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greenpeaceToday is World Oceans Day — a chance to celebrate our love for oceans everywhere!

Even better: this World Oceans Day we have a game-changing opportunity to protect our blue planet from threats like climate change and pollution.

In just one week, Secretary of State John Kerry is hosting an ‘Our Ocean’ global conference with experts and officials to address the ocean crisis. But so far he has ignored the best plan to keep our oceans safe — ocean sanctuaries that can protect marine life from pollution and the fishing industry.

John Kerry has a chance to be a hero for the oceans by supporting sanctuaries for our seas. We know that if enough people speak up, he’ll listen.

This World Ocean Day, tell John Kerry to support ocean sanctuaries on the high seas — protecting oceans around the world.

Right now, our oceans — and the marine creatures that call them home — are suffering devastating effects from overfishing, increased pollution, and even ocean acidification.
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With more than half of our oceans lying beyond the authority of any one country, it will take nothing less than the creation of ocean sanctuaries — large areas where you don’t take anything, break anything or pollute anything — to secure the future we want for ‘Our Ocean’ and ocean life. Without such protection, our oceans remain defenseless.

This is the time! We must take real measures to protect our oceans — starting with the creation of ocean sanctuaries.

If Americans everywhere show their support for ocean protection, while global delegates are listening at the Our Ocean conference, we can ensure John Kerry hears our case for High Seas ocean sanctuaries.

Please take a minute to protect our oceans today. Sign our petition to John Kerry asking him to support a UN agreement to protect the high seas with a network of ocean sanctuaries.

Some of my fondest memories are playing on the rocky shores of the Northern California coast where I grew up. There’s no place I’d rather be than swimming alongside curious fish in the ocean.

I’m sure you also have fond memories of the first time you went to the beach, played in the waves, or watched dolphins leap and swim. Oceans unite and inspire us all.

Will you add your voice to the call for ocean protection today? We need ocean lovers like you to make sure John Kerry hears our call for ocean sanctuaries.

Today, I’m going to celebrate our oceans by fighting for their protection. I hope you’ll join me.

For our oceans,

Phil Kline
Greenpeace Senior Oceans Campaigner

P.S. I’ll going to the State Dept. on June 16th to personally deliver the petition and make sure our voices are heard. Please join me, and thousands of ocean lovers, in calling on John Kerry to demonstrate he’s serious about ‘Our Ocean’ by supporting ocean sanctuaries.

Rape … in India


Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in the fields outside their home in India and a high ranking government official just responded by saying that rape “is a social crime … sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong.” Let’s make sure India’s leader knows that this is unacceptable and demand he acts now to stop the rape epidemic. Sign now:


Two young girls were hanged from a tree after being gang raped in the fields outside their home in India and a high ranking government official just responded by saying that rape “is a social crime … sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong.”

That is the government’s response! It’s disgusting and we can change it.

India’s new leader was just elected on a pro-business platform with increased tourism as one of his top economic growth goals. If two million of us, right now, pledge not go to India until something is done about the rape epidemic across the country, we could get his attention and force him to prioritise urgent action.

Sign now and at two million signers, Avaaz will bring our call to the major Indian tourist companies that have Prime Minister Modi’s ear and lobby for travel advisories until something is done to protect this generation of girls and women:


When the 14 and 15 year old girls went missing, one girl’s dad went to the police and fell in front of them on his hands and knees pleading for them to do something. They laughed at him and told him to go home. This appalling inaction happens to countless families across India that face this horror. The police, the judiciary, and even ministers are failing them! It’s a culture of acceptance of rape!

Before the elections there was a massive movement building to get urgent action to stop violence against women. Experts drafted a Womanifesto — a common sense plan for urgently needed reforms to stop the rape epidemic. It covers law, policing, medical and psychological support, and crucially — public education. Other major parties signed up to it, but Modi ignored it focusing on economics, and it is still languishing on his desk.

Even Modi’s staff agree with the plan. Now we just need Modi to put it into action.

If millions pledge to not visit India now until action is taken, and that call is bolstered by targeted calls to the mega travel businesses that support Modi and calls to our own governments to issue travel warnings, we could force Modi to act to save his political future. Click below to sign now:


The shock and horror of opening the newspaper and reading this story can sit with us, or it can spur us into action. This is our chance to come together as a global community and use our power and our hope to help and entire nation set out on the journey towards equality and safety for all.

With hope,

Alice, Alaphia, Dalia, Laura, Shreya, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

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