Letter to Chase: Defund Climate Change NOW – ran.org

Jamie Dimon
Chair and CEO
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
270 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10017

To Mr. Dimon:

JPMorgan Chase is the world’s leading banker of climate change, by a huge margin. The undersigned organizations and individual supporters, representing millions of supporters from around the world, call on your bank to stop financing expansion of fossil fuels, and commit to phasing out funding of fossil fuels in time to limit climate change to 1.5°C.

As we write, communities across the United States and around the globe are facing the devastating effects of climate change, in the form of wildfires, hurricanes, droughts and floods. Indigenous people are disproportionately on the front lines of impacts from, and resistance to, both climate change and fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure. Last year’s historic report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that while the effects of 1.5°C of warming are dire, 2°C of warming is vastly worse; keeping global warming below 1.5°C requires cutting carbon emissions by almost half by 2030, and to effectively zero by 2050. Potential emissions from oil, gas and coal already in production take the world well beyond 2°C, so we need an immediate end to the expansion of fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure.

You have stressed that you support the Paris Agreement. But JPMorgan Chase’s activities are antithetical to the goals of keeping global warming below 1.5°C and fully respecting human and Indigenous rights:

  • Since the Paris Agreement was adopted, JPMorgan Chase has been the world’s biggest banker of fossil fuels overall, with financing nearly 30% higher than the #2 bank.
  • Since the Paris Agreement was adopted, JPMorgan Chase has been the world’s biggest banker of the 100 top companies expanding fossil fuels, with financing nearly 70% higher than the #2 bank.
  • Since the Paris Agreement was adopted, JPMorgan Chase has been the world’s #1 banker of Arctic oil and gas, ultra-deepwater oil and gas, and liquefied natural gas, the #2 banker of fracked oil and gas, and the #3 banker of tar sands.
  • Since the Paris Agreement was adopted, JPMorgan Chase has financed projects and companies that have failed to respect human and Indigenous rights, including Indigenous peoples’ rights to their water and lands, and the right to free, prior and informed consent.

JPMorgan Chase must do its part to realize the goals of the Paris Agreement, which calls for finance to be “consistent with a pathway toward low greenhouse gas emissions.” We call on your bank to align with this call and to announce that:

  • JPMorgan Chase will immediately stop financing expansion of fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure.
  • JPMorgan Chase commits to phase out fossil fuel finance on a timeline compatible with limiting climate change to 1.5°C.
  • JPMorgan Chase will immediately stop financing projects and companies that fail to respect human and Indigenous rights, including Indigenous peoples’ rights to their water and lands, and the right to free, prior and informed consent.

In the coming years, today’s leaders will be judged first and foremost by what they did — or didn’t do — to address climate change. As you plan your succession, in what you have said will be your final years as head of the world’s biggest fossil bank, you face a clear choice. You can forge a legacy as the person who steered the banking sector away from its current path of driving the world toward disaster. Or you can continue with business as usual, and write yourself into history as the bank CEO who did the most to drive the climate crisis.
For our communities and a stable climate,

Tess Geyer
Senior Climate Organizer
Rainforest Action Network

Wildlife habitat …Living with or taking over

ELkOne day in 2015 while I was minding my own business, I received an email from the fish and wildlife department. I signed up to get emails from them but not out of malice or some secret plan to track their actions but some of the emails gave me chills sadness and great disappointment… and that was my first reaction then it made me remember the elk kill that happened in 12/11; I was reading local online news when I saw an article about an elk kill that was going to happen the following Monday.

It went on to say that there was a golf course built in the area and after two years the course was suffering from damage so a request for “containment” was obviously put in and approved. This story just gets worse as the silly and ugly of it all becomes known and the obnoxious takes over. The article stated about 30 Elk encroached upon the owners land of this golf course and that a schedule of Elk Kills would start … again, on Monday. I am becoming more upset when reading taking note of the time it was announced and decided it was time to call. The contact person was great but he said that there were only about three making life miserable for the golf Course owner. The dept. had arranged a kill with the Owners of the golf course but between you and me, the kill did not sound kosher.

