1834: It’s the first night of rioting against abolitionists in New York City. It would continue for a total of 4-nights.


The anti-abolitionist riots of 1834, also known simplistically as the Farren Riots, occurred in New York City over a series of four nights, beginning on July 7, 1834. Their deeper origins lay in the combination of nativism and abolitionism among the Protestants who had controlled the booming city since the American Revolutionary War, and fear and resentment of blacks among the growing underclass of Irish Immigrants and their kin. In 1827 Britain repealed legislation controlling and restricting emigration from Ireland, and 20,000 Irish emigrated; by 1835 over 30,000 Irish arrived in New York annually.

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1802 1st comic book “The Wasp” is published in Hudson, New York

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Known for concealing political allegory and rhetoric, this small sheet publication was a biting commentary about President Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, it was so incendiary that it caused a court case — The People of the State of New York v. Harry Croswell — which proved critical to the development of the United States defamation law.

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Why? Because while some sites state the Wasp actually concealed political allegory and rhetoric against Republicans, others imply it was against the likes of folks like p Jefferson etc….

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