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Senator Patty Murray & Education – Washington State

Keeping College Affordable

Last week, I joined with students and administrators at South Seattle Community College to host a rally in support of the Stop the Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act of 2012. Unless Congress acts, interest rates for over 100,000 students across Washington state will double on July 1 st , which would add $1,000 to the cost of these loans for millions of Americans and will be one more strain for students and families already fighting to afford college in this tough economy. At the rally, I called on Republicans to end their filibuster of this bill and work with Democrats to keep rates low for millions of students. I will continue to fight to make sure we avoid the automatic increase on July 1 st. We should be working to make it easier for students to afford college, not harder.

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“Senator Murray rallies SSCC students to fight for student loan interest rate protection
West Seattle Herald


Continuing to Push for Stronger Violence Against Women Legislation

Last week, House Republicans released their version of the Violence Against Women Act. The House bill, which passed with only Republican support and with strong bipartisan opposition, not only stripped the Senate version of the bill’s provisions making needed progress for LGBT, immigrant, and tribal victims, but also included dangerous rollbacks of existing protections for immigrant victims.

I believe the House Republican version of VAWA is a giant step backward for victims of domestic violence. This is dangerous and irresponsible and leaves women across the country more vulnerable to domestic abuse. Where a person lives, who they love, or what their citizenship status may be should not determine whether or not their perpetrators are brought to justice. I’m glad that in the Senate we were able to come together around an inclusive, bipartisan bill, and I remain committed to fighting to make sure my colleagues in the House of Representatives will do the same. We’ve made a lot of progress since VAWA was first passed in 1994, and I hope that my Republican colleagues will not insist on putting partisan politics ahead of protecting victims of domestic violence. I will continue to fight in support of the Senate’s bipartisan bill, and to make sure that Republicans do not turn back the clock on the important progress that has been made.

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Celebrating the Anniversary of Title IX

Megan Rapinoe, midfielder for the Seattle Sounders Women, recalling how Title IX opened the door for her as a young athlete.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of joining with members of the Seattle Sounders Women and student athletes at Garfield High School in Seattle to mark the upcoming 40 th anniversary of Title IX, historic legislation that fundamentally changed the lives of women and girls across the country by allowing them equal access to athletic opportunities. Members of the Sounders Women talked about the ways this legislation helped open doors for them when they were younger, and I discussed legislation I am currently cosponsoring The High School Sports Information Collection Act in the Senate , that will strengthen the rights provided by Title IX, to ensure that future generations of young women are able to continue expanding opportunities and leveling the playing field.

“Sen. Murray teams up with Sounders Women to discuss Title IX”
– Bothell Reporter


Amendment 1 …Michael Langenmayr, Democracy for America

North Carolinians voted down Amendment One — an anti-gay amendment that has far-reaching implications for all families.
Amendment One doesn’t just ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples — it would ban civil unions, domestic partnerships and any other sort of legal recognition.

   This is an issue of Civil Rights …

It would also restrict the rights of unmarried couples — gay or straight — to visit one another in the hospital.
Amendment One restricts other rights from unmarried couples, too — like healthcare. The amendment is so poorly-written that there are many far-reaching consequences. If passed, children of unmarried couples could lose their health insurance and prescription drug coverage.
It even restricts domestic violence protections to married women, leaving unmarried women more vulnerable. Single women would not receive the justice and protections they count on and deserve.
Amendment One is an attack on all families — and we need to stop it, now.

Thank you for everything you do.
Michael Langenmayr, Political Director Democracy for America

Fundraising … 2012 Gap

DSCC Has Record Breaking Quarter Thanks to Strong Grassroots Support

The first three months of 2012 showed the incredible enthusiasm of Democratic supporters. The DSCC set a first quarter fundraising record by raising almost 20% more than our Republican counterparts.

You played a big role in our success; 97% of the gifts came from grassroots donors.

Thank you for your continuing support!


Top Action

Critical Vote on Protecting Women Just Days Away

In what is just the latest in a series of Republican attacks on women, Senate Republicans are trying to eliminate the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).


Twice before, VAWA was reauthorized with widespread, bipartisan support from both houses of Congress. But now, Republicans have grown so radical they won’t even commit to protecting women from violence.

Join Democrats and demand Senate Republicans stop trying to eliminate VAWA!

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Enthusiasm Gap Felt in Senate Races Around the Country

The enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans is stretching to Senate races as well. According to Politico, “In the dozen most competitive contests across the country, Democrats once again collected more cash during the first three months of the year than Republicans, who are expected to wage an aggressive battle for the Senate majority.”

Among the strongest performers this quarter were Elizabeth Warren, Tammy BaldwinDebbie Stabenow, and Claire McCaskill.

thirsty Thursday &some News

just another rant … but it’s not all mine!