I cannont say the kill was not announced but after some calls the community and the area’s tribes seemed to have been left out and like many other developments, this golf course was built in wildlife habitat.endangeredWhales

I am not against sport fishing or hunting but this is not the definition of it…more like legalized poaching, which is wrong on so many levels.  My dad our family, hunted and fished, but in the good way.  Anyway, I decided to put the original article and my entry out into the airwaves to see what would happen. Thank goodness some in the community heard about the upcoming kill, demanded the kill be stopped. The area’s tribe stated they did not know about the kill, they also stated some of the land where the kills would take place was on sacred land, which made me relax because unless or until a mutual agreement is made the Elk would likely be safe. If they needed the meat, far be it from me to obstruct as long as the tribe and that area’s food banks are filled for the local communities. I cannot say that was on their minds though as an employee stated, “If they had just kept it quiet the commotion would be less.” Fortunately, they delayed the Elk kill.

Unfortunately, in a different part of the Pacific NW, not only are they hiring to help with elk kills they have a wait list of volunteers and paid helpers to “round” up the elk, which made me sick. You might be wondering why be sick, well, because not too long ago Elk were reduced to questionable numbers and five years later WA State decides to thin them out again. While there could be a number of responses the answer that best fits would be that developers are eyeing the land and the offer might be tough to reject.outofharmswaywolves

My email inquiry is below; I did call as well and was asked to email…sorry


I just had to respond to an email, which I guess I subscribed to on a regular basis. First, I want to state that I have nothing against hunting but I really do not understand why these elk kills not hunts are put on if the elk are truly not harming anyone. It would be great If someone could explain to the public who decides the kills are needed, why, how many have to die and what could be done other than the every 5yrplan or decide based on the amount. I have to ask because  isn’t it important that the available wildlife habitat seems to be shrinking. At one point, the number of elk was very low and an increase of building roads and or homes in wildlife land. I am not the only Washington resident that misunderstands, and some object to the kills period.  I am no expert but who is invading whom. I received an email looking for volunteers, that included the following:  “The department’s management plan calls for reducing the herd size to bring the number of animals into balance with available habitat,” Junker said.  I said, this seems like a “poaching” made legal and bringing the number in balance with the available habitat is only as big as the next golf course or family center or housing development. I just do not understand who gets the meat, hopefully to ALL Native American Tribes … who, should be the “hunters” by the way or the areas food banks but the whole “Volunteers” needed to facilitate access for elk hunts” sounds the opposite of what hunting is all about.

orca whales facing high levels of pollution and endangerment

Their response:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Fish and Wildlife. I am forwarding your e-mail to our Wildlife Management Program, so they can address your concerns.

If you have, any questions please feel free to contact us at 360-902-2464 or email us at licensing@dfw.wa.gov.


Thank you for contacting the Department of Fish and Wildlife. I am forwarding your e-mail to our Wildlife Management Program, so they can address your concerns.

If you have, any questions please feel free to contact us at 360-902-2464 or email us at licensing@dfw.wa.gov.


Not much information given

Like I said, I have nothing against hunting and fishing, but what we have here is nothing close and sounds like legal poaching on wildlife that already is dealing with humans that have decided to spread out at whatever cost is just wrong.  If that was not enough, let us talk about the Puget Sound’s Orca. I know even less about orcas scientifically, but I did grow up hearing the story of Namu’s capture. Ted Griffith, the so-called trainer has stories written about him that are not good. Consequently, I have a lot opinions thoughts and feelings about Whales in general.  I feel that our Navy should get a cease and desist letter ordering all the sonar tests stop until they find out if this is indeed affecting our Whales or at least tell the public what the sonars are being used for or against. I also want to know why there are less Orca’s, why has the state sided with whale watchers and why are our grey whales washing up on our beaches. There should not be whales in captivity. The organized elk kills, taking whales off the endangered list are all beyond sad but to hear that Wyoming has planned a massive wolf kill has us all gasping … Why? Because there is no announcement no explanation and leaves some of us wondering what new development is about to shrink wildlife habitat even more.

Hey, It’s now 2019  Please call write and email your states Fishing & Wildlife dept. and Ask Questions!

~ Nativegrl77

The videogame industry takes in more money than Hollywood

— but even though making games can be a job people dream about doing, the working conditions can be rough, as a recent New York Times op-ed details. “Crunching” is a common practice in the industry, where people are required to put in ultra-long hours in the weeks surrounding a game release. And it’s not just highly-paid engineers either — game testers and customer support staff are also expected to work in these intense bursts, with little money to show for it.

