Gov.Inslee in the news room

-This legislative session, Jay secured crucial victories for our kids:

  • $1.3 billion in new funding for K-12 schools including all-day kindergarten for children statewide
  • Reducing class sizes to 17 per class in grades K-3
  • Historic new investment in early childhood education — thousands more children can now go to preschool

JayInsleeJul. 15, 2015
Gov. Inslee gets Washington moving again with major transportation investments

Ask the POTUS, BOP, Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Kathleen M. Kenney to grant my request for a Compassionate Release,

Petitioning POTUS, Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Kathleen M. Kenney

Grant Me Compassionate Release and Help Me Save My Family

Petition by Joy Nelson
New Roads, Louisiana

My name is Joy Nelson and my brother Thomas Nelson is serving a 10 year sentence for a non-violent crime. I started this petition on his behalf — here is his story in his own words:

I went to prison for corruption, the only thing I felt confident about was that my three children were in great hands. While I served 10 years for breaking my constituents’ trust as mayor of a town in Louisiana, I knew that my trustworthy wife would provide for our children and shape them into good, productive members of society. But that solace came to an end on September 23, 2012, the day my family was involved in a devastating car accident that left my wife and one of our three young children incapacitated, possibly for the rest of their lives. Now, the only person who is able to take care of my wife and children is me.  

Just before the accident, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) had amended its Compassionate Release Program to permit the release of an inmate whose spouse becomes incapacitated. So when this tragedy struck, I requested release — not complete freedom, but home confinement — to care for my spouse and children. It has twice been denied, despite the fact that prison wardens, staff and medical professionals all support my release.

I need the BOP to grant my request for a Compassionate Release, so I can serve the rest of my time on house arrest and care for my family.

The Compassionate Release law states that the welfare of an incarcerated person’s family must be central in considering a request for release. Legal assessments have determined that no other family member is capable of, or available to, care for my infirmed wife and kids besides me. This law was written to cover cases just like mine.

I am a first-time offender. I’m serving a sentence for a non-violent crime, in a low-security prison camp with no bars, no fences. My status as a model inmate has been confirmed by my Unit Team staff and warden. The warden approved my request for Compassionate Release and forwarded it to the BOP General Counsel in Washington for final approval, and that is where it was inexplicably denied, twice.

Meanwhile, I am borrowing money to pay a caregiver for my wife, whose severe traumatic brain injury has left her permanently incapacitated. She often cannot tell our children apart, let alone take care of their daily needs.

Please join me in asking the BOP to honor its own program statement, and permit my Compassionate Release to home confinement. My wife and my children are in trouble, and this program may be their last hope.

mayor murray … Seattle

July 2015

Statement on cannabis legislation passing council

Agreement will bring affordable housing to neighborhoods across Seattle

Housing Affordability and Livability

Housing Affordability and Livability AgendaMayor Murray and members of City Council have called together leaders in our community to help develop a bold agenda for increasing the affordability and availability of housing in our city by convening a Housing Affordability and Livability Advisory Committee

Housing Affordability and Livability »

Today Mayor Ed Murray announced the 2015 recipient of the 10th Annual Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film, Megan Griffiths. The award recognizes an individual or entity for exceptional work that has significantly contributed to the growth, advancement and reputation of Seattle as a filmmaking city. “Megan’s passion for filming locally and attracting new […]
more info   5/13/2015
The Seattle Department of Planning and Development has released for public comment a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update. This is a major milestone towards an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan which plots a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future growth and livability. The Draft EIS provides […]
Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement after today’s meeting of the Port of Seattle Commission: “I commend the Port Commission for deciding that the arrival of an off-shore drilling rig should be delayed until the proper permits are in place. I now hope Shell will respect the wishes of the Port, the City and […]

2015-16 Budget

2015-16 Proposed BudgetAn overview of Mayor Murray’s 2015-16 budget highlights, including work on public safety, homelessness, and labor standards..

Mayor Murray’s 2015-16 budget »

Broadband Initiative

High Speed BroadbandInternet access is the infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century. The City must continue to explore all options that would increase the availability of competitive, affordable gigabit broadband internet access.

Mayor Murray’s Broadband Strategy »

Statement on cannabis legislation passing council

How about less parks and safe affordable housing ~ Be Seed for Change

LA times Headlines

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor of the Los Angeles Times. The nation is rattled by another mass shooting, this time against military service members in Tennessee; and Uber gets a big lift at LAX. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today.

Top Stories

Carnage in Chattanooga
Another mass shooting. A dead gunman with an Arabic name. And a new wave of fear about “lone wolf” attacks. Four Marines were killed in an assault on two military sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before the gunman was shot dead. A motive wasn’t clear. Authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack. Here’s the latest on the attack and what we know about the suspect, by all accounts a bright and religious young college graduate.

A Pick-Me-Up for Uber
Los Angeles officials opened a huge door for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, all but clearing the way for them to pick up fares at LAX. L.A. would be the biggest city to open such access to its major airport. It’s a big lift for Uber, which is beset by legal challenges around the country and the world — including some serious problems with California state regulators.

Farms vs. Fish
Congress can’t make it rain, but it’s good at starting storms. House Republicans passed a bill that would send more water to San Joaquin Valley growers by cutting water for endangered fish. Environmentalists are outraged. It won’t get to President Obama, who probably wouldn’t sign it anyway. Analysts say this merely highlights how little Congress can do about the drought.

Japan’s New Military
The U.S. took great pains to demilitarize Japan after World War II, even drafting a pacifist constitution for the country. Now, with China flexing its military muscle in the region, a doctrine of “collective self-defense” is taking hold. New legislation could allow Japanese troops to fight abroad, perhaps alongside U.S. forces. Problem is, a lot of Japanese want none of it.

India’s Epic Fail
It’s a colossal scandal even by India’s standards. Whistle-blowers say tens of millions of dollars changed hands to rig tests for exams for medical school, the holy grail of education in India. More than 1,800 people have been arrested. Now, there’s a grim twist: People linked to the scandal are dying. Take in some high crime and medical mystery in today’s Great Read.