a message from Ed Markey …

The Republicans are getting serious about this fall’s campaign. My opponent has joined forces with GOP candidates up and down the ticket, and they’ve opened a command center on the outskirts of Boston.


Back in 2008, our country suffered the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. It happened because deregulation allowed Wall Street to turn into a big casino. Huge financial firms made bad bets — and they lost — damaging the economic welfare of the American people.

The Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill, passed 4 years ago this month, went a long way to put the reins back on out-of-control Wall Street risk-taking.

But today, Dodd-Frank is in trouble.

House Republicans are trying to strip the teeth out of Dodd-Frank. If that happens, Wall Street could go right back to the practices that brought our nation to the brink of disaster.

We have one week until our pre-primary filing deadline, and we’re aiming to raise $25,000 by then. Republicans are getting organized and running hard, and we need to respond — make a $5 contribution and help us hit our goal.

The Tea Party has control in the House.

The Tea Party is able to push legislation through the House that puts Wall Street’s wishes before the needs of Main Street families.

We can’t let that happen to the Senate, too.


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