In this era of trump, Social Activism matters


Stand Up Speak Out 

 – Work for Social Justice

  – Advocate & Activist for Family & Women’s Rights 

 –Support of Sustainable Living

 -Register 1st time Voters – work at voting polls

 Organize …

Getting American Workers Educated Motivated Organized Mobilized

sign up for and support~ Labor Unions 

 – Be an Activist against Racism – Income inequality – Fight for Equality for All

 -Promote College Education and Jobs for our 21st Century Future – our Children matter

 – Support Local/National Food Banks who need our help 

  – Support Education & the Teachers in ALL of our School Districts who need Supplies,Counselors not Police officers,Not more rules but flexibility to handle each case individually

  Living a more Socially Conscious life

 Don’t sit on the Sidelines! Stand Up Speak Out FOR positive Change that affects ALL Americans …

 we cannot allow the Clock of Equality in all its forms be turned back


 Act Locally … Aim Globally

Remember … Recycle Reuse Reclaim Reduce the amount of materials going into landfills and buy local to Reduce your Eco-footprint