I was arrested and I would do it again

immigrationTwo weeks ago I told you why I am fighting for immigration reform that keeps families together. I told you how I was tired of seeing my family struggle to survive and live under the shadows of our broken system. I knew that I had to do everything I could – and two weeks ago, I did just that by protesting right outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Along with eleven other youth activists, we marched and sat down in the middle of the street, blocking traffic until we were arrested. It was pouring rain but it didn’t matter. It was a necessary step for me and our movement. Now it’s your turn — will you take action to stand up for reform?

Now that I am back home, this experience has given me greater insight and motivation to keep working. I am not afraid anymore and I know now that I can play a real role in this fight. My actions reaffirmed to me that I cannot stop caring for this movement, even for a second. My future is on the line and so is my family’s future, along with thousands of other families who are suffering now and will continue to suffer as long as deportations continue and mothers, fathers, and children do not have citizenship.

Send a message to House leaders: we want reform now!

We all have a role to play, whether you are an undocumented immigrant or a US citizen, a revolutionary or just an “average Joe.” This struggle is personal. It touches every one of us, but unless we are moved to act together, we will fail. Will you take action for reform?

It has been 322 days since a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill passed in the Senate. In that same amount of time, the US House of Representatives has done nothing to move that bill, or any other type of reform forward. Now is the time when our movement has to give it all we’ve got, or we risk losing everything we have worked so hard to build.

Congress is on recess this week, but we can’t let them take a break until they do real work on immigration reform. Let’s make sure key members of Congress hear our demands for immigration reform now. Take action and call key members of Congress now!

In solidarity,