1997 – The U.S. Senate ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention. The global treaty banned the development, production, storage and use of chemical weapons

Following is the 74-26 roll-call by which the Senate today approved the Chemical Weapons Convention. Voting ”yes” were 29 Republicans and 45 Democrats. Voting ”no” were 26 Republicans.

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Abraham, Mich.; Chafee, R.I.; Coats, Ind.; Cochran, Miss.; Collins, Maine; D’Amato, N.Y.; DeWine, Ohio; Domenici, N.M.; Enzi, Wyo.; Frist, Tenn.; Gorton, Wash.; Gregg, N.H.; Hagel, Neb.; Hatch, Utah; Jeffords, Vt.; Lott, Miss.; Lugar, Ind.; McCain, Ariz.; McConnell, Ky.; Murkowski, Alaska; Roberts, Kan.; Roth, Del.; Santorum, Pa.; G. Smith, Ore.; Snowe, Maine; Specter, Pa.; Stevens, Alaska; Thomas, Wyo.; Warner, Va.


Allard, Colo.; Ashcroft, Mo.; Bennett, Utah; Bond, Mo.; Brownback, Kan.; Burns, Mont.; Campbell, Colo.; Coverdell, Ga.; Craig, Idaho; Faircloth, N.C.; Gramm, Texas; Grams, Minn.; Grassley, Iowa; Helms, N.C.; Hutchinson, Ark.; Hutchison, Tex.; Inhofe, Okla.; Kempthorne, Idaho; Kyl, Ariz.; Mack, Fla.; Nickles, Okla.; Sessions, Ala.; Shelby, Ala.; B. Smith, (N.H.; Thompson, Tenn.; Thurmond, S.C.


Akaka, Hawaii; Baucus, Mont.; Biden, Del.; Bingaman, N.M.; Boxer, Calif.; Breaux, La.; Bryan, Nev.; Bumpers, Ark.; Byrd, W.Va.; Cleland, Ga.; Conrad, N.D.; Daschle, S.D.; Dodd, Conn.; Dorgan, N.D.; Durbin, Ill.; Feingold, Wisc.; Feinstein, Calif.; Ford, Ky.; Glenn, Ohio; Graham, Fla.; Harkin, Ill.; Hollings, S.C.; Inouye, Hawaii; Johnson, S.D.; Kennedy, Mass.; Kerrey, Neb.; Kerry, Mass.; Kohl, Wisc.; Landrieu, La.; Lautenberg, N.J.; Leahy, Vt.; Levin, Mich.; Lieberman, Conn.; Mikulski, Md.; Moseley-Braun, Ill.; Moynihan, N.Y.; Murray, Wash.; Reed, R.I.; Reid, Nev.; Robb, Va.; Rockefeller, W.Va.; Sarbanes, Md.; Torricelli, N.J.; Wellstone, Minn.; Wyden, Ore.


Voter suppression has become one of the biggest dangers of American elections. During the 2018 midterm elections, millions of voters experienced suppression ranging from voter purges, to poll closures, to long lines of over 4 hours, to strict voter id issues that disproportionately block Brown and Black citizens from their constitutional right to vote.

For the past several months we have been on the ground in Georgia talking with and interviewing voters as well as experts on this issue. We have been working with Fair Fight Action which was founded by Stacey Abrams, as well as the NAACP, the Brennan Center, ACLU and many grassroots organizations. The result is an emotionally gripping look at Georgia’s citizens that also lays out compelling and irrefutable evidence of voter suppression.

You can also sign up to have a free screening at your home, church or school –


This film will be about 30 minutes in length and will offer the true stories of what happened in Georgia We want this film to be seen far and wide so that together we can make changes to the current system and allow every vote to count.



Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films