ABC: Approve Neveah Wade’s disability and check into disabilities that are being denied that are not considered life-threatening

By Eco Wade             Missouri City, Texas

I have a 7year old daughter who keeps getting denied for disability because, they claim that her disease is not life threatening. Neveah has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is an autoimmune disease that consists of Lupus(blood), Scleraderma (skin), polymyosistis(muscle).She receives Highdose IVIG once a month this treatment costs approximately 40,000 a treatment.

My daughter has almost died six times since 2011 due to this illness. Neveah had been hospitalized since October 2011 every two weeks up until April of 2013 in Florida.  My daughter fights for her life on a day to day basis, she can’t attend regular school because her immune system is so compromised that a common cold will kill her.

We have been fighting with Social Security since 2011. They keep denying her saying that her disease is not severe enough. How severe does her disesase have to be for something to be done about this, I barely can work because, I have to call off all the time when my daughter is ill. An employer will only tolerate so much of this. I want to be able to provide for my household, but its hard when you don’t have any outside help.

If my daughter was getting social security, I would be able to hire her a caregiver to stay with her so I can be able to provide for my family.These agencies won’t even look at Neveah because she has continously been denied. The government says that they want us to become self-sufficient but, how can you become self-sufficient when they won’t approve your loved ones.  Although they may think that these illnesses aren’t life threatening. How would you know if you don’t take the time and research them. I don’t understand this overrated system. This is supposed to be the land of the Free and The home of the Brave. But they belittle the ones that are trying to provide for their households the right way. Then they wonder why crime is on the rise. Now a days people are doing what they need to do to survive. Shame on you all for keeping us from being able to hire caregivers to take care of our loved ones when we are out here, just  trying to provide for our families.  It’s sad that Social Security will approve someone that is defrauding the government, but they won’t approve a terminally ill 7year old, that obviously needs the help. To assist with her caretaking. As a mother I felt I did what needed to be done. When they gave my daughter 5years left to live. I just didn’t take no for an answer, I searched for other options. I uprooted my whole family for the best interest of my daughter. Alot of us would have through the towel in a long time ago. But, not me I have subjected myself and my family to now live in poverty to make sure that my daughter is getting the best care here in Houston. The least that could be done is her disability be approved so I can get out and provide for my family like I was back in Florida. That’s all I ask is that too much.

Please sign this petition to get my daughter approved for her disability and what she really needs to help her live a somewhat normal life. So that I can provide for my family.


Florida State Attorney Angela Corey wants to send Marissa Alexander — a domestic violence survivor and Black mother of three — to prison for the rest of her life.Free Marissa PosterTell Gov. Rick Scott to suspend Angela Corey and condemn the charges against Marissa:

Join Us

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is best known for failing to secure murder convictions for the killers of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. Now, she intends to send Marissa Alexander to prison for 60 years — for firing a warning shot in self defense to stop her abusive husband.1

In 2012, Marissa was unjustly sentenced to 20 years in prison, and after immense public outrage by Black folks and our allies around the country, she won her appeal and was set free last September.2 Rejecting persistent calls to drop the case once and for all, Corey is ramping up her prosecution. It’s cruel and unacceptable. Now is our time to make it clear to Gov. Scott that national outrage over Marissa’s case is growing and unless he takes action to hold Corey accountable, there will be a political price to pay in his tight re-election campaign for Governor.

Demand that Governor Rick Scott suspend Angela Corey from office, condemn the charges brought against Marissa, and defend the just application of the law. It only takes a moment.

Known as the “killingest prosecutor,” Angela Corey has a long legacy of biased and overly harsh prosecutions when the defendant is Black.3 Over the past 5 years, Corey has sent 21 people to death row — more than any other FL prosecutor — 66% of which have been Black despite the fact that Black people account for only 16% of Corey’s district.4 Additionally, Corey’s refusal to acknowledge racial bias in the murder trials of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn led to accusations of prosecutorial misconduct including withholding evidence, failing to prepare key witnesses, and ultimately derailing the case.5

Florida’s constitution gives Governor Scott the power and responsibility to intervene and ensure justice for Marissa and Florida as a whole.6 Black women are significantly more likely to be convicted for defending themselves against an abuser, and as long as Corey remains at her post we can expect Florida’s criminal justice system to continue to fail Black survivors of violence.7  By demanding that Gov. Scott hold Corey accountable for her actions and increase political pressure to free Marissa, we can take important steps to move forward a national conversation on the ways in which Black people are mistreated in our criminal justice system — and secure systemic change.

Please join us in demanding that Gov. Rick Scott suspend Angela Corey from her position and condemn the charges against Marissa Alexander.

Thanks and Peace,

–Rashad, Matt, Arisha, William, Lyla and the rest of the team March 17th, 2014

Help support ColorOfChange’s campaign to hold Angela Corey accountable by contributing today.


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Overtime pay protections … a great year of ACTION

In this week’s address, President Obama highlighted the action he took this week to reward hard work by strengthening overtime pay protections. As part of this year of action, the President has ordered the Secretary of Labor to modernize our country’s overtime rules to ensure that millions of American workers are paid a fair wage for a hard day’s work.While our economy is moving forward, the middle class and those fighting to get into it are still struggling and too many Americans are working harder than ever just to keep up, let alone get ahead. So, in consultation with workers and business, the Obama administration will update and simplify the rules to reward hard work and responsibility.

Click here to watch this week’s Weekly Address.

Watch: President Obama's Weekly Address

Weekly Wrap Up
Between Two Ferns: POTUS EditionIf you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know that President Obama sat down between two ferns to talk health care, Bradley Cooper, basketball, and more with Zach Galifianakis.

President Obama on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

The President didn’t hold back in the no-holds-barred interview. If you haven’t already seen the special episode of “Between Two Ferns,” or if you just want to watch it again, check it out on our blog.


POTUS Uses His Pen, Updates Overtime

On Thursday, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Labor to update and modernize the nation’s overtime pay system.

@WhiteHouse Tweet:

The new system will ensure that millions of our nation’s salaried workers will have the protections of overtime pay.


“Please Just Do This One Thing and Sign Up for Health Care”

Jennifer Lopez walked at eight months, and was climbing out of her crib at a year old. Alicia Keys was “an old soul” who could hear a song once and then play it. Jonah Hill flooded his elementary school. They also all thought they were invincible, like most young people do. How do we know? Their moms told us.

@FLOTUS Tweet:

Sharon Feldstein, Patsy Noah, Terria Joseph, and Guadalupe Rodriguez (otherwise known as the moms of Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez) recently sat down to share why, as mothers, they think it’s so important that everyone — and especially young people — make sure they’re covered.


The President Meets with the Ukrainian Prime Minister

President Obama met with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Ukraine earlier this week. The two leaders discussed finding a peaceful resolution to Russia’s ongoing military intervention in Crimea that would respect Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

@PeteSouza Tweet: Pres Obama w Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk following their mtg today

They also discussed support that the international community can provide to help Ukraine confront its economic challenges, and the importance of uniting Ukraine and working to fulfill the aspirations of the Ukrainian people as they prepare for May presidential elections.


West Wing Week: “What’s Up, Captain America?” 

As always, to see even more of this week’s events, watch the latest episode of West Wing Week:

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Comcast/Time Warner Cable

Al Franken - U.S. Senator, Minnesota

You have a minute to watch a really important video?
Take a second to watch Al’s video on how bad a Comcast/Time Warner Cable acquisition would be.

Al knows this deal would likely drive up costs, drive down service quality, and result in even less choice for consumers.

And he knows you’re with him.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

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