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Her fight is our own

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Mayalú Txucarramãe
Mayalú Txucarramãe – © Cacá MeirellesDear Carmen,Last week we reminded you just how proud we are of our courageous partner in the Brazilian Amazon, Kayapó warrior Mayalú Txucarramãe. We told you the story of how Mayalú has become a powerful leader in the fight to stop the destructive Belo Monte dam. Her home, community, family, culture, and very survival depend on it.

Mayalu is your partner, too. Your support of Amazon Watch directly empowers Mayalú and the campaign to stop the Belo Monte dam and rainforest destruction. The fight to protect her home is ultimately our fight for a better world and future on this planet that we share.

Mayalú’s fight is not just about stopping one of the largest dam complexes in the world – it’s about turning the tide against destructive development projects across the Amazon and acknowledging that we have a responsibility that goes beyond ourselves when it comes to issues that affect the global climate.

How we address issues that contribute to the climate crisis will define us in the future. How firmly we stand with those on the front lines of today’s climate battle, women like Mayalú, will decide our collective fate. It will be part of our legacy when we consider what we actually did to better the world.

Support Mayalú and her community by donating today to stop destructive dams in the Amazon and to protect our planetary life support systems. Please give and give generously so that Amazon Watch can continue its work with Mayalú and others fighting for a better future – for the Amazon, for the planet.

If not you, then who?

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Director of Engagement

Bring Back the Voices of the Xingu!

Amazon WatchHelio Alves da Silva, a fisherman who until recently made his living from the Xingu River.
Bring Back the Voices of the Xingu!Yesterday we sent you Voices of the Xingu, a powerful video collage of voices uniting to stop the Belo Monte dam in the Brazilian Amazon. Did you watch it yet?If you haven’t, stop right now and click here. I’ll wait.

These are the voices, the faces, the people who you are supporting through your support of Amazon Watch. These are the people who have been suffering as the Brazilian government and dam builders Norte Energia have pushed forward the Belo Monte dam project. These are also the people who have been fighting for their rights and for justice in this struggle. We must continue to support and stand with them.

Over 3,000 people joined demonstrations in Altamira calling for Justice Now! and a halt to construction of the Belo Monte dam. But their voices continue to be silenced and ignored. We can help change this!

The dam builders are up against the ropes – they’re facing fines and possible construction delays for violating social and environmental conditions. They’re under investigation for corruption, for harboring an illegal brothel holding underage sex slaves, and they recently admitted that the dam project has gone over budget by $1 billion dollars.

Add your voice to the chorus for justice and help continue to bring support to the frontlines through advocacy, organizing and activism. Amazon Watch is bringing allies together across river basins, proposing viable alternative energy pathways and bringing the world’s attention to issues that the Brazilian government has the responsibility and the power to change now.

So skip the latté or lunch out today, or simply invest in this great effort to bring hope to the people of the Xingu, to people like Helio. Help nurture this active resource that grows as we all chip in together. Give today for a free-flowing Xingu River and the people who depend on it.

For the people of Xingu,

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Director of Engagement

P.S. I promise you that every dollar you give is going make a difference, add strength to these voices, and help the people of the Xingu stay strong in the face of such challenges.