The Con And The Conned

© Trent Vonich

Published: August 2008

The Con and the Conned

The greatest schemes go unseen,
Hidden behind a deceitful smokescreen,
They wait,
Luring the innocent to a darker fate,
Of which they can not perceive,
For the illusion they live in begins to weave,
And although they try to leave,
They cannot,
Because the maze they traverse is part of a plot,
A plot meant to make them become something they are not,
A plot only attempted by those most bold,
A plot only for those immune to the dark and the cold,
And as always,
They are in it for the gold,
Which comes ever faster from the perfected art,
That leaves them rich,
But a world apart,
From the simple beauties free from disguise,
They accept this loss for a chance to devise,
Why they do this no one can surmise,
But it is this strange and warped mentality,
That wills them to conspire,
And alter reality.


I wrote this one for a simple assignment in my English class. We had to choose one of six themes and I chose Illusion and Reality. The life of a conman is explained in this short, but captivating poem. The Con and the Conned will shed light on the scams and coverups plaguing our generation.