Meanwhile, CEO salaries in the tens of million dollars, which is why videogame workers have begun to come together in groups like Game Workers Unite to find another way forward where workers can pursue their creative passions, live their dream of working in the gaming industry — and get paid for it.


A fine tuned machine? or a misguided unstable crooked entity?

in no particular order …

~ On  1/20/2017 at the trump inaugural,  bush said, “that was some weird shit”

~  how many were actually at the trump inaugural

~ Trump defended his embattled attorney general and claimed he had “just found out Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory”.  …false

~ trump admin is rolling back rights for women, lbgt and the military

~ Sally Yates notifies the whitehouse that gen flynn has exposed himself to being blackmailed by foreign govt then gets fired which implies the “RussiaGate”  most Americans are connecting the dots but will the DOJ FBI and Congress

~ alternative facts are not just a meme in this era of trump their constituents believe this … but most know this just plain ole’crazy

~ Scott Pruitt: “I would not agree that [CO2] is a primary contributor to the global warming that we see,”

~trump says: “You look at what’s happening in Germany. You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” he said. “Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.” these comments turned out to be false

~ stephen miller said “Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

~ Policy adviser Stephen Miller: ‘Judiciary has taken far too much power’

~ In an almost 2hr unhinged rant trump said, “there has never been a presidency that’s done so much in such a short period of time”.     Most Americans are still waiting for the list

~ kellyanne conway’s citation of an imaginary terrorist outrage in an interview with MSNBC. As the internet lit up with mockery of another “alternative fact” from the Trump White House, Conway said she misspoke, saying “Bowling Green massacre” when she meant “Bowling Green terrorists”.  more false/unfounded comments

~ National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, who had misled the nation about his ties with a Russian diplomat

~ Violating the One President at a time rule

~Several lawsuits re: trump Emoluments Violation have been approved but stalled?

~ “I’m looking at two-state and one-state and I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one that both parties like,” Trump said. disrupting years of diplomacy by both Dems and Repubs

~ teamtrump decides Via Executive Order, to trash climate change

~ Executive Order triggered an EPA review of the clean power plan; rescinded a moratorium on the sale of coa lmining leases on federal lands.    Ask yourself what our environment will look like

~ spent away from the White House %25 golfing costing tens of millions of dollars 33% at maralago ! 492days in office -115 days golfing and 157days on trump properties …do the effing math trumpies lest we talk about $$$$$ and where that money could have gone

~  An all male panel discussing the impact of defunding planned parenthood contraception … without regulating Viagra or vasectomies

~ accused Obama of wiretapping him … false

~ An expensive Wall promised during his campaign, paid for by Mexico,who said NO … trump is now demanding the US pay for it

~ devin nunes,chair for House intel decides #teamtrumptransition position is more important than his congressional job,finally states he wil recuse himself, but did he really?

~ a big losses for trump University , trump Model agency

~ Muslim ban … discrimination -racism religious ~ and a 120-day outright suspension of all refugees entering the country,a temp blocked by Judges

~ Manafort and his russian connections seemed to end position

~ Carter Page and his russian connections seemed to end his position as #teamtrump acts like they didn’t really know him

~ health care bill fails

~President of China, Xi Jinping, successfully pushed Trump to retreat from his pledge in December to give more recognition to the government in Taiwan.

~ the betsy devos and her brother’s business connection to russia should NOT be ignored

~ Executive Order to protect police not citizens

~ Keystone XL pipeline is re-established, foreign pipes,oil is leaving the us and will only create approx 40 permanent jobs

~the House Oversight Committee probing Trump’s security protocols for discussing classified information at his weekend retreat in Mar-a-Lago

~ jeff sessions recusal from Russia investigations …may have met with russians 3 times as team trump transition …

~now, jeff sessions is govt AG, who will take back possible reform for the use of excessive force and discrimination by some police resulting in the disproportionate amount of unarmed Black Male deaths

~ sean spicer, who represents trump accumulates massive errors

~ A trump missile strike on Syrian  … telling russia and Iran prior doing little damage …and then bombs Afghanistan isis site