Sign and send the petition: Cut child poverty. Restore and extend the child tax credit with Build Back Better Act

On December 15, families received their last monthly payment of the federal child tax credit. Because the Senate has not yet passed the Build Back Better Act, it was the last one.

This wildly successful measure cut child poverty by over 25%. Surveys have shown that families overwhelmingly used the money on basic necessities like food, housing and utilities—and some were even able to start planning for emergencies.

But now, an estimated 10 million children will slip back into poverty because the child tax credit has expired. All of the progress accomplished in a brief period can be undone.

The Senate needed to pass the Build Back Better Act before December 28 in order to prevent payment gaps. Due to political shenanigans, this did not happen—but if they act fast, we can restore it.

Now is the time to get angry, and demand that the child tax credit be restored and extended. Children are slipping back into poverty as we speak.

Sign and send the petition to Senate Democrats: Cut child poverty. Restore and extend the child tax credit, and pass the Build Back Better Act immediately. We are counting on you.