The Three Branches of Government Summarized

The Three Branches of Government Summarized   judicial branch

Most modern systems of government present in our world today consist of three primary parts: the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. These branches differ from country to country in terms of composition, size, function, and importance, but are usually designed to operate best independently of each other on specific aspects of governance. In some countries, the way these ideally independent branches of government work together to govern the country is known as checks and balances.
The legislative branch of government is usually composed of a legislature or assembly of individuals representing the people of a given nation. In most cases these representatives are elected by the people in a particular geographic location, such as a county, state, or province, though in some less democratic systems this may not always be true. In the United States, the legislative branch is known as Congress, which is divided into two sections: the House of Representatives and the Senate. This system is known as a bicameral legislature, in which there is a lower and upper house. In countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, as well as many other European nations, the legislative branch consists of a single house called a parliament. The role of the legislative branch of government is to discuss and pass laws for the country, as well as hold the executive branch accountable for its action in implementing and enforcing these laws.
The executive branch of government generally consists of a president, prime minister, or in some cases, a monarch such as a king, queen, prince, sultan, or emperor. The role of the executive branch is to conduct the day to day affairs of the nation, including domestic and foreign affairs. This usually includes the overall supreme command of the military armed forces, police, and civil administration. Thus, it is usually the responsibility of the executive branch to efficiently implement and enforce the laws passed by the legislative branch. The executive branch is ultimately accountable to the legislative and judicial branches for its actions and policies. In some cases, the monarch is merely a ceremonial position with no actual political power, in which case the executive functions of government are exercised by a prime minister, who is also the leader of the dominant faction within the legislative branch.
The judicial branch of government consists of a nation’s courts and judges, which are meant to interpret the laws enacted by the legislative branch as they apply to various situations, and in some countries such as the United States, to determine whether or not laws are valid according to the Constitution. The judicial branch also determines the legality of actions conducted by the executive branch based on current laws. In the United States, the Supreme Court has also developed a special role in developing laws in addition to merely interpreting them. The concept of judicial activism involves the courts making legal decisions about various issues and policies that, in effect, serve as laws, because they establish a legal precedent regarding what can and cannot be done by the other branches of government as well as by citizens.

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Superb Kenya Food Dishes around Kenya

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Although Kenya has a high influence and is highly recognized worldwide as a great African Safari destination the country is also immersed with superb and delicious, Kenya food dishes that would leave anyone craving for some more. Most of these Kenya food dishes have been adopted from different Kenya communities around the country.

By far, the locals have further sharpened their culinary skills astonishingly in order to produce the most finger-licking dishes from the former, Kenya food cuisines. Below is a short summary of the most top Kenya food dishes that worth a trial while in Kenya, either on Holiday or vacation.

Ugali and Fish – This is a superb dish that’s loved by many people across Kenya Its preparation is rather easy and takes just a few minutes to be served. Ugali is prepared from a mixture of maize flour and water, simply mix the flour in boiled water until it hardens, the end result should be like form of a cake when it’s fully ready. The fish is simply fried fish in Kenya is commonly found in Nyanza because it’s near Lake Victoria and at the Coast because it’s near the Indian Ocean. Likewise, this Kenya food dish should be served when hot also some kachumbari is usually served alongside this dish in order to, further nourish the dish’s taste.

Githeri – This Kenya food dish comprises of a mixture of both maize and beans, and it’s a superb delicious meal especially when added some meat or avocado. This usually makes the dish tender and also makes its taste a craving one, nevertheless. Also worth knowing, this is a popular dish among the Kikuyu people mostly found in Central Province, in Kenya.

Mukimo – This dish is somehow similar to Githeri Kenya food dish, though the dish is usually mashed all together. It comprises of maize and beans mashed together with either, potatoes or crooked bananas. Because this dish can alleviate hunger to a wide range of people it’s found fit to be served in many occasions like weddings and party’s, around Kenya. Rice and meat soup are most of the time added onto the dish in order to tenderize the dish and further nourish, its taste.


Mursik – This is a Kenya food drink which is normally prepared from a cow’s milk fermented in ash-treated gourds. Blood, on the other hand, may be added to fresh milk before fermentation or after the milk has already been fermented. Afterwards, the milk is heated to boiling point then cooled to a moderate temperature level. At this stage, the milk should be allowed to undergo spontaneous fermentation for a period of about 3-5 days before it’s ready, for consumption. Also worth knowing, this Kenya food drink is a popular food among the Kalenjins African culture people found, in Kenya.

Ingoho (Chicken) – Ingoho is a cultural Luhya name for chicken, in a great way the Luhya people from Western Kenya is deemed to love this dish, immensely. Likewise, if you happen to visit the place from either abroad or as a high prominent guest like a government official, the Luhya people will look forward to preparing you a superb Ingoho, of a kind.

Wali – Wali is a cultural Swahili name for rice it’s  the most popular Kenya food dish, among the Swahili people at the coast. For this particular dish to, further nourish its taste it’s normally added and cooked together with some coconut milk. Sure, the coconut milk works like magic and by far gives this dish an irresistible delicious, taste. Coconuts are also abundant at the Kenya’s coast, so the Swahili people can easily find them.

Kachumbari – This is another superb Kenya food dish loved by many people across the country. The dish comprises of a mixture of chopped tomatoes, onions, pepper, parsley and sometimes some avocado. Indeed, it’s quite a finger licking delicious dish that’s mostly served with Nyamachoma.

Nyama Choma – This is a superb Kenya food dish that’s widely consumed by a great mass of people in Kenya it’s, simply roast meat, which can be of different variety like Beef, chicken or fish. Beef, on the other hand, is widely available in many parts of the country and is also cheap compared to other types of animal meat around Kenya. More likely you’ll find this dish heavily consumed at parties, bars and restaurant – You ought to try some while in, Kenya.

Chapati – Chapati is another superb Kenya food dish loved by many people in Kenya, especially the teens and youths. The dish is made from wheat flour, which is shaped into small pieces of dough, rolled out into round flat discs and eventually, spread and fried on a pan. The dish is hugely delicious, and most times it’s served with meat stew in order to make it tender. Also worth knowing, you’ll find this dish prepared in many great occasions in Kenya, like family get together parties, weddings and much more.


Above are some of the superb and most consumed Kenya food dishes you’ll most likely find in Kenya, sure they’re immensely and fragrantly delicious, you’ll definitely crave more for another plate. More likely, if you’re a foodie junkie, you should really try some of these great dishes while in Kenya. Happy Travel!