First, a plug for Supporting the Jobs Bill  and then the rant … People need to realize this Jobs bill will help almost 1.9 million people and that is a number that cannot be ignored though Socially Conservative Republicans choose to attack the rights of Women instead Teapublicans continue holding our Democracy hostage near the edge of disaster. It is important that people get the facts which show that President Obama is the best choice for Americans among any Teapublican on that stage claiming they can govern as President of this great Nation… There is not one Teapublican i would trust if that 3am call comes or one that believes in real freedom and or liberty … think about it

Reports are that only 30% of Americans support the President’s JOBs bill until they are given all the details then the support
rises to over 60% support … It is upon all of us who support #theAmericansJOBsAct to spread the word about what is in this bill … Print
out the President’s JOBs bill and pass it out to friends and relatives. It is clear to me that the surrogates to get our Fellow Americans back to work are WE
THE PEOPLE so just do it. It has not been lost on me that the media has proven themselves to be the purveyor of limited information especially if it is positive and gives President Obama a chance of
winning … therefore, read the Bill, copy it and hand it out >> http://www.whitehouse.gov/jobsact/read-the-bill

Below is a comment about concealed weapons by Mayor Michael Nutter and my response … but of course!  ( :

HIM:  educateyourselfbeforeblogging

According to you, “dangerous people, including sex offenders and domestic abusers, could get a permit in one state and then carry hidden, loaded guns nationwide.” Now, read the facts for yourself:

Congress passed the first blanket prohibition on felons carrying guns in the Gun Control Act of 1968, which made it illegal for felons to possess a gun any under circumstances. The Firearm Owners’ Protection Act, passed in 1986, reinforced the ban on felons carrying guns, and also banned people who have been convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year of imprisonment from possessing guns.

Congress later expanded federal gun control laws by passing what is commonly known as the Lautenberg Amendment, which prohibits persons who are subject to protective or restraining orders as a result of domestic violence, or who have been convicted of misdemeanor crimes involving domestic violence. Incidentally, these federal laws not only ban felons from possessing guns, but also from possessing any type or amount of ammunition.

In addition to the long-standing federal prohibition on felons possessing guns, there are also many state laws that limit the ability of a felon to legally carry a gun, some of which even predate the federal law. At one extreme, some states prohibit anyone who has been convicted of a felony, and even of certain misdemeanor crimes involving violence, from ever legally carrying a gun.

ME: First, you assumed i wrote the article, yet the title has
the Mayor’s name on it, did you even bother to read it? NO … don’t be so
willing to be nasty to people unless and until or before you try and convict
folks -try to get the facts … That article was written by Mayor Nutter – It
says … “Listen to Philly’s top Cop Mayor Michael Nutter” …So, write a nasty
letter or whatever to him. FYI – I get information that i share from various newsletters,
email and subscriptions… I post most because I think some are very
informative others are of topics close to me and feel need more PR , i get
Petitions and some articles are meant to produce a dialogue but i find it
interesting that folks feel like they assume this that or the other … don’t . I
get it, you do not agree with what he wrote but it was his opinion as a Mayor.
I have to say your comment was just rude and if you had read it all the way to
the end, you would have seen he signed off with his full name and position.

I do not believe in concealed weapons because i (had) friends and relatives who
were victims of concealed handguns and I will admit i totally want auto-mastic
weapons out of the hands of civilians.

Educateyourselfbeforeblogging … you owe me an apology

Other News

Transportation Secretary LaHood on Jobs and Transportation

Press Secretary Jay Carney conducts a daily briefing at the White House.  Topics of discussion include free trade agreements, President Obama’s jobs plan and the disruption of an assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.

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From Capitol Hill

Congress Reacts to Iran Assassination Plot

Two committees consider sanctions, future threats


South Korea’s President Visits Washington

Morning arrival, state dinner tonight


National Security

Panetta & Dempsey Testify on Pentagon Budget

Hearing on future of U.S. defense forces


The Senate Commerce Committee looked at the efforts to expand access to broadband networks using the Universal Service Fund.

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President Obama made remarks at a White House forum on American Latino Heritage, which was held at the Department of the Interior in Wahsington.

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Help Us Protect Against New Attacks on HCR – Your Gift Matched

National Women's Law Center

You have to wonder — which part of the landmark health care law do they want to repeal?

Is it the part that ends the practice of charging women higher health insurance premiums than men?

Or perhaps it’s the part that bans the practice of denying coverage to rape victims because insurers consider rape and domestic violence to be “pre-existing conditions?”

This year’s landmark law was an urgent and long-overdue step forward. And we’re not going to let it fall victim to partisan politics.

With your help, we can defend our gains — and make new progress — for women and families in 2011.

Please make an urgent contribution to the Center’s year-end campaign — every dollar you donate will be matched dollar for dollar by our Board of Directors, up to a total of $60,000.

Last year, Congress considered ways to fix our broken health care system, and the Center went to work. We sought to stop insurers from charging women higher premiums than men. We sought to require insurers to provide insurance to 32 million Americans who had none. And we sought to end the trauma of women being denied coverage by insurance companies that consider Cesareans, domestic violence and rape to be “pre-existing conditions.”

We researched and documented the discrimination women face. We put women’s health needs front and center through our attention-grabbing “Being a Woman Is Not a Pre-existing Condition” campaign. We provided expert testimony on Capitol Hill documenting the inequities and discrimination that women faced every day as they sought quality health care for themselves and their families.

And with the help of so many people like you, we won.

The health care law was the culmination of years of work by the Center and its allies — documenting the abuses by insurance companies, organizing policy advocates, activating supporters, and building Congressional support Member by Member.

With your help, we will carry on the fight for women and families in America — in the workplace, in the classroom, on the soccer field, and in the doctor’s office.

And until December 31, every dollar you donate will be matched dollar for dollar by our Board of Directors, up to a total of $60,000.

On behalf of women and families everywhere, thank you for your generous help.


Nancy Duff Campbell Nancy Duff Campbell
National Women’s Law Center
Marcia Greenberger Marcia Greenberger
National Women’s Law Center