Donate to organizations working the frontlines to protect workers

Daily Kos

Workers should never feel alone in their fight. From fighting for living wages to fighting for working conditions and providing employment and legal services. These organizations are paving the way across the country and in their communities to protect workers. 

Organizing is the most effective way to make a positive impact on the workplace. It is our responsibility to support the long-term work of building voices that support a pro-worker agenda. 

Each organization listed below works to support, engage and give a voice to workers. Please donate to help them grow, and extend their impact.

Workers Defense Project is a member-led, fact-based organization working to fight for the rights of construction workers across Texas. https://workersdefense

United for Respect (UFR) fights for bold policy change that improves the lives of retail workers. UFR is fighting to make corporations respect working people and their right to work in dignity.

Rights and Democracy Vermont and New Hampshire, believe in the power of rights and democracy in building people-powered movements to create necessary change. Rights and Democracy fights for low-income working families across Vermont and New Hampshire, and their right to earn a living wage.

New York Communities for Change build the power of low-income and middle-income neighborhoods in NYC to achieve tangible change. They aim to eliminate the way capital has starved communities of wealth for centuries.

National Domestic Workers Alliance works to transform the working center, develop policy solutions, shift the narrative, mobilize women of color voters, and ensure equity and dignity for domestic workers.

United Farm Workers of America is the largest and first farm workers union in the country. They have worked to win dozens of contract victories protecting farm workers.