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Gov Inslee in the Newsroom


  • 08/30/2013 –
Governor Inslee’s statement regarding news of additional plans approved by Commissioner Mike Kreidler for Washington’s health benefit exchange
  • 08/29/2013 –
Governors Inslee, Kitzhaber announce final mitigation agreement on Columbia River Crossing
  • 08/29/2013 –
Joint statement from Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson regarding update from Attorney General Eric Holder on implementation of Washington’s voter-approved marijuana law
  • 08/19/2013 –
Governor Inslee welcomed Hyogo Governor Ido to renew 50-yr sister state bond

Stop coal thru the Columbia Gorge!

Sierra Club - Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Tell Governor Kitzhaber and the DEQ to stop coal through the Columbia Gorge!
Columbia River Gorge Columbia River Gorge Photo Courtesy of Brian Pasko
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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a draft permit for Ambre Energy‘s Morrow Pacific project, which would send 8 million metric tons of coal from Montana through eastern Washington and down the Columbia River every year.

If this final permit gets approved, Governor Kitzhaber and the DEQ will have allowed the first coal export project in the Northwest to begin construction. And Ambre Energy could start building within months of getting this permit approved.

Millions of tons of coal floating down the Columbia and shipped through our towns and cities via rail, for export to Asia will threaten our health, safety and environment. We have to stop it!

Tell Governor Kitzhaber and DEQ Director Dick Pedersen that we are counting on them to do the right thing and stop this coal export proposal from moving forward.

The cumulative impacts and the risks from mine to power plant must be considered in this project. The Morrow Pacific coal project would result in coal dust and diesel emissions that that will violate Oregon’s air quality standards — and contribute dangerous carbon pollution to our atmosphere.

The increase in barge traffic on the Columbia River would harm salmon, river recreation, and navigation. DEQ should wait for a full analysis of the impacts before considering any permits. It is a waste of taxpayer money to move forward without all the facts laid on the table.

We need Governor Kitzhaber and DEQ Director Dick Pedersen to stand up and protect Oregon families. Send them a message now!

Oregon’s last and only coal plant burns 3 million tons of coal each year — and by 2020 it will be off of coal. Allowing Ambre’s Morrow Pacific project to move forward would be like taking three steps backward for that one step forward.

This is a bad deal regardless of what state you live in. If approved our Northwest way of life will be in jeopardy.

Tell the Governor and DEQ: Stop the Morrow Pacific coal project now!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Laura Stevens Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club
P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

VP Biden goes to Costco …


whitehouse has uploaded The Vice President goes to Costco.
The Vice President goes to Costco
Vide President Joe Bident visits the grand opening of a Costco store in Washington D.C., where he was able to shop for some gifts, talk to shoppers and speak on the need for congress to extend tax cuts for middle-class Americans

Judd Legum

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When partisan lawmakers are holding our country—and our economy—hostage, Rep. Keith Ellison relies on ThinkProgress to hold them accountable. So do millions of others.

But hard-hitting, fact-based coverage requires a lot of resources—and we don’t have the Koch Brothers or Super PACs to foot our bills. We rely on people like you, and we need your help right now. To continue providing the important economic coverage that you and Rep. Ellison depend on, we need to raise $50,000 by midnight Friday.

ThinkProgress’s survival depends on your support. Rep. Ellison is supporting ThinkProgress, so we can continue our critical work. We hope you will too.


Judd Legum
Editor-in-Chief, ThinkProgress.org

Ask an Entrepreneur: Strengthening Immigrant Pathways for Job Creators.


whitehouse has uploaded Ask an Entrepreneur: Strengthening Immigrant Pathways for Job Creators.
Luis Arbulu explains Entrepreneur Pathways, a new resource center that provides entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the United States with a more intuitive way to navigate the immigration process.