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“Don’t Worry, Mom – Go Fight for Us”Mayalu, with her sister Matavitsa and Maira Irigaray-Castro at National Indigenous Mobilization in Brasilia in OctoberOur third partner profile is someone you will recognize as Amazon Watch was proud to have Mayalu Txucarramãe as our guest of honor at our 2013 annual Luncheon. Daughter of Kayapó Chief Megaron and grand niece of legendary Chief Raoni, Mayalú comes from a long line of Xingu warriors whose unwavering strength and skills led to the demarcation of the Xingu Indigenous Park. She was born a warrior – fierce and determined to defend the rights of her people. “Resistance is in my blood!” she proclaims. Mayalu continues the fight against the devastating Belo Monte Dam complex – we stand with her.

Fearless, strong, and a mother of two, Mayalu’s motivation springs from her ancestral roots and the dream that her children and grandchildren will inhabit a healthy Amazon, with its rivers and forests preserved and thriving for future generations.

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