STOP THE GOP POWER GRAB – The Reins Act & Midnight Rules Act …exposed

jointsessioninCongressThese two bills – which have passed the House – undermine not only President Obama’s progressive legacy, but our Constitution as well. The REINS Act and “Midnight Rules” Act are headed to the Senate, and we need your help to stop them before they reach President-Elect Trump’s desk.


This legislation would prevent federal agencies from implementing life-saving standards that keep Americans safe. Normally, Congress could challenge federal rules through the courts – exemplifying the checks and balances guaranteed by our Constitution. But under the REINS Act, every standard would have to be approved by Congress before the rules take effect. This would be a boon to corporations and special interests, who would lobby Congress to put corporate profits ahead of our health, safety, and security. Under the REINS Act, critical, commonsense updates to everything from clean air standards to overtime rules could go completely ignored – indefinitely. The REINS Act would serve as a major, major rewrite of the functioning of our federal government – and it’s potentially unconstitutional.

The “Midnight Rules” Act

Under the so called “Midnight Rules” Act, Congress could easily roll back important progress that President Obama made in his past year as President. This includes actions like providing school breakfast to children, implementing life-saving Ozone pollution standards, and limiting methane pollution from new oil and gas wells. Under the “Midnight Rules” Act, all of these rules and many others could be reversed in a single batch, behind closed doors, and without public input– greatly undermining our democracy.

Thanks for taking action against this reckless GOP power grab.

Benghazi! House Rs cut Funding for Embassy Security ! This still hasn’t been addressed!

Oct 2012 by    

Just a reminder …

Rep. Chaffetz defends his criticism of the handling of Libyan consulate security despite voting to cut embassy funding.
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