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~~ #ACA Laura C. is a two-time breast cancer survivor living in Texas ~~ #ACA

Planned Parenthood

Her name is Laura C., and she lives in Texas. When Obamacare opponents continue to try to block efforts to expand coverage — going so far as to shut down the government because of their opposition — it’s Laura’s future they’re threatening.

Laura shared her story with us this week. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor who was denied coverage by insurance companies for years due to her pre-existing condition. Now, thanks to Obamacare, she can finally get covered. This isn’t statistics, or politics, this is Laura’s life. And here’s what she says: “Obamacare gives me hope for my future.”

She’s not alone. As of October 1, millions of Americans now can enroll in more affordable health coverage, for the first time ever. Yet opponents of the law are still spreading misinformation. But you can do something! Here are two things you can do right now to make sure your friends and family are ready to get covered:

Get covered!
If you aren’t already insured, first click here to get the facts and find out how you can get covered under the health care law!
Spread the Word!
Make sure your friends and family know exactly what they need to get covered under new plans by sharing this image on Facebook:What you need to have ready to get covered:

Friends, the Affordable Care Act is the single biggest advancement for women’s health in a generation. Because people like you fought to make this law a reality and have stood up in support of this law against attack after attack, Obamacare will make affordable health care a reality for millions more Americans. That’s an amazing victory we can all be proud of.

It’s so important to speak out, spread the word, and make sure everyone you know can get enrolled in new plans, and take advantage of these new benefits. Today is proof of just how powerful we can be when we stand together.

Thank you for doing everything you can to protect every woman’s right to accessible, affordable health care, no matter what.

Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of Americ

ACA is a job creator

click on ACA

The Affordable HealthCare Law resolves health care and jobs issues.

 If you believe in moving into the 21st Century, believe in health care being accessible to all , if you believe it is a right not a privilege or that the overhaul is long overdue; then you are on the right side of history. Please do not believe how some are portraying ACA, as a law for the poor.  I do not believe that parents with kids in college would say they are poor nor rich and these days most families have two or more in college at the same time. Therefore, having children covered until 26 is a relief to some families

The fact is over 32mil people will now have access to an improved health care system that will need more doctors, PA, and those great nurses who we usually see when we feel bad. Think about it, what does it take to run a Hospital? Our current workforce cannot possibly handle that many new customers and will need to hire more folks from the so-called bottom up such as grounds, parking lots, security, maintenance, janitors to gardeners to receptionists, and more.  I have no idea how many people go to the doctor each day, but if you have an appointment during the workday, your child is in school, goes to daycare or you take them with you … most people do not; bam more jobs needed.

I cannot begin to list the impact of 32million more people added to the health care system, but the proof of it being a jobs bill is obvious.

 In Solidarity …

Information : from www.Whitehouse.gov

For a comprehensive overview of the Affordable Care Act, visit WhiteHouse.gov/HealthReform and HealthCare.gov.

Let’s take a look at what this ruling means for the middle class:

A major impact of the Court’s decision is the 129 million people with pre-existing conditions and millions of middle class families who will have the security of affordable health coverage.

What happened to Kelli

National Women's Law Center
We all have a health care story to tell. Just stand next to the office water cooler and you’ll hear the stories flow.
My co-worker Kelli shared this one with me:
“My older sister was diagnosed with lupus as a child. She spent much of her life in and out of hospitals and taking handfuls of expensive medications. Once diagnosed, no insurance plan would take her on. My family was stuck with our ‘major medical’ insurance, which only covered a percentage of hospitalizations but nothing else — none of her numerous prescription drugs or doctors’ visits were covered. This affected our whole family. It made it impossible for my parents to save money for our educations, their retirement, or anything else. We were always one illness away from financial disaster. If we’d had the health care law then, my family could’ve gotten better health insurance — because, under the new law, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children who have pre-existing conditions.”
Kelli told us her story. Will you share yours?
Maybe you have private insurance that fails to cover the services you need such as mental health care, maternity care, or prescription drug coverage. Maybe high co-payments and deductibles keep you from getting the health care you need. Maybe you’re uninsured simply because you can’t afford it or you’ve been turned down for health coverage after you got sick. Whatever your story may be, it matters.
Thanks to the health care law, change is on the way. Under the law, you won’t be denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition. You won’t lose your health insurance when you get sick. You’ll soon have affordable insurance options through a new health care marketplace.
But right now, many women and their families are still struggling to pay for health coverage and get the care they need. Sadly, there are still families like Kelli’s. Please share your story today.
I love hearing from you. Thank you for fighting with us to advance the rights of women and their families.
Judy Waxman Judy Waxman Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights National

Please stand with President Obama : Stacey Lihn & thank you

My two-year-old daughter, Zoe, was born with half a heart. For her, that is and will forever be a “pre-existing condition” — she required two open heart surgeries already, and she’ll need one more within the next year.

At the debate on Wednesday night, Mitt Romney told you, me, and everyone else in America that repealing Obamacare would be his first priority as president — including the part of Obamacare that says insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage or charge more based on pre-existing conditions.

He said his repeal plan will take care of people with pre-existing conditions — but then his top campaign aide “clarified” after the debate that all he means is he would go back to the (inadequate) system that existed before Obamacare, which allowed insurance companies to deny coverage and resulted in bankruptcies and broken families.

In other words, despite what he said in the debate, his campaign says he has no intention to do anything to help people like my daughter, Zoe, if she ever loses coverage.

I don’t say this stuff because I’m a political junkie — I’m not. I pay attention to this because I have to.

And I don’t donate to Barack Obama’s campaign because I’m a political activist — I’m not. I give a little because I need a president I can trust, and who understands what I’m up against.

Donate $5 or more today and support a leader who we know cares about kids like Zoe and families like mine:


The stakes couldn’t be higher in this election. Thanks for standing with President Obama.

Stacey Lihn

They Forgot Who They’re Talking To … Judy Waxman, National Women’s Law Center

National Women's Law Center - I Will Not Be Denied: Protect Women's Health Care
This week is National Women’s Health Week — a time for women to remind ourselves to put our health first. Some politicians are determined to put women’s health first, too — first on the chopping block.Opponents of the health care law are dead-set on finding ways to undermine it. And, if they win, our health will be undermined, too. Watch our new video! Then, share it with your friends, family, and co-workers and ask them to join the fight to protect the law.

I Will Not Be Denied: Protect Women's Health Care
For generations, women have overcome obstacles, exceeded expectations and fought for equality. We fought discrimination in the health insurance market, where women have been considered a pre-existing condition and denied health coverage due to a previous Caesarean section or a history of domestic violence or rape. We fought to end the discriminatory practice of insurance companies charging women more than men for health coverage, simply because we are women. And we won: the health care law finally ends these odious practices.

But opponents of the health care law are working to take our victories away. We must stay vigilant to ensure these victories stay in place for generations to come. Watch the new video from our I Will NOT Be Denied™ campaign, and then share it with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Thank you for working for quality, affordable health care for women and their families.


Judy Waxman   Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center

P.S. Your support allows us to continue to fight for women’s health care as well as work on many other critical issues. Please consider making a contribution today.