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This still happens? by Emily J. Martin


reposted … from 2013

This still happens?
It’s true — some pregnant women are still forced to make terrible choice between losing their jobs and endangering their pregnancies.
Too many pregnant women who need a temporary workplace accommodation to continue working safely are being shown the door. Employers know they can’t get away with this if a worker with a disability needs an accommodation — but they think it is fine to treat a pregnant worker like a second-class citizen.
We’re talking about adjustments like a temporary schedule change, permission to carry a water bottle, or sitting on a stool instead of standing all day at a cash register. Too often, employers say no to these simple requests. To make matters worse, the women most likely to be in this impossible position are often in jobs that pay the lowest wages.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act - Pregnant women have been fired for drinking water, using the bathroom too frequently, and being unable to lift heavy objects.

Over the next several months, we’re turning the pressure up — to raise awareness and take action in support of pregnant workers. Thirty-five years ago this month, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act became law, but we obviously still have a lot more work to do to make sure pregnant women are treated fairly.

That’s why we need to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a bill that would require employers to make the same types of accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions that they do for disabilities.

No pregnant woman should be forced to choose between her health and her job.

the other Washington … in the news Jan 2014

PDF of today's Seattle Times front page

Wall Street plans on:”SocialInvestments” to reduce inmates-pilot prog2016 like Rikers-Goldman Sachs…written by Austin Jenkins

Boeing raked in $1.23billion

State ‘Dream Act’ set to pass after Republicans’ about-face



Starbucks – Recall for coffee presses

Guest: Providing for the health of urban American Indians 

WA State Senate: It looks like Washington’s Democratic Party, which has said it would mount a challenge to Rodney Tom—the Democratic senator who cast his lot in with the Republicans this session to give them the majority, in exchange for becoming majority leader—are seriously following through. The buzz is that Joan McBride, the former mayor of Kirkland (pop. 49,000, though only part of that is in LD-48),

will announce a run this week.

That’s only part of the battle, though. Given Washington’s top-two primary format, a solid GOP opponent may also be necessary, in order to block Tom from surviving the primary. Even though Tom’s 48th District went 62 percent for Obama in 2012, a McBride vs. Tom general election runs the risk of being a reprise of CT-Sen ’06, if Tom can vacuum up all of the district’s Republican votes, plus enough centrist Dem and indie votes to win. (David Jarman) dailykos.com

State Will Need to Find $2.4B to Ease Salmon Barriers | Public Data Ferret

Japanese Woman Dies after Heavy-Set Police Officer Sits on Her

Mariners, MLB will start using metal detectors | NW Briefs

There have been many reactions to Governor Jay Inslee’s call this week to increase the state minimum wage. Some skeptics believe that raising the minimum wage will cause low-wage jobs to be lost. However, Arindrajit Dube, a University of Massachusetts economist and a leading researcher on minimum wage, shares his findings on the effects of raising minimum wage. Dube and fellow economists, T. William Lester and Michael Reich, looked at minimum wage differentials in bordering jurisdictions over a period of two decades. Their conclusion, Dube says: “There is very little evidence of job loss.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Invested Millions in Scandal-Plagued Private Prisons, Defense Contractor

Pension proposal draws fire

Bill would move some state workers to 401(k)-style plans

 Boeing to pay $320M Machinists this month

Boeing puts all pensions at risk | Danny Westneat


Judge:   SeaTac’s $15 wage floor    can’t include airport workers

 Make sure your Youth Athlete gets a Complete Check UP

Judge gives go-ahead for charter schools, but raises funding question

A disturbing look at where, how people die in King County

Settlement Agreement Implementation

A day after lawsuit, railroads to offer same-sex benefits  In a reversal, the nation’s largest freight rail carriers announced they will provide health benefits to employees’ same-sex spouses. But the announcement will not stop a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Seattle.

Judge: Skagit County towns shortchange poor defendants