Patrik Henry Bass … Book recommendations


Essence in-house  reviewer

discovers …


The Heiress – The Richest 11 yr old Black Girl in America

Searching for Sarah Rector … Abrams Books for young Readers

author Tonya Bolden recounts a gripping tale of Rector


Lost & Found – American Cocktail: A”Coloured Girl” in the World

Harvard Univ Press … Memoir of Anita Reynolds

an irrepressible chameleon who rubbed shoulders with Harlem Renaissance literati, modeled for Coco Chanel and more


Shameful Past

David Beasley’s shocking book …

Without Mercy … St. Martin’s Press

sheds light on 6 Black men who were electrocuted on a single day in December 1938 at the same prison


The Truth

Black Stats … The New Press

The go to source for the 411 on Black folks

Monique W. Morris

breaks down the numbers on those working on green jobs to our incarceration rates … Did you know that in the five years before the Great Depression, Black owned businesses in the United States increased by 61%