nature since she was little, and never hesitating to stand up for it even at great personal risk.”

Now Ana Paula and her crewmates could lose 15 years of their lives, all for trying to hang a banner on a Gazprom oil rig, the first of its kind in the Arctic. This is an aggressive backlash against defenders of our environment — stopping oil drilling in the Arctic is about protecting the last great wilderness on earth, where oil spills are almost impossible to clean up.

Greenpeace has hired great lawyers who point out that the 30 were arrested in international waters, making Russia the one violating the international Law of the Sea. But being on the right side of the law may not be enough to regain their freedom, and their dreadful fate may be sealed soon unless the international community lets Russia know that this is a scandal that’s not going to go away.

Avaaz has a particularly powerful voice in many of these countries with huge memberships — 5 million in Brazil alone! If we all weigh in now and build a one million strong petition, Avaazers in Brazil, South Africa, India, and the EU can ramp up the pressure. Sign now to help build 1 million people to help free the Arctic 30:


These Arctic 30 were brave enough to confront the oil industry in one of the last untouched places on earth. They are being silenced and intimidated by the oil industry for their bravery. Our community has stood strong for campaigners across the world — now let’s free these 30.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Alex, Emma, Lisa, Ricken, Marie, Julien, Diego and the rest of the Avaaz team


Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of ‘piracy’ in Arctic (BBC)

Dutch sue Russia to recover ‘pirate’ Greenpeace crew (France24)

What Russia’s Treatment of Greenpeace Activists Reveals About its Arctic Policy (The Atlantic)

Legal analysis by International law professor Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirchner

Black Ice: Russia’s ongoing oil spill crisis (Report, Greenpeace)

the Arctic Sunrise

As I write this, two activists have been arrested after attempting to occupy a Gazprom oil platform in the Russian Arctic to stop it becoming the first company to produce oil from the icy waters of the region. Gazprom is Shell’s new partner in crime, with plans to wring every drop of oil from this fragile environment.
We’re determined to stop them, but our peaceful protest was met with aggression from the Russian Coast Guard, who fired at least 11 warning shots at our ship and threatened our activists with knives and guns. The situation is still developing, but we need to show these brave activists that our 3.8 million-strong movement is behind them.
Click here to send a message of support to the activists in the Russian Arctic.
Save The Arctic
Yesterday morning, five inflatable boats set off from the Arctic Sunrise towards Gazprom’s platform. The Russian Coast Guard, which seemed to be under orders to protect the oil giant’s dangerous rig, responded quickly with disproportionate use of force. Two activists were stopped before they reached the platform, and although two more did successfully climb onto the rig, shots fired by the Coast Guard meant they could not stay long.
These are the kinds of lengths that the Russian authorities will go to protect the interests of oil companies. But we will not be intimidated into silence. We’re doing this because someone has to stop the insane race of companies like Shell and Gazprom to extract oil from the melting Arctic. Together we’re going to draw a line in the ice to say: “You go no further.”
You’ve already taken the first step to save the Arctic by joining our movement. Last Sunday thousands of us in 75 cities and 30 countries took to the streets in the biggest event in defense of the Arctic in history. Now I hope you will send a message to the activists in the Russian Arctic, letting them know that you’re thinking of them and supporting them. I can tell you from experience, it makes all the difference. 
Tell the activists in the Russian Arctic you believe in what they’re doing.
Thanks so much!
Ian Duff

Arctic Campaigner          Greenpeace Canada

Shell heads to Russia

Shell was forced to quit in the US Alaskan Arctic this year after a series of dangerous and humiliating failures. But now Shell has a Plan B to enter the Arctic through Russia, and it’s urgent that we spread the word before it’s too late. We need you to share this video to expose Shell’s ruthless new plan, and ask your friends to sign the petition to save the Arctic from oil destruction:
Increasingly desperate to plunder the Arctic in any way possible, Shell has made a deal with the devil: partnering with monstrous Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom to access the Arctic through Russia, where laws are lax and corruption is rife.

Shell’s new bedfellow Gazprom is infamous for a catastrophic accident in 2011 when its oil rig sank in stormy weather – and 53 people died. This new partnership is a guaranteed oil spill in the making, and the environmental catastrophe zone of northern Russia is a preview of the Arctic’s future if we don’t act.
We know that spreading this video will harm Shell’s carefully-tended reputation. The last thing the company wants is to appear as a risky investment to its shareholders and partners, so broadcasting this treacherous new deal to the world could help keep Shell out of the Russian Arctic.
Help us trash Shell’s brand before they trash the Arctic. Click here to see the video, share it with your friends and invite them to our movement. You can also just forward this email, or copy and paste the text below.
Thanks so much.
Ian Duff
Arctic Campaign

—————–Copy and paste this text into an email for your friends—————-
Have you seen this petition to save the Arctic? www.savethearctic.org. I’ve signed and you should too.
The Arctic is under threat like never before. As polar sea ice melts faster than ever, huge oil companies like Shell are rushing to profit from Arctic oil at any cost. An oil spill would have deadly consequences for this fragile environment, destroying the home of Indigenous communities and amazing species like polar bears.
Help us declare a global sanctuary in the uninhabited area around the North Pole, and a ban on offshore drilling and industrial fishing in the whole region. Join our 3 million-strong movement now at www.savethearctic.org.