Sustainable Architecture


“So here I stand before you preaching organic architecture: declaring organic architecture to be the modern ideal…”      ~Frank Lloyd Wright

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whitehouse2Celebrating 25 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Yesterday, President Obama delivered remarks in the East Room of the White House celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


5 Years of Wall Street Reform, By the Numbers

Five years ago today, President Obama signed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law. (It’s commonly called “Dodd-Frank,” or simply “Wall Street Reform.”) Check out a couple numbers that help show exactly what the law has done these past years.


A New Blue Marble

NASA released its new “Blue Marble” photo yesterday — the first such photo from its new DSCOVR satellite, and the first of many more to come later this year.


The Access to Nutritious Meals for Young Children Act


What if we could provide nutritious meals for more of America’s hungry children?

Now, we can.

The Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) is a great program that provides healthy meals to more than 3.3 million children each day. Yet there are still millions of hungry children who don’t have access to these meals.

We have a chance to give more hungry children access to nutritious meals through The Access to Nutritious Meals for Young Children Act.

The Access to Nutritious Meals for Young Children Act would:

  • Expand eligibility for the program to more children.
  • Allow child care centers and homes the option of serving a third meal service for children who are in care for 8 or more hours.
  • Increase reimbursements for child care centers and family child care providers by 10 cents per child per meal.

For many children, the meals from this program are the most nutritious meals they will eat all week. Many working parents who send their kids to child care and after school programs rely on these meals as a quality source of nutrition for their children.

“I serve a high population of children in poverty. This program allows for healthy meals to be served and the guidelines help introduce many foods these kids have never seen.”

-Heather Salem, AFSCME member and child care provider

Act now to support nutritious meals for young children. Click here to urge your senators to co-sponsor the Access to Nutritious Meals for Young Children Act. 

Scott Frey 
Federal Government Affairs

STOP the Belo Monte Dam

We must prevent devastating flooding –
STOP the Belo Monte Dam!

TAKE ACTIONDear carmen,

Thousands of indigenous Brazilians stand on the brink of having their homes and cultures destroyed by flooding from Belo Monte dam operations. Yet, there is still hope to prevent this tragedy as Brazil’s environmental agency IBAMA holds the power to stop it. The final license has yet to be approved and IBAMA still has the power to say NO!


IBAMA is now considering whether to issue the final environmental permit for the dam project as it has not yet been granted. IBAMA was pressured into issuing the initial licenses despite many violations of social and environmental protections. Now the agency has one last chance to do the right thing: reject rampant government corruption and prevent the flooding of Altamira,which will displace thousands.

Despite the initial construction and the refusal of the government of Brazil to respect the rights of indigenous communities and the environment, the people of the Xingu have not given up hope. Will you continue to stand with indigenous communities in their valiant effort on behalf of their homes, cultures and for the survival of the rainforest vital for all life on Earth?

The people of the Xingu remain defiant, demanding that justice be served and that the project be definitively paralyzed. Stand with them today!

For the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director