a message from Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton, VoteVets.org


Two choices: Diplomacy or War

“And if the rhetoric in these ads, and the accompanying commentary, sounds familiar, it should — for many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran nuclear deal.” – President Obama, August 5, 2015

the President laid out the case for why Congress should approve the deal negotiated between the United States, our partners in the P5+1, and Iran.

The choice is clear: Congress must approve the deal.

Not only is a deal the best way to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, but if the agreement falls apart, Iran will get everything they want: sanctions will begin to unravel, America will lose some of its standing in the world, and Iran’s path to the bomb will only accelerate. In short, it’s almost everything the hardliners in Iran are hoping for.

As Congress heads home for recess before the September vote, they need to hear from veterans, military family members and VoteVets supporters on this issue.

Tell your representative and senators that you expect them to vote to APPROVE the deal negotiated with Iran that will prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

There are ultimately two choices here: diplomacy or war.

For some neoconservatives, they are happy to cast their lot with more war. For them, force is the only tool in America’s foreign policy arsenal. But we’ll be there to counter their worldview every step of the way in this debate.

We have a very unique voice in the conversation.

Make yours heard.

Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton

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