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Four Senate seats are all that stand between our nation moving forward or falling back.

Four Senate seats are all that stand between our nation moving forward or falling back.

From my seat, I see President Obama and my Democratic colleagues working hard every day to do right by our families, communities and future. Across the aisle, extremist Republicans will stop at nothing to stand in our way.

The Democratic Senate is the firewall against their radical ideas. We have 23 seats to defend in 2012. Republicans have only 10. If they gain four seats, Mitch McConnell would be Majority Leader. Legislation from the House would sail through the Senate. President Obama’s agenda would end.

We can stop them. But I need your help to protect our Senate firewall. The DSCC already hit its monthly goal, but we need to keep on going. Please help us raise another $40,000 by our midnight FEC deadline. Fully 90 percent of our donations come from grassroots supporters who want to see our president succeed and know we can’t move forward by pedaling backward.


Click here to give $5 or more to the DSCC. Help us raise another $40,000 by midnight tonight to start building the campaign infrastructure needed to defend our Democratic firewall!

It seems early. It is early. But it’s never too early when the margin is this slim and the stakes are this high.

GOP-aligned outside groups are already raking in cash from corporations and billionaires thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. We can fight them, but we need your help.

A net gain of only 4 seats, and they’ll be in power. And we know what that would look like. Take a look at the U.S. House!

Radical Republicans are trying to derail the president’s jobs agenda, unravel our social safety net, and launch the biggest, most outrageous attack on women’s rights and health in modern history.

Four seats are all that stand between their agenda – and our agenda. Will you stand with me and support the DSCC? Our Democratic firewall depends on the grassroots. It depends on you!

Click here to give $5 or more to the DSCC. Help us raise another $40,000 by midnight tonight to recruit strong candidates, build wining campaigns and defend our Democratic firewall!


Four seats. My Democratic colleagues and I are counting on your support to help us keep our majority and continue moving our nation forward. Thank you so much for standing with us.

Sen. Patty Murray

Four seats …

As Assistant Majority Leader, it’s my job to make sure Senate Democrats have the votes to stop extremist legislation. Things are about to get really busy around here.

Last week, House Republicans voted to defund health reform, eliminate money for reproductive care, slash nutrition for poor women and children and gut resources that keep our air and water clean. This is not cutting fat. These are bones – programs that keep our middle class standing.

Thanks to our Senate majority, we can stop their radical agenda. But with 23 seats up in 2012, compared with 10 for Republicans, we have a fight ahead. A net loss of four seats, and we lose our firewall.

Midnight Monday marks a crucial FEC deadline: All eyes will be on the DSCC’s fundraising numbers. $50,000 will help show that we can defend our Democratic firewall. Your donation now reflects our biggest strength – more than 90 percent of the DSCC’s donations come from grassroots supporters.


Republicans won the House by promising to focus like lasers on creating jobs. They have yet to put forward any job-creation plans – or explain how taking away health care, attacking women’s rights and targeting middle class families achieve this goal.

As long as we have our Senate firewall, Democrats can stop their radical legislation. But the GOP and its special interest friends are already on the attack. After the Citizens United decision, corporations are free to spend whatever they like in support of their preferred candidates. And attacks on working men and women by Republican governors weaken the Democratic base. Wisconsin is only the most recent example.

That makes what you do this minute all the more important. 90 percent of the DSCC’s donations come from grassroots donors who give $200 or less. Every dollar you give helps strengthen Democrats – and fight Republican extremists. Please act now to protect our Senate firewall.


From my seat in the Senate, I’m doing everything I can to stop the radical Republican agenda. But I can’t do it alone. What you do now matters. Help defend the firewall. Our future – our nation’s future – depends on it.


Sen. Dick Durbin

Lift our country

In this new Congress, it is not enough to talk about common ground. We must — together — seek it.

We must enact an agenda that will lift our country from this recession and confront the challenges of this new decade.

One key group of individuals will be champions of this effort: the Democrats in the Senate. They will keep the agenda focused on progress — on growing the economy, on adding jobs. They will keep us moving forward.

In the weeks and months ahead, we must do everything we can to support these lawmakers.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee stands ready to do just that — and lay the groundwork to protect our majority in the next round of elections.

The DSCC has set a goal of raising $50,000 by January 31 to ensure they have the resources to beat back mistruths and distortions, hire staff for the next set of races, and support the work of Democrats in the Senate.

This is a moment that calls for respect and a seriousness of purpose from lawmakers of every party and persuasion.

The challenges we face as a people demand nothing less.

We must spur innovation and renew our nation’s infrastructure so that the United States remains competitive and prosperous in a global economy.

We must reform our education system so that America’s young people have the knowledge and skills to create and fill the jobs of a new age.

We must discover and implement the solutions that will allow us to stop the warming of our planet, create green jobs, and deliver security for future generations.

As this new year unfolds, Senator Harry Reid and other Democrats will lead the effort to answer these challenges. And they will be supported in all their work by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

To lay the groundwork for that kind of progress, the DSCC must raise $50,000 before January 31. Chip in $5 or more to help them meet their goal.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama