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Her fight is our own

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Mayalú Txucarramãe
Mayalú Txucarramãe – © Cacá MeirellesDear Carmen,Last week we reminded you just how proud we are of our courageous partner in the Brazilian Amazon, Kayapó warrior Mayalú Txucarramãe. We told you the story of how Mayalú has become a powerful leader in the fight to stop the destructive Belo Monte dam. Her home, community, family, culture, and very survival depend on it.

Mayalu is your partner, too. Your support of Amazon Watch directly empowers Mayalú and the campaign to stop the Belo Monte dam and rainforest destruction. The fight to protect her home is ultimately our fight for a better world and future on this planet that we share.

Mayalú’s fight is not just about stopping one of the largest dam complexes in the world – it’s about turning the tide against destructive development projects across the Amazon and acknowledging that we have a responsibility that goes beyond ourselves when it comes to issues that affect the global climate.

How we address issues that contribute to the climate crisis will define us in the future. How firmly we stand with those on the front lines of today’s climate battle, women like Mayalú, will decide our collective fate. It will be part of our legacy when we consider what we actually did to better the world.

Support Mayalú and her community by donating today to stop destructive dams in the Amazon and to protect our planetary life support systems. Please give and give generously so that Amazon Watch can continue its work with Mayalú and others fighting for a better future – for the Amazon, for the planet.

If not you, then who?

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Director of Engagement

Eye on the Amazon

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“Don’t Worry, Mom – Go Fight for Us”Mayalu, with her sister Matavitsa and Maira Irigaray-Castro at National Indigenous Mobilization in Brasilia in OctoberOur third partner profile is someone you will recognize as Amazon Watch was proud to have Mayalu Txucarramãe as our guest of honor at our 2013 annual Luncheon. Daughter of Kayapó Chief Megaron and grand niece of legendary Chief Raoni, Mayalú comes from a long line of Xingu warriors whose unwavering strength and skills led to the demarcation of the Xingu Indigenous Park. She was born a warrior – fierce and determined to defend the rights of her people. “Resistance is in my blood!” she proclaims. Mayalu continues the fight against the devastating Belo Monte Dam complex – we stand with her.

Fearless, strong, and a mother of two, Mayalu’s motivation springs from her ancestral roots and the dream that her children and grandchildren will inhabit a healthy Amazon, with its rivers and forests preserved and thriving for future generations.

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International Human Rights Day

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Justice Now!
“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918-2013


In honor of Nelson Mandela’s legacy and in recognition of International Human Rights Day, we ask you to take action for rainforests, rivers, and rights in the Amazon. Please take a moment to show solidarity with our allies in Ecuador and Brazil.

In response to the arbitrary closure of Fundación Pachamama in Ecuador by the Ecuadorian government last week, more than 10,000 people have signed a petition and over 100 international organizations have made statements of support, including individual statements from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Let’s continue to show our solidarity with our allies in Ecuador by calling for Fundación Pachamama to be reinstated so that they can continue to work in defense of human rights and the rights of nature. There’s too much at stake in the Ecuadorian Amazon to allow this crackdown to continue. Please take action today!

Today marks the first anniversary of the Justice Now Campaign, calling for justice in human rights cases related to the Belo Monte Dam project in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. Since the launch of the campaign, the world has mobilized for multiple protests and online campaigns, but the Brazilian government has ignored our calls for justice and continues to move forward with its dam-building agenda. We must keep up the pressure on Human Rights Day! Our allies are mobilizing across Brazil and around the world today. Please show your solidarity and take action with them!

For Human Rights and Justice Now,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director

Trapped in a Russian jail


Ana Paula and 29 of her Greenpeace crewmates are trapped in a Russian jail for trying to save the Arctic from oil drilling. But our community could set them free if we help Greenpeace build a massive global outcry targeting Russia’s biggest global partners. Let’s reach 1 million to free the Arctic 30 — sign now by clicking below:


Ana Paula is a 31-year old from Brazil who wanted to peacefully protest Russia’s plans to drill the Arctic. Now she, along with her 29 crewmates from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, is locked in a Russian jail with no release in sight. But we can throw her and the rest of her crew a lifeline.

The Greenpeace staff, some in solitary confinement, are now facing fifteen years in prison on trumped up charges of piracy. Their crime? Hanging a banner on a Russian oil rig to protest dangerous deepwater drilling in one of the earth’s most beautiful and fragile places. Many western governments have already spoken out, but now Ana Paula and Greenpeace are asking the Avaaz community to help build a truly global outcry. 

Together we can call on some of Russia’s strongest trade and political partners — Brazil, India, South Africa and the EU — to call for the release of the Arctic 30. Let’s reach 1 million to free Ana Paula and her friends. Once we hit that mark, Avaaz will project their faces in key public places to keep this story at the top of the news:


This is what Ana Paula’s sister said about her: “In many ways, my sister is a typical Brazilian — talkative, friendly, and full of life. But she’s also simply extraordinary, passionate about nature since she was little, and never hesitating to stand up for it even at great personal risk.”

Now Ana Paula and her crewmates could lose 15 years of their lives, all for trying to hang a banner on a Gazprom oil rig, the first of its kind in the Arctic. This is an aggressive backlash against defenders of our environment — stopping oil drilling in the Arctic is about protecting the last great wilderness on earth, where oil spills are almost impossible to clean up.

Greenpeace has hired great lawyers who point out that the 30 were arrested in international waters, making Russia the one violating the international Law of the Sea. But being on the right side of the law may not be enough to regain their freedom, and their dreadful fate may be sealed soon unless the international community lets Russia know that this is a scandal that’s not going to go away.

Avaaz has a particularly powerful voice in many of these countries with huge memberships — 5 million in Brazil alone! If we all weigh in now and build a one million strong petition, Avaazers in Brazil, South Africa, India, and the EU can ramp up the pressure. Sign now to help build 1 million people to help free the Arctic 30:


These Arctic 30 were brave enough to confront the oil industry in one of the last untouched places on earth. They are being silenced and intimidated by the oil industry for their bravery. Our community has stood strong for campaigners across the world — now let’s free these 30.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Alex, Emma, Lisa, Ricken, Marie, Julien, Diego and the rest of the Avaaz team


Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of ‘piracy’ in Arctic (BBC)

Dutch sue Russia to recover ‘pirate’ Greenpeace crew (France24)

What Russia’s Treatment of Greenpeace Activists Reveals About its Arctic Policy (The Atlantic)

Legal analysis by International law professor Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirchner

Black Ice: Russia’s ongoing oil spill crisis (Report, Greenpeace)

Eye on the Amazon: Belo Sun No!

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Belo Sun No!
Stop further tragedy on the Xingu River

Belo Sun No!This week Amazon Watch joined a global coalition of organizations to launch a campaign in defense of indigenous and traditional communities threatened by the Canadian mining company Belo Sun. The Toronto-based company plans to build Brazil’s largest gold mine on the banks of the Amazon’s Xingu River in the very area that is most impacted by the disastrous Belo Monte dam. Together with our partners in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Europe, we are standing against Belo Sun’s outrageous scheme to reap massive profits from the social and environmental havoc being caused by Belo Monte.

Aiming to extract tons of gold from the Xingu’s “Big Bend” region, Belo Sun is swooping in like a scavenger, promising to heap further tragedy on local communities and a declining ecosystem.

Read the rest and watch the video on Eye on the Amazon »


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